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The Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Luke 1 John was born to “old” parents- Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth; angel Gabriel promised it would be a son and to name him John

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The Life of Jesus

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  1. The Life of Jesus Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

  2. Luke 1 • John was born to “old” parents- Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth; angel Gabriel promised it would be a son and to name him John • Child would grow to fulfill a specific mission: “to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous-to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” (Luke 1:16-17) The Life of Jesus

  3. Gabriel make one more stop in Nazareth • Visits a young virgin girl named Mary, who was engaged to be married • Gabriel assures her that everything will be alright • She had been chosen to give birth to a son named Jesus • No ordinary child: “He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.” (Luke 1:32-33) The Life of Jesus

  4. Mary does point out one problem in her likelihood of having a child: her virginity • Gabriel explains that: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.” (Luke 1:35) • Mary joins her relative Elizabeth after she becomes pregnant and the two grew very close; Mary stays with Elizabeth for about three months and then returns home The Life of Jesus

  5. Elizabeth gives birth to a boy and names him John • Joseph did not share in Mary and Elizabeth’s excitement Matthew 1:20 • He was upset that his fiancé was pregnant and he was not the father • Almost divorced Mary over the “scandal” • Angel appears to Joseph and reassures him that the child is special and is conceived from the Holy Spirit The Life of Jesus

  6. Matthew 1:24-25 • Joseph marries Mary, but they do not sleep together after the birth of Jesus-as order by God • Joseph and Mary have to travel to Bethlehem to take part in a Roman census • Joseph is a descendant of David and must return to his hometown-Bethlehem- a three day trip form Nazareth The Life of Jesus

  7. Mary goes into labor while in Bethlehem • All the inns were booked and found shelter in a manger (most likely a cave is where Jesus was born) • Birth might have gone unnoticed except for some unusual events: Luke 2:13 • Shepherds led to the Christ child by an angel • Return glorifying God and telling everyone what they had seen The Life of Jesus

  8. At eight days old Jesus was taken to the temple to be circumcised • Man named Simeon had been told that he would live to see “the Lord’s Christ” (or Messiah; both mean “anointed one”) (Luke 2:25-26) • Simeon realizes that Jesus was the one and he praises God and blessed Mary and Joseph The Life of Jesus

  9. A women named Anna recognized the child; spent three years fasting and praying in the temple and now spoke out and told all who would listen that the redemption of Jerusalem had come • Travelers, called Magi, headed toward Bethlehem, saw a special star and were bringing gifts for “the one who has been born king of Jews.” (Matthew 2:1-2) The Life of Jesus

  10. The Magi stop at King Herod’s palace to see what he had heard • Afraid of a potential rival he warns them, “go and make a careful search” • Magi find the child and give him gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh • Magi probably did not arrive until months or years after Jesus’ birth The Life of Jesus

  11. God warns the wise men not to return Herod; they follow • Joseph dreams to go to Egypt because Herod will try to kill Jesus; they leave that night • Herod furious when the Magi do not return • Orders that all male children under 2 from Bethlehem and surrounding area be killed • Joseph, Mary, and Jesus remain in Egypt until Herod’s death The Life of Jesus

  12. Herod’s son is on the throne; they return to Nazareth and settle down there • Not much is said about Jesus’ childhood in the bible • Only story is of a family trip to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover at age 12 • Not in the group on the way home; Jesus is found in the temple listening and asking searching questions The Life of Jesus

  13. Mary scolds him for making them worry • Jesus responds:”Why were you searching for me? Didn’t you know that I would be in my Father's house?” (Luke 2:49) • Mary doesn't quite understand what he is talking about • Jesus grew obedient to his parents and that he “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” (Luke 2:51-52) The Life of Jesus

  14. John 1:1-18 • Different look at the significance of the birth of Jesus • John proclaims that the Word of God becoming flesh • God sent Moses with the written Word, people responded poorly • God sent prophets to speak the Word boldly, but prophets were rejected • Now the Word had been born into the world as flesh and bone The Life of Jesus

  15. Jesus would not only quote words off a page, but would model them • Words come alive in context of emotion: love, pain, anger, dread, sadness, and joy • Concepts no longer dismissed as theoretical standards handed down from on high, but would become realities proven out in the best and worst situations of life The Life of Jesus

  16. Matthew 3; Luke 3; John 1:29-34 • John is growing up a mature and impressive personality • Grows up in the desert and then appears in Israel • Becomes a preacher working near the Jordan River, preaching baptism for forgiveness of sin The Life of Jesus

  17. Message was blunt: people should repent their sins, share what they had, be honest, act decent towards each other, and straighten out their lives to “prepare the way for the Lord” • Some suspected he might be the Messiah • Explains his baptism is with water, but someone was coming who would baptize “with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” (Luke 3:16) The Life of Jesus

  18. Outspoken in criticism of religious leaders • Put in prison by Herod for rebuking immorality • Jesus comes to be baptized by John; John proclaims it should be the other way around; Jesus insists he baptize him • Jesus’ baptism was a the start of a new life: “He saw the heavens opened” and “the Spirit descended like a dove upon him” The Life of Jesus

  19. Same time a voice from heaven: “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:16-17) • Jesus begins his ministry • Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; these three are one God, the same substance, equal in power and glory. The Life of Jesus

  20. Matthew 4:1-11 • Jesus is tempted by the devil three times to divert him to his personal wants rather than to his mission on Earth • Devil promises great power and prestige if he were to switch sides • Jesus passed each test by citing Hebrew Scripture • Devil leaves and angels arrive to help Jesus minister The Life of Jesus

  21. After baptism and temptation, Jesus begins his ministry • First two disciples sent by John, Andrew who brought his brother Simon—Jesus renames to Cephas—translated into Greek as Peter… • James and John, fishing along the Sea of Galilee join Jesus as well • Recruits Phillip and Nathanael.. Who was skeptical at first, but once he met Jesus he was convinced The Life of Jesus

  22. The rest of the twelve: • Matthew (Levi)-tax collector • Simon-called the Zealot • Thomas • James, son of Alphaeus • Thaddaeus, son of James • Judas Iscariot • Disciples come from a broad range of jobs, personalities, and backgrounds • In reality they were pretty “ordinary” The Life of Jesus

  23. Jesus had up to 72 “disciples”, but the original 12 were his inner circle, chosen after a night of prayer and later given authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal disease and sickness • All but one stood by Jesus in the best and the worst days of his public ministry The Life of Jesus

  24. Luke 4:14-30 • Jesus was a popular preacher and healer, and before long he had quite a following • Returns to Nazareth and begins preaching in the temple • At first the people were impressed with Jesus, but then they became outraged when he spoke of Elijah and Elisha, and they lived with Gentiles because Jews were unbelieving; no prophet accepted in his hometown The Life of Jesus

  25. The people became so enraged that they threatened to throw him over cliff; he just walked right through the crowd • Most of Jesus’ family didn’t believe in him • Turns his attention to those who did want and need help The Life of Jesus

  26. John 3:1-21 • Jesus visits with Nicodemus, who wanted to know what Jesus was teaching • Nicodemus believes that Jesus could not do the things he is doing without God behind him • Jesus tells him that for someone to see the kingdom of God they must be born again The Life of Jesus

  27. Nicodemus was confused because he knew that he couldn’t be born again • Jesus explains that this born again must a spiritual rebirth, not physical • He then quotes the most quoted verse in the Bible John 3:16… John 4:1-42 • stops at a well and visits with a Samaritan women The Life of Jesus

  28. Ask her for a drink and she says Jews and Samaritans do not share anything • Jesus tells her that he is no ordinary Jew • Explains things to her about her personal life and she soon believes that he is Jesus John 8:1-11 • A women is caught committing adultery • The Pharisees ask Jesus if she should be stoned to death for committing sin (law) The Life of Jesus

  29. Jesus responds with If you any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7) • The Pharisees leave one by one • Jesus tells the women to leave her life of sin • These stories show that Jesus showed no prejudice, didn’t condone sinful actions, did not resort to using guilt or shame The Life of Jesus

  30. Jesus’ ministry reflected his birth, people involved weren’t limited to any race, religion, or economic level • People still needed a little additional evidence…… The Life of Jesus

  31. Jesus’ Miracles: Jesus used logic and reason to defend his claims, but it was the power of his miracles that truly punctuated the power of his words • Healed a paralyzed man by forgiving his sins- considered blasphemy by the Pharisees • Touched a leper to purify him The Life of Jesus

  32. Drove out the evil spirits of possessed men by using only words… • Cast out 7 demons from Mary Magdalene • Spat on dirt, turned it to mud, and healed a blind man… “Amazing Grace” • Turns water into wine a wedding that had to many guests and ran out of wine • Convinced Peter to fish in “dead” waters.. Caught so much fish that boats almost sank; Peter was told to catch people not fish buy Jesus The Life of Jesus

  33. Calming the Seas-Jesus and the disciples caught in a bad storm at sea; the disciples were terrified they would sink, Jesus told them they did not have enough faith and he calmed the seas.. The Life of Jesus

  34. Walking on Water- Disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee on their own; Jesus stayed behind to pray; Jesus begin to walk into the sea to meet them during a wind storm; disciples thought it was ghost; Peter begins to walk on the water as well, but sinks in fear; Jesus saves him and the disciples praise him as the true Son of God. • Miraculously feeds 5000 people from 5 loves and 2 fish. 12 baskets full were left over. The Life of Jesus

  35. Turns five tiny loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed over 5,000 with 12 baskets of leftovers • Raises Lazarus from the dead In Bethany- third resurrection; John 11:25-26 • Heals Peters Mother in Law of High fever. • Causes Fig tree to wither, because it produces no figs. • Heals Canaanite woman’s daughter who was demon possessed. • Heals Jarius Daughter even though she dies on his way to heal her. • Religious leaders begin to plot to kill Jesus • Bible mentions 35 miracles of Jesus The Life of Jesus

  36. Sermon on the Mount • Teaching session for his disciples and anyone else who wanted to listen • Most likely it was broken up with questions, debates, and tangents that varied from topic at hand • Had fresh ideas and ideals that were unexpected and, quite unorthodox The Life of Jesus

  37. Beatitudes (declarations of blessedness): • Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven • Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted • Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth • Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled The Life of Jesus

  38. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy • Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God • Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:1-10) The Life of Jesus

  39. Jesus called his followers :”the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” • “do the right thing”… turn the cheek, don’t brag about giving to the poor, praying, fasting… • Stop judging one another • Final Challenge: If they followed him, they would be a person who built his house on a rock • If they did not follow him, they would be a person who built their house on sand… The Life of Jesus

  40. Downfall for Jesus • As Passover approached Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, a symbol of kingship • People were coming from all around to celebrate the festival • Covered his path with palms and cried for joy over him The Life of Jesus

  41. Jesus arrives at the temple and sees that it has become something of a “tourist” trap • Currency exchanges • Tax collecting • Animal sales • Jesus is furious when he sees this activity at temple: “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations? But you have made it a den of robbers” (Mark 11:17) The Life of Jesus

  42. Religious authorities dislike grows over stronger for Jesus after this incident • Jesus knew what the Pharisees were plotting and planning against him, but did not try and stop it • Publicly ridiculed them calling them; snakes, hypocrites, a brood of vipers etc.. • Jesus begins to speak of a time when disbelieving people would be separated from believers The Life of Jesus

  43. Some saw Jesus as a menace and a threat to society, while others believed that he was more than just a man, and perhaps more than just a prophet • At the home for Lazarus, Mary washes his feet in perfume and then dries them off with her hair • Judas, treasurer for Jesus, objects saying that the perfume could be used to help the poor The Life of Jesus

  44. Jesus tells him to leave her alone, that she will need it for the day of his burial • At this point Luke says that “Satan enter Judas” • Judas goes to the chief priests and asked what he could get as a bounty on Jesus • 30 silver coin and he began to look for an opportunity to turn in Jesus The Life of Jesus

  45. The Last Supper • Jesus and the disciples meet for the Passover meal • Before eating, Jesus takes off his outer garment, tied a towel around his waist, and began to was his disciples feet • Peter objects, but Jesus responds: “Unless I was you, you have no part with me” John 13:8 The Life of Jesus

  46. Jesus announces that one of his disciples will betray him – 2 days before passover • Jesus gives thanks and takes bread and broke it, and said “Take and eat; this is my body.” Matthew 26:26; takes a cup of wine and says: “Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins… (Matthew 26:27-29) The Life of Jesus

  47. Jesus’ Arrest • Disciples argued over who would betray Jesus • Peter tells Jesus that he would die for him • Jesus tells him that before the crow would crow that he would deny him three times • Jesus comforts his disciple and prays for them and tells him he will return to his Father • Gives Judas bread as a sign he would betray him. The Life of Jesus

  48. Jesus and his disciples go to Mount of Olives • Jesus wants to pray by himself and wanted his disciples to pray that they would not be tempted of the things to come • Three times he checked on them and all three times they were sleeping • A crowd gathers with clubs and swords and Judas appears with this crowd The Life of Jesus

  49. Judas gives Jesus a kiss and this signaled the men to arrest Jesus • Peter steps in to defend Jesus with a sword but only manages to cut off a guards ear • Jesus tells Peter to stop that he could summon legions of angels if he wanted • Reattaches The guards ear and leaves with the arresting guards The Life of Jesus

  50. Jesus’ Trial • Taken to the father-in-law of the high priest first and then to Caiaphas the high priest • Jesus is questioned in a very public assembly about his teachings • First answer Jesus gives he is struck by an official in the face • Remains quiet until Jesus is asked if he is the Son of Man The Life of Jesus

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