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VISION: SME will be the premier professional society for the worldwide mining and minerals community. MISSION:. SME will aggressively provide value to our members and improve the image of our industry by:

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SME will be the premier professional society for the worldwide mining and minerals community


  • SME will aggressively provide value to our members and improve the image of our industry by:

    • Supporting every industry professional and student via the technical and professional development of products and services we offer

    • Strengthening the networks among global industry professionals

    • Enabling the exchange of information and ideas for the advancement of the industry

    • Engaging in proactive cooperation among all that have interest in the industry

    • Promoting health, safety, environmental and community responsibility in our industry


Today, more than 12,050 SME members represent all professionals serving the minerals industry. We’re growing again! 2008 reflected the third year since 1982 that SME saw growth.





  • What We Do:

  • Professional Development

  • Technical Information Exchange

  • Networking

What We Do:

THE collaborative digital library that includes more 50,000 technical papers, books, and articles—with Google search capability. Free to SME members.

Mining Engineering magazine:

The premier industry source, featuring refereed, focused technical papers and general interest feature materials. Free to SME members.

Meetings & Short Courses:

SME meetings cover the technology areas of mining, processing, geology, estimating and construction to name a few. Additionally, SME members save $100 on most meetings and short courses.

More…What We Do:


SME members save 25% on our library of more than 130 titles covering all disciplines in mining and minerals—information not found elsewhere.

Local Sections:

SME Local Sections offer fantastic opportunities to network and take advantage professional development programs—close to home! For the location of your nearest local section see:

Career site:

Search and apply for jobs, announce jobs, create a personalized account, post resumes and more.


SME has more than 1000 students and 18 student chapters including chapters in Peru, Netherlands, and Pakistan. SME also supports ABET—keeping engineering accreditation a priority! Additionally, SME gives out more than 125 scholarships totaling more than $200,000 annually.

Young Professionals:

SME Young Leaders are selected by their peers as outstanding contributors to the Society and industry. Young Leaders produce the Mentor Program and the Emerging Leaders Institute.

The SME website has numerous valuable features, many available only to members. Some include SME periodicals online, online directory, teaching aids, online book ordering and meeting registration, award and scholarship nomination forms and much more.

How We Have Changed

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • SME has merged or acquired three other organizations since 2008. The addition of these affiliated groups has added depth and stability to SME through the addition of members and products.

  • Underground Construction Association of SME, UCA of SME: May 2006

  • Woman’s Auxiliary to AIME, WAAIME: May 2008

  • Minerals Information Institute, Mii: November 2008

How We Have Changed

Mergers & Acquisitions:


  • UCA of SME joins SME May, 2006

  • Becomes the sixth SME Division in September 2007

  • Brings 250 Members. Has grown to 652 members

  • Developed website under SME banner,

  • SME launches third SME periodical, Tunnels & Underground Construction, T&UC Quarterly adding significant editorial scope and advertising revenue.

  • Brings three new meetings a year to SME; George A Fox Conference, Regional Tunneling Conference, North American Tunneling Conference, and short courses.

How We Have ChangedMergers & Acquisitions: WAAIME

  • WAAIME joins SME on May 30, 2008

  • Becomes 7th SME Division

  • WAAIME 13 US Sections and 6 international Sections

  • Distributes more than $200,000 in scholarships annually

  • Maintains a portfolio of $8.5M to support scholarships

  • WAAIME is comprised of more than 500 women committed to advancing and supporting the education of women and men in the engineering profession.

  • WAAIME is also supports PhD Fellowship Grants, SME GEM programs that inform the public on the importance of mining, and educating teachers on the mining industry

How We Have Changed

Mergers & Acquisitions: Mii

  • Mii became an affiliate of the SME Foundation November 1, 2008

  • Formed eight person Steering Committee and 25+ person Leadership Council

  • Mii is dedicated to educating youth about the science of minerals and other natural resources, and about their importance in our every day lives. Each year Mii works with interested professional and scientific associations, and various government and education agencies, to distribute teaching aids free to teachers in both the public and private sector. SME assumed Mii Staff of four

  • Mii continues to provide education and outreach materials to teachers and the public

  • Mii supplements SME GEM activities

  • Officially launched September 22, 2008

  • January 1 – September 22, 2008 Beta version; comments received from SME members resulting in an improved product

  • OneMine, Inc. formed during summer – separate corporation and Board of Directors

  • Currently 50,000 documents and 500,000 searchable pages available from the following organizations: International Marine Minerals Society, The Southern African Institute for Mining and Minerals, AIME, SME, and NIOSH

  • Most valuable member benefit in 50 years


I am a student (mining engineering major) and have found to be enormously useful. Instead of looking through collections of journals and scouring the internet (in which it is difficult and time consuming to find pertinent material to the mining field) I can come to and find volumes of useful information. This site has completely changed the way I do research - for the better.    - Ivan Howard

An excellent facility. Speaking as someone who continues to fork out exorbitant annual fees for various societies, being able to source actual papers online (and not just an abstract), is a welcome change for those like me without access to an extensive library.  OneMine is superb. I will continue my membership of SME.     - John Ashby

How We Have Changed

Governance Structure

How We Have Changed

Governance Structure

  • Streamlined organization for faster decisions and responses to the changing industry environment.

  • Better Communication and understanding of issues facing and affecting Society by board members.

  • Strategic Committee members focused and working on real society issues.

How We Have Changed

New Governance Structure

  • SME’s Board is Currently Working to Develop:

    • Linkage between Functional Groups and the Board

    • Path forward to more fully integrate SME Sections into SME

    • Position SME as the primary mining and mineral society through its products and services

    • Member quantity by merging with or acquiring similar societies, targeting professionals with new products, and developing additional programs to increase retention

    • Member value and quality by establishing a value benchmark survey

  • Remove the pick and hammer graphic to better represent all job titles served by SME.

  • Utilize an abstract graphic to represent the curve of the earth’s surface.

  • Break the curve with the SME letters to represent the SME members who work above and below the earth’s surface.

  • Use colors that are more contemporary

To launch the new brand… job titles served by SME.

  • Feature article on SME in various publications

    • Position SME as embracing collaboration, diversity, change

    • Outline steps taken to become a more dynamic, flexible, relevant society

    • New collaborations with UCA, MII, WAAIME

    • Changes in governance, administration, mission, vision

    • Detail new, value-added products, services and membership options

  • Article concludes with proposed new society tagline that will be introduced in a new ad campaign:

  • SME: Your most precious resource

Proposed new advertising campaign with the theme: job titles served by SME.

I am SME

Theme will feature different people, different society values to emphasize diversity

Separate ads will be developed for UCA, MII and WAAIME to reinforce their relationship with SME

Financial Health job titles served by SME.

The Recovering Years


  • All areas of the Society’s income have improved

  • More members, meetings, exhibits, publications means more revenue

  • Overhead cost initially cut by $350,000 in 2005

  • Acquired AUA assets to form UCA of SME increased SME revenue $500,000

  • Aggressive management of SME Organization - Looking for opportunities and willing to work with others, means better financial position for SME

  • Total Assets of SME in 2008 reached $10,000,000!

SME Financial Health job titles served by SME.

Solid Operating Revenue Growth

In Past 5 Years

Financial Health job titles served by SME.

The Recovering Years

Operating Surplus (Deficit)

Operating Revenue job titles served by SME.Sources

Operating Expenses Areas job titles served by SME.

** Admin includes: Administration, Accounting, Customer Service, IT and Web activities.

The Future of SME job titles served by SME.


  • During 2008 SME has researched the development of e-books

  • This is a project that was a direct result of our strategic committees

  • SME expects to launch 40 titles in e-book format in the second half of 2009

  • Available for straight download from your computer

  • SME is the only minerals society offering eBooks

SME Tech job titles served by SME.

  • SME is currently developing the ability to present technical short courses online

  • Will allow SME members to participate in technical training at their availability and at their speed

  • These courses will have training manuals and tests to allow a participant to demonstrate their proficiency

  • Look for these in late 2009/2010

FaceBook and SME job titles served by SME.

  • Social networking websites have become more popular as people find it a convenient way to connect with each other and the groups they are interested in.

  • 1/15/2009 SME creates a Facebook page to reach out to a younger demographic and to give our members another way to communicate with our home office staff.

  • We can also share:

    • Photos (staff photos up now)

    • Meeting announcements

    • Book specials

    • Email alerts to all of our fans

    • Video upload

  • Our Facebook page offers a condensed view of the news and events from the SME website with each post linking back to it.

  • 4/16/2009 SME now has 1,081 fans of our Facebook page.

The Future of SME job titles served by SME.

OneMine – eBooks –Facebook

SME is Your Electronic Society

SME Announces… job titles served by SME.

For our Local Sections…

  • Local Section Grant Program

  • The purpose of the SME Section Grant program is to support its Local Sections and by extension the industry. Grant applications can include, but are not limited to, production of outreach material, professional development products and services and educational programs.

  • Grants may be awarded to one or more Sections based on SME financial ability. Amounts of grant funds requested are not limited but may not be more than 80% funding for a proposed project (the section must be willing and able to fund a minimum 20% of their project).

Also for our Local Sections job titles served by SME.…

  • SME Section Membership Contest-Section with the largest percentage increase wins!

  • Each month, headquarters will e-mail all 61 sections their member numbers and percentage increases to keep sections up to date on their progress in the contest and to maintain momentum for the membership drive.

Local Section Officer Survey Results job titles served by SME.

In January 2009, at the request of the Organizational and Governance Strategic Committee, SME conducted an online survey of the Local Section Officers. 

The survey was developed to determine strengths and weaknesses in serving the local sections and to pinpoint where and how SME could offer its sections more support.

Local Section Officer Survey Results job titles served by SME.

  • One hundred and sixty Officers were emailed the survey.  The survey consisted of 26 questions. Ninety Officers responded and completed the survey. Among the findings, Sections reported they would like the following from SME to better provide for their section:

  • Getting speakers

  • Assistance with marketing

  • Ideas to improve meeting attendance

  • Provide reports and statistics on membership

  • SME is CHANGING! job titles served by SME.

  • Get Involved

  • Stay Involved And

  • Make a Contribution to Your Profession

Contact us:8307 Shaffer ParkwayLittleton, CO [email protected]