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HOW TO ANSWER EXAM QUESTIONS. Understanding how to tackle different styles of questions: a,b,c,d and e. Tackling (a,b, c & d) questions AO1. AO1: Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and analysis[12 marks] Question: Short factual answer: one word/phrase – one-two sentence. [1 mark]

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how to answer exam questions


Understanding how to tackle different styles of questions: a,b,c,d and e

tackling a b c d questions ao1
Tackling (a,b, c & d) questions AO1
  • AO1: Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and analysis[12 marks]


  • Short factual answer: oneword/phrase – one-two sentence. [1 mark]
  • Short explanation/outline: two points. Give a reason [2 marks]
  • Short description of Christian beliefs/practice about an issue: four or five sentences/one paragraph. [3 marks]
  • Explanation/analysis of an issue of Christian belief/practice: two or three paragraphs – Levels marking. [6 marks]

AO1: TOTAL 12 Marks

tackling d questions ao1
Tackling (d) questions AO1
  • AO1: Describe, analyse and explain Christian beliefs/practices about an issue
  • Explain the issues involved in the question
  • As far as is relevant explain:
    • How are individuals affected?
    • How is the community/church is affected? (Social implications)
    • Spiritual implications
    • Moral dimension
how to tackle e questions ao3
How to tackle (e) questions AO3
  • AO2: Evaluating different responses to religious and moral questions and issues. Exploring different views
  • Give 2 –3 viewpoints including your own personal viewpoint
  • Back each viewpoint with evidence
  • Include relevant evidence from Christianity.
  • Some Christians would agree with this viewpoint because….
  • Other Christians might disagree with this view because….
  • My attitude/beliefs about this issue are…. The reasons for my views are….because AO2: 12 Marks

TOTAL 24 Marks

My views about the issue/statement

Evidence/reasons to support my views/ideas. (Give as many reasons as possible). back your ideas

Different Christian beliefs, and arguments about the statement/issue

Evidence/reasons to back Christian ideas. (Give as many reasons as you can)

(e) Discuss an Issue/Statement:Give reasons, show that you have considered different views and refer to Christianity.

Intro: Explain what the question is about: what are the issues

CONCLUSION:Summarise your main argument/explain why you agree/disagree with the statement or have no fixed opinion. Explain why you agree/disagree with Christian ideas

question part d ao1 demonstrate knowledge understanding and analysis 1 6 marks
Question - Part (d) AO1: Demonstrate Knowledge, Understanding and Analysis [1-6 marks]
  • Level 1[1-2]:A weak attempt to answer the question.
    • The inclusion of a small amount of relevant information
    • List – with little description, explanation or analysis
    • Little or no use of specialist terms
    • Ambiguous and/or disorganised
    • Many errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling (SPG)
  • Level 2 [3-4]:A satisfactory answer to the question.
    • Relevant but lacking detail
    • Some description, explanation and analysis, but not fully developed
    • Information presented in structured form for the most part.
    • Some use of specialist terms, but not always accurate/appropriate
    • Some errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation still present
  • Level 3 [5-6]:A competent answer.
    • A fairly complete and full description/explanation/analysis
    • Comprehensive account with range and depth/Well structured
    • Good/significant use of specialist terms/Few errors of SPG
question e ao2 use of evidence evaluation and argument 1 12
Question (e) AO2: Use of Evidence,Evaluation and Argument. [1-12]
  • Level 1[1-3]:An weak attempt to answer the question.
    • Simplistic, lacking relevance/Little evidence to support ideas/viewpoints
    • Ambiguous and/or disorganised
    • Lack of specialist terms/many errors in SPG
  • Level 2 [4-6]:A limited answer.
    • Some relevant information/one-sided views - little argument/discussion
    • Some organisation. Vague reference to Christianity. Some specialist terms
  • Level 3 [7-9]:A satisfactory answer.
    • Relevant material with appropriate development. Evidence of appropriate personal response.
    • Justified arguments. Different points of view. Structured response. Appropriate reference to Christianity. Specialist terms used accurately. A few errors of SPG
  • Level 4 [10-12]
    • Answers reflect significance of issues raise and are supported with examples
    • A clear and supported personal response is given
    • Range of supported viewpoints/justified evaluation/ Well organised/structured
    • Clear reference to Christianity/Appropriate use of specialist terms/Good SPG