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Violation of Women Rights in the name of Honor and Tradition. UNFAIR MARRIAGES. Introduction.

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  1. Violation of Women Rights in the name of Honor and Tradition UNFAIR MARRIAGES

  2. Introduction • Women in Pakistan live in a world, which is structured by strict religious, Family and tribal customs. They are subjected to discrimination and violence on a daily basis. Women in Pakistan are facing various forms of violence, discrimination and inequality in almost every aspect of life. Violence against women in many fields is often not conceived as a violation of human rights.

  3. Lack of education and economic opportunitiesFurthermore, poverty and religious extremism are also roadblocks in the way of Pakistani women becoming independent.Moreover, our topic of presentation is “Unfair Marriages”. A fair marriage according to Islamic shariah (Islamic laws) is when a women is not forced to marry anyone against her will. The man must agree to pay a specified amount of money which is mahr to the women with whom he is going to marry.

  4. The sub-topics which will be included in our presentation are as follows: • Inter-Marriages (Endogamy) • Compensation Marriages (Wanni) • Barter Marriages (Watta-Satta) • Early Marriages • Honor Killing (Karo-Kari) • Marriage to Quran (HaqBakshish)

  5. Inter-Marriages • Inter-marriage is a form of marriage in which the couple is related i.e. by blood relations like cousins. • Women mostly who are not very dominant in our society are facing a lot of oppression when it comes to getting married.

  6. Compensation Marriages • Custom that forces families to give away their daughters in marriage as compensation for murder and as settlement of disputes.

  7. This concept of women as property and honor is so deeply entrenched in Pakistan that the government, for the most part, ignores the daily occurrences of women being killed and maimed by their families • There are even incidents where people have decided even before the girls are born that they will marry as compensation.

  8. Barter Marriages Definition: It involves the simultaneous marriage of brother or sister pair from one family to a brother or sister pair in another family.

  9. Barter in Marriage: The Bride Exchange in Rural Pakistan • Say no to Child Marriages • Problems Attributed to these Marriages • Solutions And Programs to prevent these marriages

  10. Early Marriages Early marriage is a marriage of children and adolescence below the age of 18.

  11. Early marriages may produce devastating results like bad parenting failure to instill social norms and values. • Many girls are not able to understand the true meaning of motherhood when they are not adult yet.

  12. Child marriage in Pakistan is a traditional way of arranging marriage that is centuries old. • Health Concerns • Premature pregnancy- Teen age pregnancy • Young girls usually die while going through the process of delivering a baby. • Role of Poverty

  13. Solutions • Firstly the central government should pass the laws prohibiting early marriages and setting an age limit of 18. • Secondly awareness to the affected areas regarding the consequences of early marriages should be spread. This could be done by Imam’s in the mosques and teachers in the school. If the men of the society are educated about such issues then the effect will be wide spread because men make most such decisions.

  14. Honor Killing Honor-related violence is physical violence that is inflicted on an individual by perpetrators who believe the victim has brought dishonor upon the family, clan, or community by engaging in any conduct that is perceived as immoral or unacceptable by religious or social/cultural standards.

  15. Who are the Honor-Killers? • Brothers • Husbands • Fathers • Who are the Victims? • Usually Females of rural areas

  16. Local Name of Honor Killing In Pakistan, “Karo-Kari” is the name of Honor Killing… • Kari- The “black female” - adulteress • Karo- The “black male” - adulterer

  17. Reasons • Marrying with own choice • Seeking divorce • Has been raped • Fake honor killing

  18. Solutions • Laws, legislations… making killing a crime • Selling of women, giving as a compensation- should be fined or imprisoned • Wide-ranging public awareness programmes about equal rights for women.

  19. As the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) addressed his Ummah,"None but a noble man treats women in an honorable manner. And none but an ignorant treats women disgracefully". (At-Tirmithy).

  20. Marriage to Quran • According to a custom of Sindh province in Pakistan, members of the families search the proposals for their daughters, sisters in their own families and in case if they could not find any suitable match then they cover the head of the girl with the Holy Quran in a ceremony. The whole life girl remains with the Quran and it is called marriage with Quran.

  21. “Haq-Bakhshish”- Tradition “Shahzadiibadat”Any woman who is married to the Quran is known as 'Shahzadiibadat' by the locals of Sindh and the ceremony is called 'haq-baksh-wai'.

  22. Case Fareeba, a 25 year old girl in Sindh.

  23. Syed Families • Syed families are often reluctant to allow women to marry into non-syed families in a kind of a caste system that sees such families as being lower in status. And therefore they marry their daughters to Quran.

  24. Awareness • About 160 million inhabitants of Pakistan are unaware of such a tradition. • According to a new survey, in Sindh alone, over 5,000 women are victims of this tradition every year. • This tradition is mostly followed in Sanghar, Nawabshah, Sukkur and Khairpur districts of Sindh.Some feudal families in Lodhran, Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar areas of the Punjab province also follow the tradition. • It doesn't happen in punjab. Well can't say DOESN'T, but very very rare, maybe 1%.

  25. Step Taken • “It is not at all Islamic, in fact it violates religion. We are moving to ban this cruel practice.” ChaudaryShujhaatHussain, the president of ruling PML. He has recently introduced a bill in the 342-member National Assembly under which such marriages, as well as other forms of enforced marriages, would be banned.

  26. Conclusion • The primitive practice of marrying women to the Quran, is a way to prevent division of family property. The male members of a family condemn women to a life of celibacy, dependence and loneliness to save their property from falling into the hands of husbands and children to be. • This is obviously abusive and un-Islamic.

  27. Islam does NOT allow or encourage detaching from the world for the sake of religion. Islam does NOT give men limitless power to abuse women when he is given the status of 'head of the household'.

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