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Why Use Barcodes? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When we go to the market, we often see a sticker on commodities and consumables with black lines of different widths and lengths, and some other details printed on it. Read more.

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Why use barcodes


When we go to the market, we often see a sticker on commodities and consumables with black lines of different

widths and lengths, and some other details printed on it. Have you ever thought what they are? They are called

barcodes. Barcodes generally cost mere pennies, regardless of where they will be affixed. They are inexpensive to

design and print and can be customized easily, in a variety of finishes and materials.

But the question is why use them? I mean there might definitely be some solid reason that can explain the

popularity of barcode usage in the retail industry worldwide. The reasons which we managed to find out were quite

convincing and appealing. Have a look.

The chances of occurrence of errors for manually entered data are a lot higher than that of barcode

numbers. Using barcodes eliminate the chances of human errors. Scanning them is fast and reliable then

entering data by hand.

Mastering the hand-held scanner for reading a barcode is just a matter of few minutes. Therefore using a

barcode system can effectively cut off the employee training time significantly. Also, you do not have to let

your employees gain familiarity with the entire inventory and pricing modus operandi. Your business secrets

are safely hidden with barcodes. When training time is minimized, you do not have to compensate

employees for attending the sessions. Therefore barcodes actually make training less expensive.

Barcodes can easily be used for any kind of necessary data collection, including inventory information or

their pricing. They are extremely versatile in their application, and can be easily attached to just about any

surface. That’s why, in addition of tracking the products themselves, they also keep record of outgoing

shipments and even equipment.

They help to improve control over inventory. This can be done because the barcode numbers make it

possible to track inventory so precisely, that chances of extra or low inventory levels can be reduced easily

– a feature that is helpful in seasonal businesses particularly. Which further helps in translating into a

lower overheard.

With their help, even the location of equipment can also be tracked precisely, which in turn reducesthe

time and money spent in searching and replacing equipment presuming it as lost.

One more benefit is the quick turnaround, which ensures that timetaken for data entry or retrievalis not

wasted. It is one of the very important benefits of using product barcodes. Data obtained through

barcodes is available rapidly. If you have centralized your business, which is a common practice these

days, the information is scanned and stored directly into the central computer, and is ready to access for

all hubs and users, almost instantaneously.

So, in a nutshell, barcodes promote better decision making. As the data is obtained swiftly and accurately via this

system, it is possible to make more informed and better decisions. Better decision making in business is really very

important, as it saves both time and money.

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