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Handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

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Handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Dr. C N Sarker Associate Professor & Head of Medicine, MMC. What is MCQ?. This is a question where alternatives are given to identify the appropriate answer/answers. Structure of MCQ. Item - whole of an MCQ is called an item

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handling multiple choice questions mcq

Handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Dr. C N Sarker

Associate Professor & Head of Medicine, MMC

what is mcq
What is MCQ?
  • This is a question where alternatives are given to identify the appropriate answer/answers.
structure of mcq
Structure of MCQ
  • Item - whole of an MCQ is called an item
  • Stem - the main part of the item (i.e.. The part that presents the scenario) is called the question stem
  • Lead - in statement - the part of the item that tells the candidates what he has to do
  • Alternative - the answer part of an MCQ
structure of mcq contd
Structure of MCQ - contd....
  • Key - a correct alternative
  • Distracter - an incorrect alternative
structure of mcq contd1
Structure of MCQ - contd..
  • Examples
    • Lead in statement - e.g.. Write T for true F for false
    • Stem - The following substances are essential for erythropoiesis
structure of mcq contd2
Structure of MCQ - contd..
  • Alternatives
    • a) iron
    • b) folic acid
    • c) nicotinic acid
    • d) vitamin B12
    • c) myoglobin
      • Key - a, b, d
      • Distracters- c, e
types of mcq
Types of MCQ
  • One best response
  • Multiple true - false
  • Matching type
  • Multiple completion type
  • Reason - Assertion or Relationship analysis type
example of multiple true false
Example of Multiple True False
  • Lead in statement - i.e. instruction
  • Stem - in the form of question, statement, case history, or clinical data
  • Alternatives - possibilities must be unequivocally true or false (in contrast to single best response)
    • Key - true alternative
    • Distracter - false alternative
one best response type e g
One best response type e.g.
  • Lead in statement - select the one best response
  • Stem - deficiency of niacin leads to the development of :
  • Alternative - a) diarrhea
    • b) photophobia c) peripheral neuropathy d) cheilosis
    • Key - a
one best response e g
One best response e.g..
  • Clinical features of neonatal tetanus include all of the following, except:
    • a) bulging frontanel
    • b) trismus
    • c) hypertonia
    • d) spasms
    • Key - a
matching type of mcq
Matching type of MCQ
  • Match the following with appropriate statement given below
    • a) lymph node - 1. Contains plasma cells
    • b) spleen 2. Involutes at puberty
    • c) both 3. Has a cortex & medulla
    • d) neither 4. Is the source of T cells
    • Key - 1 - c, 2 - d, 3 - a, 4 - c & d
assertion reason format relationship analysis
Assertion - Reason format (relationship analysis)
  • Each item consists of an assertion (statement A) linked to a reason (statement B) by the connecting word because
advantage scope of mcq
Advantage & scope of MCQ
  • Can test large sample of knowledge
  • Short period of time
  • Ease of scoring
  • Objectivity or reliability of scoring
disadvantages of mcq
Disadvantages of MCQ
  • Not suitable for highest level of Cognitive domain
  • Can’t test ability to write logically & systematically
  • Can’t test capability of expression
  • Can’t test motor skills
check list for making mcq
Check List for making MCQ
  • Item should deal with all important aspects of the subject
  • Minutiae of medical knowledge should be avoided
  • Daily working knowledge should be applied
  • Level of knowledge expected from the examinee should be appropriate
check list contd
Check List - contd..
  • Clear, accurate, & brief statement is logical
  • Alternatives must be grammatically consistent with stem
  • Alternative must be a plausible response
  • Avoid duplication
  • Avoid “none of the above/ all of the above” when each alternative carry equal marks