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Sekib Tird TM , Inc.

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Sekib Tird TM , Inc. Taylor Olson Koby Selfridge Collin Shelton. The Story.

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sekib tird tm inc

SekibTirdTM, Inc.

Taylor Olson

Koby Selfridge

Collin Shelton

the story
The Story
  • Our company began on a sunny spring morning. Collin had decided he was tired of being broke. So he called Koby and Taylor and said “Let’s sell cookies.” Koby said he didn’t know him, and Taylor hung up. So then he called back, and explained to them that a company is not a bad idea for income. After a long discussion, they came to the conclusion that they could make a serious profit selling dirt bikes.
  • Taylor Olson, CEO, CTO
  • Koby Selfridge, Senior VP – Human Resources, CFO
  • Collin Shelton, Senior VP – Retail & Marketing, COO
what we do
What we do….
  • Our company works primarily as a retail dealership of top-of-the-line dirt bikes.
  • Our primary makes we carry include, but are not limited to:
    • Honda
    • Yamaha
    • Kawasaki
    • KTM
    • Suzuki
  • Catalog on Next Slide.
  • Services we provide include, but are not limited to:
    • Dirt Bike Service
    • Warranties
    • Sponsorship Applications
    • Sand-blasting and Air Brush
    • Track Communication
    • Motorcycle Classes
    • Purchases/Orders of Dirt Bikes
  • Red = Online Services
  • Blue = In-Store Services
  • Green = Both
  • Honda
    • CRF450R
    • CRF250R
    • CRF150R
  • Yamaha
    • YZ450F
    • YZ250F
    • YZ250
    • YZ125
  • Kawasaki
    • KX 450F
    • KX 250F
    • KX 100
    • KX 85
    • KX 65
  • KTM
    • 250 SX-F
    • 350 SX-F
    • 450 SX-F
    • 450 SX-F Factory
  • Suzuki
    • RM-Z250
    • RM-Z450
    • DR-Z125L
customer demographics
Customer Demographics
  • 16-30 year old (average)
    • Likes: motocross, outdoor events, motor bicycles, dirt.
    • Interests: see above.
  • Online: 14-40 year old
  • In-Store: 18-28 year old
  • Online: Advertising (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Ads)
    • We will use the online marketing in order to reach out to our customers as well as get the attention of potential customers. We will use this method to offer special deals and sales.
  • In-Store: Billboards, Newspaper Ad
    • We will use this form of marketing as general advertising as well as basic information about the company.
  • Combined: TV Commercial, Radio Ad, Sky-writing
    • We will use this method for attracting potential customers.
bento 4 for mac by filemaker

Bento 4 for Mac, by FileMaker

We chose the CRM because we felt that we would like to have better customer relations since our company will have many customers and repeat customers. Since our customers will spend significant amounts of money, we would like to have a positive relationship with them and we felt a CRM system would benefit that.

bento 4 for mac
Bento 4 for Mac
  • 1. What does Bento 4 do?
    • Bento 4 for Mac allows us to have our business be completely mobile was well as have a desktop system. It helps us combine all of our contacts, tasks, etc. into one centralized place that we can then access from mobile devices. It also allows us to see a complete view of customers, tasks, events, etc.
  • 2. Different features of the system?
    • We can organize our contacts. With this software system we can include many different fields about our customers including pictures, and all different forms of contact.
    • We can track projects. With this feature we can show a project’s budget as well as deadlines, goals to meet, pictures of progress, who is involved, as well as consolidate any notes or memos about the project.
    • Planning events will be a huge feature we can use in this software, because it will allow us to create detailed event profiles for all of our different dirt bike workshops.
    • With Bento we can print forms and labels right from the software using our databases.
  • 3. Who uses it?
    • Companies that use Bento 4 tend to be small companies such as the dirt bike company we are opening. So, we found that this would be optimal because the software is optimized for smaller business. Also, individual customers can buy it to keep their own personal databases.
  • 4. What else about the system?
    • Bento 4 seems to be the most user friendly system we could find. Since the system will allow us to have seamless integration with our desktop systems as well as our mobile devices, we will never be without or customer and business information. This will benefit the business because customers will not have to “see” the system we are using, they will only benefit from it.
bento 4 for mac1
Bento 4 for Mac
  • How do you plan to use it?
    • We plan to use this system to help us seamlessly integrate our customers into our business. It will help us see what the customers have purchased as well as different events they have attended, etc. With this information we can then use that to help us suggest and sell new and different products and services to the customers. It will also help us on the business side because we will be able to stay more organized and focus more on what’s important, and not worry about the little details.
bento 4 for mac pros
Bento 4 for Mac - Pros
  • User friendly
  • Mobile integration
  • Wireless sharing
  • Stores all different kinds of information
bento 4 for mac cons
Bento 4 for Mac - Cons
  • Only for Mac
    • If we ever decided to switch from an Apple system, we would have to find new software.
  • Optimized for Smaller Business
    • If we became a national or international corporation this system would become significantly more “clunky” to use.
bento 4 for mac cost
Bento 4 for Mac - Cost
  • Bento 4 for Mac – Family Pack - $99
    • Allows for licenses for up to 5 different machines.
  • Bento 4 for iPhone - $4.99 x 3 = $14.97
    • We would purchase a separate copy for each one of our iPhones.
  • Bento 4 for iPad - $9.99 x 3 = $29.97
    • We would purchase a separate copy for each one of our iPads.
  • Total Cost: $143.94
    • Compared to other systems we found, this seemed to be a pretty good deal for what we were getting. Since the CTO of the company is already Mac-proficient, this seemed to be an optimal solution.
revenue models
Revenue Models
  • Sales Revenue Model
  • We will use this model for the dirt bikes and other product sales such as accessories, etc. This model states that “companies derive revenue by selling goods, information, or services to customers.” We will be selling goods to the customer directly. This would be the best revenue model for that type of service.
  • Subscription Revenue Model
  • We will use this model for events, warranties, video tutorials, etc. This model states that companies “offer content or services while charging a subscription fee for access.” With these types of services, we will provide different price ranges for different services. We felt that this would be the best revenue model for those types of products because we can continue to make a profit while still giving the customer a fair payment option.
web 2 0 technologies
Web 2.0 Technologies
  • FreshBooks
    • Automated Billing
    • Cloud Supported Accounting
    • Online Payment System
    • Tracks Bill-able Hours (i.e. events, employees, etc.)
    • Expense Tracking
    • Tax Organization
  • Allows us to manage and send invoices for different services online. Since we are working on a mobile technology system, this would be perfect, because we could bill people online for services as well as in store using FreshBooks. That way, all of the finances are managed online and that makes easier work for the CFO and more time to concentrate on the important stuff.
  • Facebook
    • Social Networking
    • Event Planning
    • Customer Communication
    • Advertising
  • This allows us to socially connect with our customers. We can also use the event manager to plan events and invite customers as well as potential customers to different events, sales, or gatherings. Finally, Facebook can also be a means of communications between the company and its customers, therefore giving the customers more of a personal interaction.
web 2 0 technologies cont
Web 2.0 Technologies (cont.)
  • vFlyer
    • Automated advertising
    • Integration with social networking
    • Bulk uploading of advertisements
    • Print advertisements
    • Enhanced for Auto-Dealers
  • We can use vFlyer as our primary source of advertisement creation. This will help us because we will be able to have advertisement automated onto different websites like Craigslist, Twitter, etc. vFlyer also provides Facebook integration which will help us with one of our other Web 2.0 Technologies within the business.
  • Animoto
    • Automated Cloud Video Post-Production
    • Themes to make visually appealing
    • Sharing options
  • One of our services within the company is video tutorials. Animoto will help us create these videos without much of the stress of post-production. All we need to do is focus on the content which is the most important part of the service anyway. Animoto also helps us make our video more visually appealing and in turn will draw in more customers. We would also have the ability to use Animoto for any video advertisement we would choose to create, and then disperse it via vFlyer.

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