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ARK RESCUE Project. —— My 8 days' Highland Rescure diary ——. Purity Passion Courage. Project Introduction 1. Xiaosumang village area, Yushu courty, Qinghai Province. ★ 【 Where 】. ★. 【 When 】. Jan.20th - Oct. 27th. 5-10 members. ★. 【 M ember 】. 【 Transportation 】.

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Ark rescue project


——My 8 days' Highland Rescure diary ——

Purity Passion Courage

Project introduction 1
Project Introduction 1

Xiaosumang village area, Yushu courty, Qinghai Province



Jan.20th - Oct. 27th

5-10 members



Off-road vehicles,not restricted by weather

【Degree of Difficulty】

highland experienced, with driving license and off-road driving experience. No cardiovascular disease or hypertension. Junior out-door experienced are also welcomed.

Note:This planning is only for reference. Details will be based on site situation.

This plan is open to on-site change considering irristable forces.

Project introduction 2
Project Introduction 2

Ark rescue project is the medical support project of D-Starine's "Holistic Community" training movement.

【D-Starine Secret Team】

Front line visit, invetigate and prepar patients' documents. This group also arranges patients to Xining to have regular treatment.

【Qinghai International Doctor Volunteer Team】

Receive and provide holistic treatment to patients sent by D-Starine, suggest reliable follow-up medical plan.

【Xining Community Family Support Volunteers】

Accompany Tibetan patients during their treatment in Xining, responsible for their medical care, accomodation and travelling arrangement.

The above three groups will raise medical funds jointly until the patient's recovery. For those can not be healed, we will provide hospice care.

With the perfect co-operation of the above there groups, we will establish a brand new functional service system.

The strengths of ark salvation plan
The Strengths of Ark Salvation Plan

Under the "Medical Crusade"mode, it is difficult to recruit professtional doctors,carry professional medical equipments and control medical risks. However, "Ark Salvation Plan" effectively solves all the above problems.

Ark salvation plan focuses on preliminary investigation and selects mature medical support team and family reception team in rear

Day 1
Day 1

Shanghai——Xining,stay in Xining

Flied to Xining,stayed in hotel

Day 2
Day 2

Xining - Madu

Note:big temperature difference between day and night, take care to anti-freeze, anti-sunshine. Be aware of slippery while driving in snow

08:00 Breakfast

08:30 Set out for Madu

12:30 Lunch in Gonghe Courty at noon

18:00 Arrive in Madu

Day 3
Day 3

Madu——Jiegu Town, Yushu, stayed in Banfang hotel

Note:big temperature difference between day and night, take care to anti-freeze, anti-sunshine.Be aware to protect the equipment from rain and wet

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Self-drove to Yushu

10:30 Passed by star-lake. The surface of the lake was frozen, played with fun and photography

13:30 Climbed over Bayankela mountain pass

14:00 Lunch at clear-water-river

16:00 Arrived at Jiegu town, Yushu

Day 4
Day 4

One day rest in Yushu

Note:big temperature difference between day and night, take care to anti-freeze. Strong UV, dry. Need anti-sunshine protection.

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Visited Guoqing primary school, invistigated an egg project

12:00 Lunch in Jiegu town

15:00 Visited herdsmen's families in Guoqing pasture

18:00 Back to hotel

Day 5
Day 5

Note:big temperature difference between day and night, take care to anti-freeze, anti-sunshine. Be aware of slippery while driving in snow

Jiegu Town——Xiao Sumang Village

Visited Genggadanzeng, who is deaf. We recorded his sickness,uploaded to web community and contact the foreign doctors in Xining

Though seems simple, this task took 2 days' time, during which we drove 380 kilometers highland mountain road.

Day 6 7
Day 6-7

Note:big temperature difference between day and night, take care to anti-freeze, anti-sunshine. Self-driving in highland is long and boring, be aware to interact with the kids.

Jiegu Town——Xining

Escort the boy to Xining, met the reception team and the doctor (by helicopter or self-drive)

Day 8
Day 8

Note: child need the accompany of his/her guardians


Took the kid see the view of Xining, visited the wild animal zoo and the funfair

Expenditure and equipment
Expenditure and Equipment

★【Average Expense】

abount —— yuan per head

【Expense Item】

Including preparation training, planning, team set-up, personal equipments, salary for full journey guide and local guide, food, transporation and insurance. All details are transparent. The expense of full journey staff are shared among team members.

Please refer to <D-Starine Crusade Member Slection Procedure>

【Individual requirement】

Ark rescue project

1、All participants should agree with project leader's arrangement of the activity, including the schedule and the journey route.

2、Be aware to protect the environment, remember saftey is first. Fire are definitely forbidden in forest. No garbage should be left.

3、Focus on team spirit, help each other,lady first, field problem solving skill is encouraged.

Note for registration
Note for Registration

★【Required Documents】

Team members should bring effective ID or copy for registration. Tourists should register 45 days in advance. Tourist planning to visit the boarder area should apply "boarder pass" in local police office.

Last words
Last Words

★【The most important】

After each team member returns to his/her own city, he/she should open photography show or small range speech, until they have raised enough funds for the kid in need. Only then the project is considered to be finished.

Ark rescue project

Thank You !

Purity Passion Courage