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Coil Pots

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Coil Pots. When line appears three-dimensional…. The coil technique is used by many cultures and is very versatile…. Coils may be left exposed as part of the overall design effect…. …or sealed for a smooth effect. LINE. Line is defined as the path of a moving point through space

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coil pots

Coil Pots

When line appears three-dimensional…

  • Line is defined as the path of a moving point through space
  • 5 main kinds of lines:
    • Horizontal lines run parallel to the ground and appear to be at rest
    • Vertical lines run up and down and show dignity, formality, and strength
    • Diagonal lines signal action/excitement
    • Zigzag lines create a feeling of confusion or suggest action
    • Curved lines express movement in a graceful, flowing way
  • Shape is an element of art that refers to an area clearly set off by one or more of the other elements of art – limited to 2 dimensions –length and width
  • 2 classes of shape
    • Geometric shapes – look as thought they were made with a ruler or drawing tool – perfect, mathematical shapes
    • Organic shapes – free-form, not regular or even, are usually found in nature



sketchbook assignment
Sketchbook assignment…

1. Find at least 3 examples (magazine or internet) of geometric shapes

2. Find at least 3 examples of organic shapes

3. Glue the shape examples on a page in your sketchbook

4. Connect the shape images using various line types and spirals…you are forming a type of collage based on shape, line and spirals. FILL THE ENTIRE PAGE…

5. On the back of the page create 2-3 sketches of Exposed Coil pot designs…experiment with the overall form (vase or bowl), geometric or organic shapes, and be sure to incorporate spirals and multiple line types.


You will then create an “exposed coil pot” based on your sketches using the spiral motif…with either geometric or organic shapes, and multiple line types. You will seal the inside coils for strength and durability.


Piece must have:

  • Exposed coils based on a spiral motif
  • Geometric or organic shapes within motif
  • 2 to 3 line types represented
  • 6 inches tall (minimum)
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Signed on bottom