5 21 09 br list the 5 mesopotamian gods n.
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5/21/09 BR- List the 5 Mesopotamian Gods. PowerPoint Presentation
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5/21/09 BR- List the 5 Mesopotamian Gods.

5/21/09 BR- List the 5 Mesopotamian Gods.

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5/21/09 BR- List the 5 Mesopotamian Gods.

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  1. 5/21/09BR- List the 5 Mesopotamian Gods. Today: Learning about the Lives of Royalty in Mesopotamia We will prepare 2 column notes for Chapter 6. Then we will use the notes to complete a homework assignment. Assignment: Write a letter (or draw a picture) describing the daily life of a member of the Mesopotamian Royal Class

  2. Shamash Ishtar

  3. Adad Ea

  4. Mesopotamian royalty were rich Had devoted servants They had gold and silver jewelry and other household items such as lamps, cups and bowls. Gold and silver was rare. These items would be buried with them to show how important the person was. Servants of royalty had jewelry and fine clothes as well and would often be buried with their masters Lives of Mesopotamian Royalty

  5. Women had positions of power Kings or rulers got their power from the gods Women who were wives or mothers of kings were often priestesses and were in charge of important religious functions. Being sent by the gods to rule made the people very devoted to the rulers and followed them almost without question. Lives of Mesopotamian Royalty

  6. Cities in Mesopotamia were independent. Royalty would use local people for projects Each city and the surrounding land was ruled by a different king. Some important cities were Sumer, Kish, Ur, Lagash Cuneiform tablets show that rulers of different cities used their local people to build walls, temples, and canals Lives of Mesopotamian Royalty

  7. The ruler’s success was linked to religion If the city prospered, the people felt that the king was favored by the gods and would continue to follow them. Lives of Mesopotamian Royalty