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Social Studies-6 th grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Studies-6 th grade

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Social Studies-6 th grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Greece. Social Studies-6 th grade Standard 1: Students will understand how ancient civilizations developed and how they contributed to the current state of the world. . ANCIENT GREECE. History Olympics Geography People Religion Greek Philosophers. History.

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Ancient Greece

Social Studies-6th grade

Standard 1: Students will understand how ancient civilizations developed and how they contributed to the current state of the world.

ancient greece
  • History
  • Olympics
  • Geography
  • People
  • Religion
  • Greek Philosophers
  • Dark Ages- Ancient Greece was filled with war and invasions.
  • It was soon split into city-states. Each person belonged to a certain city-state where they followed their own unique goals and laws.
  • All city-states had two things in common: they believed in the same Gods and spoke the same language.

Ancient Greek Alphabet

  • First Olympics ever held was in Ancient Greece! 776 BC.
  • Games- Discus, Wrestling, Jumping, Running, Chariot Racing, Javelin, etc.
  • 5 teams sent to play in the Olympics

1. Sparta

2. Athens

3. Corinth

4. Argos

5. Megara

Meet the teams!



  • Greece is a Peninsula which means it is surrounded by water on 3 sides
  • Greece is very mountainous. It’s tallest Mountain is Mount Olympus.
  • In ancient Greece it was difficult to get from place to place by walking. They often used boats to travel from place to place. The became known as great sailors.


  • Men ran governments, worked in the fields, and managed trade. They enjoyed drinking parties, and participated in the Olympics.
  • Women had very limited freedom. They could do nothing without their husbands permission. It was their job to run the house, make clothes, and bear children. Not allowed to watch the Olympics.

The Ancient Greeks believed that a magical family ruled the heavens and that these Gods could help or hinder them in their lives. Three brothers divided up the world.

  • Zeus was the God of the heavens
  • Poseidon was the God of the seas
  • Hades was the God of the underworld



Greek Philosophers



  • Aristotle was a philosopher who taught Alexander the Great
  • Some of Aristotle’s famous quotes are:
  • "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is a habit."
  • "We must reduce everything to the simplest form possible, but no simpler."
  • "We think in pictures. If you wish to change what you think, change the picture."
  • Socrates was a great teacher in ancient Greece who taught his students to question everything.
  • He was accused of “mocking the Gods”
  • He refused to defend himself in a trial
  • He was found guilty
  • He took poison instead of being put to death
what have you learned
  • What two things did every city-state have in common?
  • Who are the three brothers who ruled the Heaven’s, Sea, and Underworld?
  • What is the tallest mountain in Greece?
  • What year was the first Olympics held?
  • Were women allowed to watch the Olympics?
  • Who said, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is a habit.”?