workshop on beyond the horizon odyssey delhi transco ltd 2 kotla road new delhi 110 002 n.
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Workshop on Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey DELHI TRANSCO LTD. 2, Kotla Road New Delhi 110 002 PowerPoint Presentation
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Workshop on Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey DELHI TRANSCO LTD. 2, Kotla Road New Delhi 110 002

Workshop on Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey DELHI TRANSCO LTD. 2, Kotla Road New Delhi 110 002

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Workshop on Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey DELHI TRANSCO LTD. 2, Kotla Road New Delhi 110 002

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  1. Workshop onBeyond the Horizon: OdysseyDELHI TRANSCO LTD.2, Kotla RoadNew Delhi 110 002 Facilitators Prof. Binay Kumar . Sujit Acharjya . Kaushal Misra . March 5th – 7th, 2009 Baikunth Resorts, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

  2. Beyond the Horizon: OdysseyObjective

  3. Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey • Indian Power sector is at the threshold of acquisition, merger, expansion & capacity additions. In the same length and breath it is facing competitive environment as well striving hard to meet ever growing customer demand. The Delhi Transco Ltd hereinafter referred to as DTL is no exception. Intervention on issues in relation with Cultural Transformation aimed at building DTL as an Institution through Change Management principles, processes and practices is priority rather than option. Revisiting, reengineering and reevaluating Management systems, practices and directional leadership with nurturing acumen assumes paramount importance. • Withstanding three days tailored module on Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey aimed at Cultural Transformation and Change Management is not an event but is a process. It is not a destination to reach rather an odyssey to enjoy. This workshop is tailored and designed to set in motion imperatives by introspecting, reflecting, self analysis through psychometric profiling, peer understanding, compatibility with seniors, DTL need analysis, meeting sub-ordinate aspirations, dealing with socio-politico-economic compulsions and evaluating DTL strength and weaknesses in the emerging power sector conundrum is what the workshop is set to address. As the day progresses, participant shall be made to reflect and dwell upon situation that helps attaining DTL vision, mission and objective. The workshop shall further unravel interpersonal skills, interpersonal communication attributes, decision making processes, Team building intricacies, Commitment motivation profiling, and conceptual frame of reference on nurturing self as well subordinate aimed to bring desirable impact.

  4. Beyond the Horizon: Odyssey • In this competitive world no organization can survive for long unless competency on the principle of ABC analysis is made with a view to award contributor, support follower and empower less endowed personnel to carry him along through educating and nurturing processes. The workshop is designed to lay focus on inter & intra personal relationship behavior that leads building a cohesive team, organizational commitments and increase belongingness. The workshop is designed to specifically work with the needs of the people attending and typically could include agreeing and setting objectives, goal setting perspectives, decision making intricacies and managing self, peers, subordinates and seniors. • Participants shall be helped to identify, evaluate self contribution, asses inner strength and identify respective role that is possible to align towards shared vision, mission and objectives focused to attain sustainable organizational development. While unraveling the case studies, exercises, theoretical input and group discussions participants shall be taken to scan the changing world order. The participants shall unravel to look beyond horizon which helps them act as internal change agent. It will help participants to strive to remain in business world while adhering to sound commercial principles aimed at DTL’s sustainable socio-economic development.

  5. Methodology • Reflections • Class Room Orientation • Lecture based debrief • Role Plays • Outbound Training (OBT) • Behavior Modeling • Management Games • Simulation • Psychometric Profiling and Individual Feedback • Experiential Learning • Group Discussions • Case Discussions • Presentations

  6. Psychometric Tools/OBT Intervention • Glass Tumbler – Brain Storming: Individual to Group to Team: Achievement • Dream House – Individual: Concept – Architectural Acumen • Vision, Mission & Objective • Resource Planning, Resource Management, Budgetary Allocation and Utilization • Dream House - Concept to Commissioning • Shared Vision, Shared Mission and Shared Objective • Futuristic Imagination: Gen next • Resource Planning, Action Orientation • Recall, Revisit & Reengineering Processes: • Past, Present & Future • Pains & Pleasures • Strengths and Areas of Improvement • The way I see DTL: My Vision: My Organization • Interpersonal Communication Profiling and FIRO – B • Keep the Ball in the Air: • Target Setting and Multi Tasking • Decision Making • Team Performance • Learning from Mistakes • Blind Fold: • Self Confidence • Confidence on Leader • Trust Formation • Leadership Skill • Inter & Intra Dependence • Inter Personal Communication • Spider Web – Team support: Care & Concern • Dream - Pipe – Goal setting & Team accomplishment

  7. Participants • Chairman & Managing Director • Director ( HR )/Finance/Technical • General Managers • Dy. General Managers • Select Managers • Select Asst. Managers • Select Office Superintendents

  8. Expectation Mapping :Captured • Self Development Leading To Organizational Development • Opening Of Horizon • Shared Values For Progress Of The Organization • Wide Interaction For Clarity Of Purpose • Preparing Self For Companies Growth • Personal Development, Knowing Each other, For Betterment Of The Organization • To Understand Each Other To Work In Team • To Become Closer To Each Other • To Know My Colleague Better • Better Cooperation From Each Department • How To Lead Self With Colleague To Achieve The Goals • To Interact Each One To Know Companies Goal • Unity Of Purpose • Personal Development To Achieve Organizational Goal • Organizational Expectation From Me • To Know My Weakness For Improvement • Involve A Methodology To Achieve A Common Goal With A Defined Time Frame • Team Building • Sustainable Improvement • Work Together Grow Together • To Remove Weakness And Strengthen The Strength • National Level Achievement • Organizational Efficiency • Coordinated And Unified Approach In Unified Direction • Departmental Transformation • Unlock Self For Better Improvement • Area Of Openness, Educate Self For Organizational Development

  9. The Odyssey The Imagination Creating Future An Odyssey DTL Board Members Journey beyond Horizon Visionary March Taking Team Along We are with you The DTL Team

  10. The Passion: Journey Towards Excellence

  11. Glimpses

  12. Basic Human Process Lab Recalling Self Shared Emotions Understanding Self

  13. Shared Moments Understanding Others

  14. Management GameKeep the Ball Juggling - Synergy Learning • Individual to group • Group to Team • Team formation through reflections • Leadership • Conflict Resolution • Project Management • Decision Making • Goal setting • Time Management • Target Accomplishment • Communication Intricacies • Commitment • Cooperation • Team Efforts • Team Formation

  15. Pipe Dream • Strategy Formulation • Co-ordination • Co-operation • Collaboration • Target Setting • Commitment • Team Building • Time management • Decision making • Interdependence • Interpersonal Communication • Concentration • Achievement Motivation • Team Bond • Shared Purpose • Understanding Prejudices • Reflections on Style • Communication Bond • Organizational Development

  16. Blind Fold • Strategic Management • Team Leadership • Defining Role • Confidence among team members • Conviction • Team Spirit • Time Management Shared Responsibility Team Achievement Task Accomplishment Perfection Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal Relationship

  17. Dream Home – Pleasure of Conceiving

  18. Dream Home – Pain of Delivery • Learning • Project Management: Concept to commission • Resource Planning • Stretching beyond • Doing the Extra Mile • Involvement • Coordination • Time Management • Collaboration • Decision Making • Execution

  19. Spider Web LEARNING • Strategic Planning • Self assessment • Self belief • Trust formation • Encountering difficulties • Overcoming apprehensions • Commitment • Team building • Being focused • 360 Degree Support • Team Success • Achievement Motivation

  20. Glass Tumbler: Individual-Group-Team Shared Vision Shared Perspective Creative Sharing Seeking, Giving and Taking Objective Reorientation Value Addition Mutual Respect Creative Thinking Imagination Dreaming Action Orientation Brain Storming Acceptance Co-relation Going Beyond Value for suggestion Achievement Motivation

  21. Empowerment Learning • Mutual Trust • Mutual Respect • Interdependence • Moving Ahead • Togetherness • Family Feelings • Cooperation • Coexistence • Equality • Mutual Appreciation • Organizational Belongingness

  22. Brain Storming : Individual Wisdom

  23. Expressions

  24. Reflctions

  25. Revisiting Past, Present and Future

  26. SWOT

  27. Vision • Number 1 Transmission Company • To be number one in India and world • Lean and efficient • Unique transmission Company • Global performance benchmarking • Best STU in India, Operation in NCR • Affordable, environment friendly • Given Transmission consultancy to other states and South Asian countries • For better result – trained manpower • Leading company which can be role model for others • Transmitting reliable efficiently with updated innovative skills and systems • Committed to the people • Highest corporate governance and corporate social responsibility • Power means DTL brand name • Establishing DTL – a brand name where power sector players strive to associate with pride • To be the best among the best • Rich in quality of power transmission • DTL as a Navratna in power sector globally • Encashment of monopoly of Transmission • Diversification of Business • The most admired organization • National level brand image • Best world class transmission Consultancy and Project handling Company • Being part of a Navratan Company • Source center for transmission know how.

  28. Brain Storming : Group Endeavor

  29. Brain Storming Session

  30. Vision Statement: Shared 2nd Draft Suggestion – I • A world class power transmission institution. Suggestion – II • World class energy company Suggestion – III • A global power in power sector.

  31. Summary

  32. 3rd Draft for deliberation • Our Vision A global power in power sector • Our Motto Universal pride : Stake holders delight • Our Goal Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinam : Good to all

  33. 3rd Draft : for deliberation • Our Mission Delhi Transco shall establish, maintain operate EHV network with reliability, security, economy, consulting, business process re-engineering, R&D efforts, HRD interventions, creative solutions and innovations on sound commercial principles meeting every tenet of consumer satisfaction aimed at stake holders delight.

  34. 3rd Draft : for deliberation • Our Values Trust, Commitment, Sincerity of purpose, Result Orientation, Corporate Ethics, Risk management, Organizational pride, Collective caring & concern, Mutual respect and Brotherhood.

  35. 3rd Draft : for deliberation Our Path • Collective commitment to provide world class quality power • Efficiency, effectiveness, commercial business parameters and sound grid discipline. • Ensure reliable and affordable power to all through professionalism, transparency, business ethics and organizational belongingness amongst Collectives. • Continuous updation of shared ideas, creative innovations, technological enhancement and resources planning & development • Corporate social responsibility and enlarged business boundary. • Organizational Need Analysis (ONA), Training Need Analysis (TNA), learning, unlearning, training, education, creative information assimilation and researched publication. • Strategic business boundary enlargement.

  36. From Here to Where? Way Forward

  37. Kaushal Misra Workshop Facilitators Sujit K. Acharjya Prof. Binay Kumar