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Executional Style. IA. Housekeeping. To do: F: Adv in Latin America (evaluation and situation analyses) Extra credit activities Capoiera Islam week Jewish awareness month. Executional Style and Culture .

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  • To do:
    • F: Adv in Latin America (evaluation and situation analyses)
  • Extra credit activities
    • Capoiera
    • Islam week
    • Jewish awareness month
executional style and culture
Executional Style and Culture
  • Purpose is to review the basic advertising forms to determine which ones are culturally specific.
things to remember
Things to Remember
  • There are a number of subdivisions within a particular form.
  • An ad may represent more than one main form or subcategory.
  • Forms can be recognized in layers; but there is a dominant form.
  • The underlying tone of an ad may represent another form.
  • Some combinations are found more often than others.
8 groups of classification of advertising forms worldwide
8 Groups of Classification of Advertising Forms Worldwide
  • Announcement
  • Display
  • Association Transfer
  • Lesson
  • Drama
  • Pure Entertainment
  • Imagination
  • Special Effects
  • Presentations of facts, no use of people
  • Subdivisions are:
    • Pure presentation
    • Factual explanation
    • Product message
    • Corporate presentation, documentary
pure display s
Pure Display(s)
  • Include all forms that are based primarily on a product’s appearance, rather like a product in a shop window or showroom.
association transfer
Association Transfer
  • The product is combined with another object, person or situation, or an environment Subdivisions are:
    • Lifestyle
    • Metaphor
    • Metonymy (transfer meaning of the original object to the brand)
    • Celebrity Transfer
lesson s
  • Are direct communication, presentations of facts and arguments, meant to lecture the audience.
  • Subdivisions are:
    • Presenter
    • Endorsement and Testimonial
    • Demonstration
    • Comparison and Analogy
    • How to ….
    • Dramatized lesson
  • Entails the interplay between two or more people. Subdivisions are:
    • Slice-of-life
    • Problem-solution
    • Vignettes
    • Theater (not true to life, acted as in a theater)
  • Is indirect. It can be in the form of musicals, show, comedies, slapstick humor, horror or satire.
  • Subdivisions are:
    • Humor
    • Play or Act around the Product
  • Often used for children’s products. Covers cartoons or film and video techniques that depict events experienced as non-realistic.
special effects
Special Effects
  • Covers all sorts of artistic elements, animation, cartoons, camera effects, recording and video techniques, music, and tunes.
distribution of the styles are related to culture
Distribution of the styles are related to culture
  • Lesson style is a part of the Anglo-German culture.
  • Comparative advertising fits only I-M- and weak UA
  • “Soap opera” style of drama – based on real-life drama – US, UK, and Germany
  • Theatrical drama – part of southern European countries
  • P & G, J&J use one basic form, is this always the best fit?