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OMGBA Special Board Meeting 11/4/2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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OMGBA Special Board Meeting 11/4/2013

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OMGBA Special Board Meeting 11/4/2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Osseo Maple Grove Basketball Association. OMGBA Special Board Meeting 11/4/2013. Osseo Maple Grove Basketball Association (OMGBA).

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Osseo Maple Grove Basketball Association


  • In 2005, OMGBA identified a need for more gymnasiums. A lot of work has gone into this effort by board members, friends of the board, and past board members and friends of the board.
  • We’ve set aside $900,000 in the Building Fund and have another $100,000 we could move over, meaning we’ve raised $1,000,000, most of it in the past 8 years.
  • OMGBA’s vision has been to add at multiple gymnasiums within our program area that can be used to better serve our participants - our community’s youth.

OMGBA Mission

The Osseo Maple Grove Basketball Association (OMGBA) is a volunteer group formed in the 1970's to provide the best basketball opportunities for youth in Osseo and Maple Grove High School attendance areas. We are proud of our programs that serve 2000+ youth and are always trying to improve, but we can use your help. We offer programs for 1st grade through 12th grade, boys and girls, including traveling programs for 4th grade through 8th grade.

OMGBA Board of Directors…

exists to provide leadership and administration for the basketball program, consistent with its purpose and goals.



  • The Building Committee has worked closely with:
  • District 279
  • Maple Grove Junior High
  • Community Education
  • The City of Maple Grove
  • ATS&R Architects
  • RJM Construction
  • and of course OMGBA over several months to address those needs.


  • The proposal is to add a 3 gymnasium addition to Maple Grove Junior High. Each gymnasium is similar to the existing gym DE. The 3 game/tournament quality courts can also be used for 6 practice courts, which are not quite full size, but are larger than the practice courts provided in gyms A-E, with another foot of clearance to the roof trusses.
  • The courts will support volleyball and pickleball. The parking lot will be nearly doubled in size, with a new longer entrance. The existing outbuilding will be saved, however the tennis courts will be moved, the lacrosse field moved a little, fences removed, and the track removed or relocated into a running path.
  • The new gymnasium will have plenty of seating for hundreds in between games and a concession stand with a storage room and door directly to the outside.
  • One ticket office will serve the existing gyms and the new gyms.
  • On weeknights, a pair of unisex family bathrooms will be open, and during weekends larger bathrooms will be open.
  • A central mechanical mezzanine will efficiently service the space.

Construction Budget

  • At this point the high end number is at $8.5M for construction including a $600k contingency fund. This includes all FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment).
  • 3 Main Basketball Courts – 6 Practice courts
  • Supports in floor (heavy duty covers like Rush Creek put in) for volleyball
  • Concessions stand with cookie/pizza oven, pop corn, triple sink, storage room with door to the outside, etc. Ticket office, main office overlooking courts, and seating for 200.
  • We are still trying to drive costs down. We could really want A/C for existing gyms A-E but at $175k, this could be the quickest way to cut budget if needed.
  • At $8.5M, 20% is $1.7M – OMGBA’s commitment. We have $900k and can use another $100k from checking now. That leaves an interest free loan from the city for $700k, which will likely be offset totally by a $325k grant fromHennepin County (Dec 2013 or Dec 2014), thus we’ll owe $375k more,paid $50k in year 1, then $100k/year after that.
  • The city will give the building to the district.


  • The district will have access during the day – 7am-5:30pm on school days.
  • The city will use it up to 400 hours, typically during the day for some senior programming.
  • OMGBA will have access starting at 5:30pm on weeknights and full access on weekends.
  • We have priority in the new gymnasium, but if we aren’t using it, Community Education can rent it to others and keep any proceeds.
  • The gym and modification to the school allow the gym to be used even when school is closed.
  • OMGBA will receive priority in gyms A-E on at least 8 weekends between April 1 and Labor Day so we can run tournaments as fund raisers.
  • Community Education is waiving the 80% local requirement for OMGBA between April 1 and Labor Day.


  • Community Education will issue sweeping permits to OMGBA, and OMGBA can sublease to other organizations with Community Education’s knowledge and approval. OMGBA can charge others whatever we want to help pay our operating costs.
    • Deadline for permit requests is Sept 1 for school year and March 1 for summer.
  • We will pay a flat rate to cover operating expenses every quarter.
  • Operating expenses to be reviewed and adjusted annually.
  • The district will pay 25% of utility costs.
  • 40 year agreement!


  • 2013
  • November – Approvals by OMGBA, City of Maple Grove, and ISD 279.
  • December – We hear back on Hennepin County grant request of $325,000.
    • If we don’t receive in 2013, we could still receive in 2014.
  • 2014
  • January – Issue bid packet 1 for steel and precast (longer lead times).
  • February – Award bid packet 1. Issue bid packet 2.
  • March – Award bid packet 2.
  • April 14 – Construction mobilization.
  • May – Prepare site, staging areas, utilities.
  • June – Full scale construction after school lets out. Foundation, walls, roof.
  • July – Continue on building envelope.
  • August – Seal up building, work on exterior and get grounds in shape to not disrupt school starting in September.
  • September-December – Finish interiors.

Operating Expenses

  • The district will maintain the parking lot, grounds, and the building envelope (walls, roof, etc.) – outside of the operating expenses.
  • OMGBA will cover almost all operating expenses, estimated at $125,570/year which includes all janitor (1.5 FTE), site supervisor, and other expenses.
  • This is the adjusted amount after the district pays 25% of utility costs.
  • OMGBA will pay quarterly to cover the estimated costs, however we will review this annually with the city and the district.

Escrow Account

  • OMGBA will establish an escrow account at our current bank for FFE repair or replace bleachers, technology, flooring, furniture, major floor sanding, painting, and refinishing, etc.
    • 2015 $6k, 2016 $7k, 2017 $8k, 2018 $9k, 2019+ $10k. We will be required to maintain a minimum of $25k and a maximum of $50k. When maximum is achieved, we do not have to fund it until funds slip below $50k.
  • The board previously approved a budget of $210k.

Revenue Sources

So How Can We Pay For:

$125,000 Operating Expenses

$5,000-$10,000 Escrow Funding

$50,000 Initially, Then $100,000 Per Year Loan Repayment

And still save funds for a possible partnership in 2+ years to add a single gymnasium to Maple Grove Senior High?

We currently operate with about $100,000 in surplus, so we really need at least $135,000 and preferably more.


Possible Revenue Streams (passive OMGBA)

Passive OMGBA Options - Training / Practices


Possible Revenue Streams (passive OMGBA)

Passive OMGBA Options – Leagues


Possible Revenue Streams (active OMGBA)

Active OMGBA Options - Tournaments


Financial Forecasting

Profit of Programming Presented


Financial Forecasting

Profit Levels driven by leveraging new asset


Motion To Approve…

  • OMGBA to pay up to 20% of the anticipated $8.5M construction budget.
  • OMGBA to pay $1,000,000 to the City of Maple Grove and borrow the estimated remaining $700,000 interest free from the City of Maple Grove.
  • OMGBA to enter into a 40 year Operating Agreement with District 279 and the City of Maple Grove whereby OMGBA is expected to cover the operating expenses expected to initially be about $126,000 per year.
  • OMGBA to create a Gymnasium Repair and Replacement Escrow account and fund it as outlined in the Operating Agreement.