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The Life of Jesus PowerPoint Presentation
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The Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus

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The Life of Jesus

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  1. The Life of Jesus

  2. Situation….. • Roman Occupation • Waiting for Israel to be reestablished. • Waiting for the Messiah. • Looking for “David #2” • Looking for a political and military solution.

  3. Old Testament Prophecy • Someone from the house of David. • The Son of God…..(Genesis) • The NEW Lamb of God • The NEW Passover feast • The NEW Covanent • Whipped and beaten • Riding in on a donkey • Others……..

  4. Mary • A young virgin • Betrothed to Joseph • Angel Gabriel announces she will give birth. • How? • “I am God’s servant.” • Immaculate Conception….The Fall did not touch Mary’s child or “without stain.” • Mary is from the House of David.

  5. Elizabeth • Zechariah and Elizabeth were childless. • Older • Zechariah told by an Angel, but he doubted. • Struck dumb • His name shall be John. • When the child was born Z. said his name shall be John. • Parallel miracle birth. • John the Baptist.

  6. Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem • Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth. • Roman census required them to go to Bethlehem. • 9 months pregnant. • NO ROOM • Stable • Jesus is born in a stall.

  7. Who is this child? • Shepherds. “Glory to God in the Highest and peace on those with whom He is well pleased.” • 3 Magi or Wisemen. • Simeon at the Temple. Dies. • Mary was not always understanding. • Herod tried to kill all male babies. (Exodus) • Jesus’ family flees to Egypt (Exodus).

  8. Early life… • Very little is said or known. • Son of a carpenter. • At 12 Jesus is sitting/listening in the Temple • “Amazed” at his understanding. • They left town and “forgot Jesus” • They found him in “My father’s house.”

  9. Meanwhile…… • Out in the Wilderness • John the Baptist is • Yelling • Camel hair and eating Locust • Baptizing people. • “Prepare Ye the way of the Lord” • Repent! • Especially you…Herod…sleeping with your brother’s wife!!!

  10. Jesus Arrives • At age 30….teaches for 3 years…dies at age 33. • Jesus and John meet….technically cousins. • Baptize me….No YOU baptize me. • The Holy Spirit descended LIKE a Dove. • A voice from heaven says, “You are my son….” • Jesus’ ministry begins.

  11. The Temptation of Jesus • After his baptism Jesus goes into the Wilderness for 40 days. • During this time Jesus was tempted by Satan. • Money, Power, Riches, Land….. • Jesus replied each time, “It is written.”

  12. The Bumpy Road Begins…. • Jesus returns to Galilee/Nazareth • Begins teaching in the synagogues. • One day he reads the prophecy regarding the coming of the Messiah from the Book of Isaiah. • When he sits down he tells them that the prophecy has just come true. • Isaiah focusses on the poor, blind, prisoners, and oppressed. • They want to stone him. • “No prophet is welcome in his own town…..”

  13. What does Jesus teach…. • The Law has been distorted. • There is corruption and distortion in the church. • Hypocrites are bad. • The poor are great…the rich are bad. • The heart matters more than the action. • Get rid of your racist ways. • God wants all people. • Stop sinning and get back to God. • Frequently chastised the religious leaders for hypocrisy and making people miserable.

  14. What did Jesus do…. • Gathered 12 men as followers • Not important people • Hung out with socially unacceptable people • Poor -Non Jews -Tax Collectors -Prostitutues. • Roamed the Middle East talking and preaching. • Often taught in Parables • Prodigal –Light –Seed –Rich Man –Builders • Often violated social norms and taboos. • Samaritan woman at the well.

  15. Miracles…. • Three types • Over disease • Leprosy was a sign of your father’s sin • Deaf, Blind, Lame….all symbolic • Over nature • Calms a storm, multiplies fish and bread. • Over Spirits • Cast out demons. Silenced demons

  16. The Big Miracle • Lazarus was a friend of Jesus’ • Come Jesus…he’s sick • Jesus waited. • Roll back to stone….but he’ll stink. • Lazarus…..COME FORTH. • The power over life and death.

  17. After 3 years…. • Crowds love him. • Everyone has heard of him • Rome is aware of him • Jewish leaders fear and hate him. • People have begun to call him the Messiah.

  18. Peter’s Declaration • Who do people say I am….? • Some say John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, a prophet • Peter says “You are the Christ. The son of the living God.” • Upon this rock I will build my church. • What you say in heave/earth will be done. • The first Pope………

  19. John is executed • John was really upsetting Rome. • Herod’s Illegitimate daughter danced…. • What do you want? • The head of John the Baptist

  20. Some toughies from Jesus….. • Shake the dust from your feet…. • Pick up your cross and follow me… • I have come to bring division…. • Hate your mother and father…. • To remarry is adultery…. • Heaven and Hell can see each other… • No one is married in heaven…. • Narrow is the gate into heaven…. • Wide is the road to destruction….

  21. The beginning of the end….. • Jesus arrives in Jerusalem. • Hosanna!!! • Rides in on a donkey. • Palm leaves are laid down in front of him. • Palm Sunday. • Huge crowds. • He’s the Messiah • He’ll reinstate Jerusalem • He’ll kick out the Romans • We are about to reclaim our rightful place!

  22. The Temple • Center of Jewish life. • People came from far away to offer Sacrifices. • Animals had to be available. • Money changers were needed. • Temple Prostitution. • It was a place of commerce and greed as much as a house of prayer. • The Jewish hierarchy benefitted from this situation.

  23. Jesus at the Temple. • You have made my house a den of thieves! • Get out! • Grabs cords, makes a whip, and drives people from the Temple. • He is now a real problem…… • But he is so popular…..

  24. Not political….. • Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s…. • My Kingdom is not of this world. • Confused people…..what about the Romans?

  25. Judas Iscariot • One of the 12 Apostles • Decides to betray Jesus • “Satan entered him” • 30 pieces of silver. • A LOT of speculation…..not a lot of text.

  26. The Last Supper • At the Mt. of Olives • Predicts his betrayal. • I would never…..Peter. • He who dips his bread in the bowl with me… • Bread…this is my body broken for you. • Wine…this is my blood shed for you. • Do this in remembrance of me. • This is the NEW COVENANT. • Transubstiation

  27. I don’t want to drink this cup of poison • Jesus takes Peter John James to go pray. • They fall asleep. • Jesus knows what’s coming. • Prays until tears of blood…. • In the end…. “Thy will be done.”

  28. Judas • Judas arrives with the Temple Guard. • Kisses Jesus to identify him. • One cuts off the ear of a guard…. But Jesus says stop and heals the guy. • They take Jesus away. • Peter’d denial 3 times….Rooster Crows.

  29. Interrogation • Caiphus: Jewish high priest • Are you the son of God? Heresy! • We have no law to kill him • Largely silent • Pilate. Roman “mayor” • King of the Jews? • I don’t care about the Jews • I had a bad dream… Off to Herod • Silent • Herod. • I’ve heard of you! Do a trick • Silent • You’re not my problem

  30. Pilate • I don’t want to kill him. • He broke no Roman law. • Holiday> Free a prisoner….he’s so popular! • Barrabas or Jesus?? • Crucify Crucify • I’ll flog him….. 39 times. • Crucify! • I wash my hands • Goes insane….. • Judas hangs himself and his body explodes.

  31. Crucifixion • Common Roman execution…Obey or this will happen to you. • Guards mock and spit…gamble for his clothes. • Robe, Crown of Thorns. He’s almost dead. • From the 6th to the 9th hour. 12-3 p.m. • Pilates sign “King of the Jews” • Hung between 2 thieves. One good. One bad. • Isaiah 53: pierced, silent, more….

  32. Final words…. • I am thirsty • Forgive them • My God My God, Why have you foresaken me. Psalm 22 • Here is your son • Into your hands I commend my spirit • It is finished. • Pierced his side with spear to see if he was dead.

  33. Reaction to Jesus’ death • Temple curtain is rent • Blood in the streets • Earth quake • Dead rise • Darkness • Now called Good Friday • Jesus’ death is good for us.

  34. Body • He died on Friday. • Saturday is Sabbath….so get his body down quickly or it will hang until Sunday. • Placed in a borrowed tomb. • Body was not prepared for buriel.

  35. Easter • Friday. Saturday. Sunday. The third day. • Women arrive to prepare the body. • Jesus says, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” • Women run back. • Peter runs to the tomb. • Several different versions of who, when , how.

  36. Doubting Thomas • Thomas says that unless I see the wounds and touch the holes…. • Jesus says it would be better to not need that. • Jesus eats…not a ghost. • Leaves them…..but don’t leave town yet!

  37. After Resurrection • Multiple short appearances. • Most to believers. • Often appears….hidden and then reveals himself.

  38. Pentecost • Disciples were hiding and afraid. • In a locked room. • A wind rushed through and then tongues of fire danced on their heads. • Living Sacrifices • Speaking in Tongues • Known and unknown language. • Now go….The Grand Commission.

  39. Saul’s Conversion • Saul was a Pharisee • Early persecutor of “christians”…but they weren’t called that for a long time. • Road to Damascus • Why do you persecute me? • Now Paul….wrote most of the letters in the Christian Bible. • Largely preached to gentiles • This created the first split and argument.

  40. Martyrdom of the 12 • All 12 were killed • Arrows, Spears, Crucified upside down.

  41. Christ will come again…. • Armageddon • Rapture • ?????????? • No one will know…but there will be signs.