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Rayleigh Boys Youth FC

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Rayleigh Boys Youth FC. Present the U18 B Team. The U18 B Team so far……….

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rayleigh boys youth fc

Rayleigh Boys Youth FC

Present the

U18 B Team

the u18 b team so far

The U18 B Team so far………

Following 2008’s season the lads left school and started college and work. The original team split with players leaving to pastures new. Some of the original players, Ryan and Sam had received awards for their long standing service and commitment. Two seasons ago Luke Vincent, Matt Taylor and Jared Sims joined the team.

This years new players joining include Tom Lambert, Josh Mann, Mike Wright, Cullen Chitty, Will Cooper and Bobby. Paul Sims (Coach) and Steve Taylor (Manager) are also new to their roles. Together we are Rayleigh FC.

the team sponsor

The Team Sponsor

BASF is the world's leading chemical company. We offer intelligent system solutions and sophisticated products to most industries.

Rayleigh Under 18’s would like to thank BASF for their support and commitment this season.

our supporters

Our Supporters

We would like to say a big thank you to all the mum’s, dad’s, uncles, aunts, grandma’s and granddad’s that come each week and support the team. All the washing and behind the scenes work, your encouraging presence and support means a lot to us. Thank you!

who are we

Luke Vincent

The Goalie

Who are we?

Luke wears the No. 1 shirt and we believe he is a number one goalie. Saving the team when needed and showing a real commitment and determination, Luke Vincent is a legend.

who are we6

Who are we?

Will Cooper

Right Back

Will Cooper has joined the team this season and has already shown himself to be a valuable asset. His personal development has been extraordinary and we proud to have such progressive players in our team. Welcome to Rayleigh Will!

who are we7

Ryan Haywood

Centre Back/

Left Midfielder

Who are we?

Ryan Haywood is a seasoned player and one of the original team members. He is known for his strong tackles and determination.

who are we8

Who are we?

Bobby Jacobs

Centre Back

Bobby is new of our new players and is a welcomed team player. We look forward to how Bobby performs this season with Rayleigh Boys U18’s. A warm welcome to Rayleigh Bobby!

who are we9

Who are we?

Mike Wright

Left Back

Mike Wright is also one of our new players to the team. Mike works with Barristers in London and we recognise Mike as a law abiding footballer. Welcome to Rayleigh Mike!

who are we10

Who are we?

Cullen Chitty

Midfield Forward

Cullen Chitty is a seasoned player for Rayleigh Boys and we are pleased to have Cullen in the B team this year. Cullen is known for his speed. So catch him if you can at one of our matches! Welcome to Rayleigh B Cullen.

who are we11

Who are we?

Tom Lambert


Tom Lambert is one of the new players joining us this season and we welcome him to the side. We look forward to Tom making a difference to the side this year. Welcome on board Tom!

who are we12

Who are we?

Jared Sims

Centre Midfield/


Jared Sims is a seasoned player and is the team captain. Jared is a determined and committed player. We look forward to Jared leading the team to success this year!

who are we13

Who are we?

Sam Taylor

Left Midfield/


Sam Taylor is one of the original players for Rayleigh. Sam is a left-footer with a deadly finish. Sam also trains and competes in karate and as you can guess - we never argue with Sam.

who are we14

Who are we?

Matt Taylor

Centre Forward

Matt Taylor is a seasoned player and a prolific goal scorer. We look forward to seeing Matt score more goals this season along with the support of the team.

who are we15

Who are we?

Josh Mann



Josh Mann has come to join Rayleigh B and we look forward to his tenacious play and determination to win. Welcome to Rayleigh B Josh.

we are the team

We are The Team

We listen, to each other. We work, for each other. We play, together. We never give up!

the season so far

The season so far…….

Rayleigh B have been denied the league for the last 2 seasons. The beginning of the season saw us lose many original players. We were playing matches with only 9 men until the end of November. However, with only 9 players Rayleigh have lost some games . However we did beat FC Dedman 4-2 with 9 men and likewise drew with Canvey Island 3-3. We now have 11 players (no subs) but this side shows 100% commitment. They never give up and with such determination and drive, Rayleigh should get some results this season. Come on Rayleigh!

first game of the season 18 10 09

First Game of the season18.10.09

Shore Athletic 4 Rayleigh 3

This was an unfortunate loss, however the boys did battle with 10 men. A crucial penalty made it difficult to catch up and time ran out. We hope to do better with a full squad at our home game.

second game of the season 18 10 09

Second game of the season18.10.09

Wickford Town 5 Rayleigh 3

This was an unfortunate loss with the 9 men. We hope to do better with a full squad away later on this season.

cup game 3rd game of the season 27 10 09

Cup Game 3rd game of the season27.10.09

FC Dedman 2 Rayleigh 4

This was a breath taking game. With 30 minutes of the second half left Rayleigh lost their player captain and was down to 9 men. The boys held on to finish the game 2-2. They played an additional 30 minutes extra time and held the game. They won on penalties 4-2. A well deserved score which shows what the lads are made of. Sheer determination and team spirit!

4 th game of the season 08 11 09

4th Game of the season08.11.09

Ashingdon Youth 9 Rayleigh 0

The results did not really show the efforts during this game. 9 men against 11 proved difficult against Ashingdon, who score most of their goals as headers from corners. We look forward to meeting Ashingdon with 11 men on 29th November in a cup game. Look out for this result as it should prove a different game.

5th game of the season 15 11 09

5th Game of the season15.11.09

Canvey Island 3 Rayleigh 3

This was another win for us. The game was a draw, through battling tooth a nail. The equalising goal was scored in the dying minute by Tom Lambert. 9 men against 11 again. Everyone was run ragged, but they thoroughly deserved the result. We look forward playing Canvey with 11 men and taking away a result next time!

6th game of the season 22 11 09

6th Game of the season22.11.09

Catholic United 8 Rayleigh 1

This was a tough game and Catholic played well. Again with 9 men it was going to be another hard game and the players were suffering from fatigue and an uphill struggle. We take the result gracefully and look forward playing Catholic with 11 men and a result next time!

7th game of the season cup match 28 11 09

7th Game of the season Cup Match28.11.09

Ashingdon Athletic Rayleigh

This was a reunion to test our confidence and self belief. This time we had 11 men (no subs) but were positive about getting a result this time. And we did 1-1, however the referee called stop to the game due to adverse weather. A rematch is being drawn up.