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The Life of Andrea Young PowerPoint Presentation
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The Life of Andrea Young

The Life of Andrea Young

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The Life of Andrea Young

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  1. The Life of Andrea Young

  2. Overview • Family Members • What I Like to Do • Goals for the years to come • My Favorites

  3. My Family

  4. All In The House DAD- David Young MOM- Georgina Young BROTHER- Matthew Young SISTER- Andrea Young DOG- Lucky

  5. From All Around The States YOUNG (Father’s Side) Robert & Diane Young David + Georgina Steve + Pam Jerry + Larry Fox Melissa + Chad Garrow Andrea Matthew Natalie Joshua Jake Allison AJ Alicia Michael Savannah

  6. From All Around The States DeCarlo (Mother’s Side) Frank & Jean DeCarlo Dennis + Patty Michelle Georgina + David Young Frank + Debbie Diana Patrick Katie Dominique Andrea Matthew Antonio

  7. What I Like to Do

  8. Hobbies & Interests • Running • Tumbling • Computers • Working out • Listening to Music • Hanging out with friends • Helping out the Community

  9. Extra-Curricular Activities • Track & Field (400m) • Tumbling (Desert Lights Gymnastics) • KEY Club (Community Service) • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Vice- President) • Church Activities (Bethany Community Church) • Girl Scouts (9 years)

  10. Goals for the Years to Come

  11. In High School • Maintain 4.0 GPA • Varsity Track • Top 5% of graduating class • Choose classes that are fun and good for entering college • Balance clubs, school work, and sports

  12. After High School • Attend a great university • Preferably OUT OF ARIZONA!!! • Become and architect(Goal for today, might change tomorrow) • Become independent


  14. My Favorites 'N Entertainment Bands: Relient k, Lifehouse, Switchfoot, mxpx, Hawk Nelson, Mae, Anberlin Movies: Any Bourne Movies (Identity & Supremacy), any action, all 80’s Shows: Smallville, Gilmore Girls, NCIS, What I like about you, 7th Heaven Actors / Actress: Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon /P/B000AMCFME.03.LZZZZZZZ.jpg

  15. Favorites that just have to do with me Food- Pasta (any), fruit, pizza, all carbs Animal- Frog Shop- PacSun, Target, Old Navy Places To Go- Magic Mountain Subjects- Science, Math Book- Bible

  16. Presentation Summary I live with my dad, mom, brother, and my dog. I have a variety of hobbies and extra-curricular activities. I hope to achieve many goals in and out of high school. I have many favorite movies, bands, foods, and stores.

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  18. Thank You For Watching!!

  19. Ellen J. Parkin My Life

  20. Content Overview • People In My Life • Places To Go • Favorite Things • Interests, Hobbies, and Extra-Curricular • Goals

  21. People In My Life

  22. My Family • Sarah, mother, freelance writer • Dave, father, mechanical engineer • Tommy, brother, Akimel student • Jenna, dog • And me, Desert Vista student

  23. Places To Go

  24. Vacations • I would love to visit: • France • Italy • Thailand • Africa • Egypt

  25. Favorite Things

  26. Music, Food and Fun • I listen to all kinds of music • My favorite band is The Shins • I love oriental food • My favorite dish is Spicy Thai Noodles • I love to cook and bake • I have been cooking since I was little

  27. Interests, Hobbies, and Extra-Curricular

  28. Books and Crafts • I love books about almost anything • I do a lot of crafts: • Knitting • Quilting • Sewing

  29. Soccer and Running • I have played soccer since I was seven • I love the competitive nature of soccer • I love running • It takes my mind off things that worry me

  30. Goals

  31. Grades • I am in all honors courses and plan to stay in them • I am working on getting a 4.0 GPA • I wish to complete high school with a full understanding of what I will do afterward

  32. College • I am going to apply to Stanford, Yale, NAU, ASU, and U of A • I still need to find a sixth college • I want to become a medical scientist

  33. Summary

  34. Wrap It Up • I have a great family • I have plans to travel to different places on the map • I love cooking, crafts, reading, soccer, and running • I have plans to go to college • I wish to complete high school with a 4.0 GPA

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  36. The End

  37. My Life BY: Brandon Teichert

  38. OverView My Family My Hobbies and Interests About Me My Favorites

  39. My FAMILY

  40. My Family Dad- Tom Owns a satellite company Mom- Denise Owner of an interior design and a clock company Sister- Makenzie 11 years old and goes to Akimel Middle School

  41. My Hobbies and Interests

  42. My Hobbies and Interests • I have many hobbies: -Sports -Snowboarding -ATVing -Hanging out with friends -Any outside activities

  43. About Me

  44. About Me • My name is Brandon and I am a Freshman at Desert Vista High school. • I live in the Foothills in Phoenix, Arizona. • I am 15 years old. • I participate in both the football and baseball programs at D.V.

  45. My Favorites

  46. My Favorite Things Movies/Shows Food Things to Do South Park Chinese ATV Gladiator Mexican Play Video Games Family Guy Steak Snowboard All Monty Pythons Fish Watch T.V. Troy Oranges Be outside Team America Danishes

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