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Style. Keeping the editor happy. Style. Follow the style used in the series you are writing for Audience Level of language Length Nature of text (scientific, professional, popular…) Use of headings, graphics, tables Citations and references. Style. Check the Instructions for Authors

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Keeping the editor happy

  • Follow the style used in the series you are writing for
    • Audience
    • Level of language
    • Length
    • Nature of text (scientific, professional, popular…)
    • Use of headings, graphics, tables
    • Citations and references
  • Check the Instructions for Authors
  • Ask for the house style
  • Ask the editor for guidance
  • Copy a previous issue in the series
  • Use a style guide
    • See last slides in this presentation for references
copy good examples
Copy good examples
  • Find a book that is written is an easy, open style
  • Look at how good newspapers present information
    • The Economist
    • The Guardian Weekly
gender sensitivity
Gender sensitivity
  • Make sure pronouns refer to both men and women
    • The boss… he
    • The secretary… she
  • Use he or she
  • Use the plural
  • Alternate use of he and she
    • The boss… he or she
    • Secretaries… they
    • The farmer… she… The trader… he… The scientist… she
gender sensitivity1
Gender sensitivity
  • Careful of words that refer to men or women
    • Postman Policeman
    • Chairman Webmaster
  • Find another word
    • Mail carrier Police officer
    • Chair Web administrator
gender sensitivity2
Gender sensitivity
  • Careful of pictures that show men and women in stereotyped roles
    • Men working, earning money, making decisions, in important jobs, as aggressors
    • Women cooking, washing, in kitchen, in junior jobs, as victims
  • Aim for a balance
    • Women working, as boss, being aggressive
    • Men in kitchen, looking after kids
    • Roughly equal numbers of men and women in pictures
  • Be careful of other stereotypes
    • Prostitutes preyed on the farmers
    • The farmers are ignorant, so middlemen rip them off
    • Farmers are lazy
  • Find other words
    • The farmers spent their money on sex workers
    • The farmers lack information about prices, so cannot negotiate with traders
    • Farmers lack incentives
british or american
British or American?
  • For an international audience, use International English
  • Set Word to UK spelling
  • British American
    • Practise (verb) Practice
    • Defence Defense
    • Labour, colour Labor, color
    • Programme Program
zs or ss
Zs or Ss?
  • -ization or –isation?
  • Zs USA, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press
  • Ss Most British & Indian publishers
  • In Word, UK spelling = Ss
  • Follow the style required by your series editor
to change from ss to zs
To change from Ss to Zs
  • Manual Search and Replace (Ctrl+H in Word)
    • isation ► ization
    • ising ► izing
    • ise ► ize
    • isab ► izab
to change from ss to zs1
To change from Ss to Zs
  • Don’t do a global Search and Replace
  • Some words always have -ise
    • Advise, practise (verb), promise…
  • Don’t change web addresses
  • Don’t change names
    • FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
    • ILO International Labour Organisation
  • Don’t change publication titles or quotations
use a dictionary
Use a dictionary
  • Oxford English Dictionary (UK)
  • Webster’s (US)
  • Use a spell checker
    • Microsoft Word: Tools > Spelling and Grammar (or F7)
use a thesaurus
Use a thesaurus
  • Roget’s thesaurus
  • Microsoft Word thesaurus
    • Tools > Spelling and Grammar (or Shift+F7)
submitting your manuscript
Submitting your manuscript
  • Don’t expect the editor to do your typing for you
  • Provide a hardcopy and a softcopy
  • Ask the editor what file format
    • DOC, RTF, plain text
submitting your manuscript1
Submitting your manuscript
  • Give the editor a clean word-processed file
    • No Comments
    • No Track Changes
    • No missing info
  • Don’t try to reproduce the final layout or design
    • That’s the editor’s/layout person’s job!
style guides online free
Style guides: Online, free
  • FAO style
  • Practical Action Publishing house style manual
  • The Economiststyle guide
  • European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation. 2005. English style guide. A handbook for authors and translators in the European Commission.
  • United Nations editorial manual online
  • UNDP style manual
style guides to buy
Style guides: To buy
  • British usage
    • Ritter, RM. 2003. Oxford style manual. Oxford University Press.
    • Truss, Lynne. 2003. Eats, shoots and leaves.
    • Marsh, David. Guardian style. The Guardian.
  • American usage
    • University of Chicago Press. 2003. Chicago manual of style.
    • Associated Press
    • Turabian, Kate. 2007. A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations
    • Strunk, W. and E.B. White. 1973. The elements of style
    • Council of Science Editors. 2006. Scientific style and format: The CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers.