teen marriages n.
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Teen Marriages PowerPoint Presentation
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Teen Marriages

Teen Marriages

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Teen Marriages

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  1. Teen Marriages By: Aleena Elizondo Mr. Ochoa 2nd.

  2. Why teens get married • There are many reason that teens get married one being that their parents don’t show them the affection or attention that they need, so by that they decide to find it else where. • Teens can sometimes be very ignorant and can be blinded by love that they don’t truly understand the consequences that come with getting married at such a young age.

  3. What teens will do in order to get married • Here in the state of Texas you are allowed to get married at the age as young as 16 or 17 years of age. But only if you have a written consent from your parents and is presented in front of the court. But as any parent wouldn’t want there child to get married at such a young age they don’t allow it. Teens will leave and run away from the state and head to other places where they don’t require an kind of consent. In places such as in Montana where you don’t need a parental consent.

  4. How many teens get married • There are more and more teens starting to get married now a days. At least one third of the teen marriages will end up ending in divorce within the first five years in marriage. Sadly within a ten year period of the marriage a little more half of the teen married couple will end up getting a divorce.

  5. Age that teens will get married • Most of the teens that decide to get married are either going to finish school already or just finished high school.(17-19) • Some will drop out of school as of young and get married (15-16) though there isn’t many that get married at that age there is still that option that teens will choose in order to be with there partner.

  6. Married teens education wise • Teen marriages have been said to have a lot more negative outcomes than good ones. Such as they are at a higher risk in living in a higher poverty rate throughout there whole lives. • They are 31% more likely to love in higher poverty • And 11% of them will end up being homeless and poor

  7. The divorce rate between teens and adults

  8. Relationship Problems • In all marriages there are problems, but when in a teen marriage there is going to be a lot more compared to a adult marriage. A few being abuse, jealousy and other family problems. Male teens are still young and aren't always as careful when it comes to females, there has been many cases where the male teen will end us beating and abusing the female. Another problem is with family. Most teens loose connection with their families after they get married which might affect their own relationship.

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