housing and community development act l.
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Housing and Community Development Act PowerPoint Presentation
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Housing and Community Development Act

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Housing and Community Development Act - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Housing and Community Development Act.

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Housing and Community Development Act

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housing and community development act

Housing and Community Development Act

Sec. 104 (e) Each grantee shall submit to the Secretary, at a time determined by the Secretary, a performance and evaluation report, concerning the use of funds made available under section 106, together with an assessment by the grantee of the relationship of such use to the objectives identified in the grantee’s statement under subsection (a) and the requirements of subsection (b)(3).

Sec. 104 (b) Any grant under section 106 shall be made only if the grantee certifies to the satisfaction of the Secretary that—

…it has developed a community development plan pursuant to subsection (m), for the period specified by the grantee under paragraph (3), that identifies community development needs and specifies both short- and long-term community development objectives…

housing and community development act2

Housing and Community Development Act

Sec. 104 (a) (1) Prior to the receipt in any fiscal year of a grant under section 106(b) by any metropolitan city or urban county, under section 106(d) by any State, or under section 106(d)(2)(B) by any unit of general local government, the grantee shall have prepared a final statement of community development objectives and projected use of funds…

National Affordable Housing Act

Sec.108 (a) Performance Reports. (1) Each participating jurisdiction shall annually review and report, in a form acceptable to the Secretary on the progress it has made in carrying out its housing strategy, which report shall include an evaluation of the jurisdiction’s progress in meeting the goal established in section 105(b)(15) of this Act, and information on the number of types of households served, including the number of very low-income, low-income, and moderate-income persons served and the racial and ethnic status of persons served that will be assisted with funds made available.

key issues for performance measurement systems

Key Issues For Performance Measurement Systems

Identify numeric goals and objectives

Ability to link goals and objectives with projects and activities

Identify projects/activities under each objectives

Cross reference objectives and activities

Long-term (multi-year) numeric goals/objectives

Short-term (annual) numeric goals/objectives

Ability to aggregate annual numeric goals

Annual numeric goals in action plan

savannah housing objectives

Savannah Housing Objectives

Objective HS1.1: Help 150 low or moderate-income families become first-time homebuyers from 2000-2004

Objective HS1.2: Increase homeownership by 25 households per year in neighborhoods with rate of homeownership under the city average

Objective HS1.3: Assist 100 low income families in avoiding foreclosure

Objective HS2.1: Increase percentage of structures listed as from 74% to 79%

Objective HS2.2: Rehabilitate at least 274 rental and 450 owner-occupied units

Objective HS4.1: Provide 175 additional standard affordable rental units

Objective HS4.2: Provide rental assistance to 2,390 very-low and low income rental units per year. This includes 1,043 tenant-based units per year and 1,347 project-based units per year.

annual action plan goals

Annual Action PlanGoals

Clearly identify performance measures and units of measure

Clearly identify

annual number of expected units completed


annual number of expected units committed/obligated

Include units based on prior year funding


Impact on Individuals

          Reduction in cost-burden

          Increased self-sufficiency

Impact on Neighborhoods

          Increased valuation of property

          Increase in homeownership

          Reduction in abandoned buildings

Reduction in crime

rochester benchmarks
  • Increase the percentage of homeownership
  • Reduce the concentration of poverty, both in individual neighborhoods the city as a whole
  • Increase the value of residential and commercial property in constant dollars
  • Reduce the number of vacant commercial and residential structures
state of pennsylvania

State of Pennsylvania

Goal: Improve Quality of Housing Stock through Rehabilitation

Measure: Number of homes assisted with housing code violations that are


Goal: Preserve Neighborhoods and Communities

Measure: Occupancy rates of neighborhood/community

Goal: Improve Rental Housing Opportunities

Measure: Number of affordable units developed for low-income households

Goal: Provide Critical Street Improvements

Measure: Percentage of low/mod income households served within 1/2 mile

Goal: Improve Water and Sewer Infrastructure Systems

Measure: Number of systems assisted and brought up to standard levels of



Charlotte, NC 2002 Quality of Life Variables

Social Dimension

Percent of Persons over Age 64

Average Kindergarten Score

Percent of Children Passing Competency Exams

Percent of Births to Adolescents

Youth Opportunity Index

Crime Dimension

Violent Crime Rate

Juvenile Arrest Rate

Property Crime Rate

Crime Hot Spots

Economic Dimension

Percent of Persons Receiving Food Stamps

Percent Change in Income

Physical Dimension

Appearance Index

Percent Substandard Housing

Percent Homeowners

Projected Infrastructure Improvement Costs

Percent of Persons with Access to Public Transportation

Percent of Persons with Access to Basic Retail

Pedestrian Friendliness Index


How can the City use this report?

  • Currently, it is used as a resource for applying for grants and to make policy recommendations.
  • Neighborhood organizations utilize the report to compare themselves to other neighborhoods as well as use the City values as a benchmark.
  • Its potential use includes the basis for resource allocation and to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Report and NSA Rankings can be accessed at http://www.ci.charlotte.nc.us/cindev/qol



City of Los Angeles Matrix of Accomplishments


Cincinnati Action Plan


Austin Projected Funding Level


City of Los Angeles Self-Evaluation


Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments


Rochester Comprehensive Plan http://www.ci.rochester.ny.us/apps/dcd/roch2010.nsf/d0153f712163609d852565d600734a8d/9edb9 781b213fdc2852565dc00735c13?OpenDocument

State of Pennsylvania Outcomes


Charlotte, NC Quality of Life Study