how did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages l.
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Technologies used.

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Technologies used.

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how did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

A2 Media Jamie Brown

research and planning stage
Research and Planning Stage

I used this to watch documentaries and analyse them

I used this to record my research.


To showcase my codes and conventions research

I used Wikipedia to look into BBC three and its branding

I used the media magazine online to find articles on documentary's



I used Adobe Premier to edit our documentary together. I used many different tools including text overlay and the razor tool.

I used Photoshop mainly in my ancillary work. I created the whole of my Newspaper Advertisement within it, where I utilized the gradient and brush tool.

I also used it for the TV Listings article where I edited the main graphic using tools like the magnetic lasso and sun filter. I also used it to create the ‘Abbysghosty picks’ section

I used InDesign to create my TV listings article. I compiled all the graphics and text and edited it to make it look like a professional product.

I used After Effects to create the titles of our documentary. My blog features in-depth information on different technologies within the pro gram.


I used Firefox constantly throughout my production from things like researching into ghost groups around Southampton

I used Microsoft word to create scripts and write out plans.

I set up a Facebook group between members as a more sophisticated way of group communication.

I used audacity to record the voiceovers and convert and export them to Adobe After effects.



We used the camera to film our documentary. With this came the use of the card reader to load it onto the computer and the Video Cam Suite software we used to convert the footage

I used my Digital camera for the photo-shoot which I used for the ancillaries. It is a modern automatic so all I did was set it to the ‘Portrait setting’

We used the tripod only rarely. Mostly in the interviews to keep the shots steady

We used the external Hardrive to store our work so it was mobile.

We used the microphone to record the voiceovers for our documentary.


I used Microsoft word and Google images for Evaluation 2. I used word to write this evaluation and pictures to make it mulitmedia.

I used power point and adobe presenter for Evaluation 2. I used adobe presenter as a way of adding voice to the presentation.

I used premier and Audacity for Evaluation number 3. I created a podcast by recording myself on a microphone and compiling it and adding background music in premier.

I used Power point to create Evaluation 4 and slide serve to host and present the finished product.


Please Refer to my blog

For more in-depth information

On how I used different