case file the american civil war n.
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Case file: The American Civil war PowerPoint Presentation
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Case file: The American Civil war

Case file: The American Civil war

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Case file: The American Civil war

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  1. Case file: The American Civil war Insert finger Anne Marly Tondereau

  2. 620,000 Americans dead…Who’s responsible?

  3. Day 1: HYPOTHESIS I strongly believe that the civil war has a lot to with slavery. The whole chaos must had been about a disagreement and somehow someone or a group of people broke it. I think it also had something to do with agriculture and different class levels. By that I mean that the North had industries and companies while the south only had farms and few little churches. For the time being no one can really tell what caused the civil war but I’m going to be working on this case day and night to figure out who was behind al this.

  4. WANTED Suspect 1 Today s investigation proved absolutely nothing. I learned the differences and the similarities between the north and the south but none of the evidence I looked at proved any suspect that might’ve cause the civil war. All the evidence proved that the North was more advance in everything more than the south was. The north had factories, industries, schools and good transportations. While, the majority of the south’s population were slaves with no education opportunities, with few churches , and transportations such as railroads and steam boats.

  5. WANTED Congress In today’s investigation, I’ve found my first suspect and it’s congress. I’m suspicious of this person because ever since congress made an unspoken agreement about keeping the number the number of slaves states and free states equal, no one has been getting along. The south believed that this decision should belong to the people. Someone name Thomas Jefferson is worried that this whole thing is going to create hatred among both groups. As an FBI agent I strongly think that congress has a lot to do with the civil war.

  6. WANTED In today’s investigation, my second suspect is a guy name Henry Clay. I’m very suspicions of him because he wanted slavery to end and a lot of people from the north didn’t like how he had a say in things and how congress was actually agreeing with him. I like how he was trying to end slavery but he was trying to hard and he took way too many big steps in the process. Like the speech he gave about if they don’t end slavery the north and the south will end up fighting each other. Henry Clay could be the reason of the civil war. Henry Clay

  7. WANTED Today’s investigation proved that the Kansas and Nebraska act is another one of the suspect of the civil war. The act extended slavery and it even caused a fight inside the senate. A lot of people wanted slavery to end so by passing the act to extend slavery, a lot of people got really angry. While some people in the north believed that there were bigger problems going on instead of slavery. Bigger things such as new territories should be use for home of the white people. At this point there’s nothing that no one can do ’o prevent the civil war from happening. Kansas and Nebraska act

  8. WANTED Today’s investigation proved very interesting. Someone finally stood up against slavery. Even if he failed but he always stayed honest and confident in what he believed in in which case was for slavery to end. However, even though he was the big hero of the year for the southerners, he could be the reason for the civil war. He tried to free the slaves and arm them at the same time. He took a very big risk and this could have cause the civil war. John Brown

  9. Letter to the Jury

  10. Throughout this whole investigation, I’ve found some interesting suspect but I’ve narrowed them down to the main three suspects. They are the southerners, congress, and John Brown. The southerner is one of the suspects because they separated themselves from the union with an act that doesn’t even exist anymore. Congress is another suspect because they let this whole thing happen when they could’ve prevent both group from going to war. Last but not least, the third suspect is John Brown because he took a risk to free the slaves and it might have caused the civil war. • The southerners are a suspect because they didn’t want slavery to end even though they were mistreated by their slave owners. They wanted to keep the article of confederation and they wanted to be anti-federalist. They also tried to separate themselves from the union with an act that doesn’t exist anymore. They caused all the problems in fact; they provoke the north to the point where they wanted to fight them. The souths were bullied and to be honest they had a coming for them.

  11. Congress is a suspect because they did nothing to prevent the civil war; a lot of people warned them that if they didn’t do anything about slavery that there was going to be a war. A lot of people like Thomas Jefferson and Henry clay both warned them. They let the whole thing get out of hand to a point where fighting was the only solution. They are the reason why all of these people died. • John Brown is a suspect because he helped free the slave. Even though he failed but he stood up for the slaves. I don’t think he should have helped the slaves because he got in a lot of trouble. If John can take matters in his own hand and try to free the slaves than anyone else can do the same. John Brown is a suspect because he tried to free the slaves and this could have upset the north and cause them to fight. • My hypothesis was really close and it was indeed about slavery. It was kind of surprising to see some of the suspects. Like who would think that some of the slaves wouldn’t want slavery to end. Who would have thought that some guy would try to free the slaves? Everything was surprising and some of the evidence made sense and some didn’t. Those suspects should go to jail because they played major parts in the civil war.