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Creating Sustainable Transportation @ Universities

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Creating Sustainable Transportation @ Universities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating Sustainable Transportation @ Universities. Brian D. Shaw Director of Campus Transportation & Parking. Where is UC?. UC Campus & Parking Locations. Where UC Employees Live:. Where UC Students Live:. How UC folks get to campus:. No silver bullet – consider all modes

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creating sustainable transportation @ universities

Creating Sustainable Transportation @ Universities

Brian D. Shaw

Director of

Campus Transportation & Parking

sustainable transportation it s about choice
No silver bullet – consider all modes

Let the individuals decide

Don’t give away parking

Use what you already have

Look for opportunities to improve

Lend a helping hand

Sustainable Transportation: It’s about choice
developing programs
2 Committees – Policy & Operations

Must have top level buy-in

Do not create programs in a vacuum!

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Take the show on the road

Developing programs:
the committees
Policy – top level management, meets quarterly

Operations – mid-level managers, meets monthly

The Committees
student involvement
Go to them – Student Government, Advisory Committees

Unique issues and concerns:

Environmental Advocacy


Late Night


Student Involvement
building the case for demand management the facts
Parking: $30-100/month

CTA monthly pass: $75

METRA monthly pass: $52.65-197.10

South Shore monthly pass: $82.35-273.75

Gas costs over $3/gallon

Building the case for demand management: The facts
the truth about parking
$2,000/year to maintain/operate a space

Parking not priced to cover expenses:


Management, security, operations & maintenance

Demand management

Takes away land for other needs

The Truth about Parking
transit parking goal getting the balance right
Shifting the Demand on Campus from:

Driving Alone – cheaper, easier mode

Level the playing field

Make public transit cheaper than parking

Equalize parking rates across campus

Transit & Parking Goal: Getting the Balance Right
implementing the master plan the transportation impact
Increasing demand for parking

Parking lots = Building sites

More buildings = More people

More people = More demand for parking

Implementing the Master Plan: The Transportation Impact
mitigating the impacts
Mitigating the Impacts
  • Two Complementary Strategies –
  • Higher parking rates –
    • disincentive to park on campus
    • provides funding for other modes of travel
    • Level the playing field
      • Make parking cost more than other options
  • Reduce demand for parking –
    • allow continued growth of University
    • minimizing impact to the surrounding neighborhoods
    • limit need for additional parking facilities
    • foster travel choice & flexibility
strategies in action the solutions
Increase parking rates

to equalize

stop subsidizing parking

Improve demand management programs

give people choice & flexibility of how to get to campus

improve each year with additional funding and program growth.

Heightened Enforcement

Compliment demand management

Strategies in action: The Solutions
new parking rate formula
Adequacy of rates will be reviewed each year and adjusted accordingly based on these factors:

Taxes – previously unfunded

Management, security, operations & maintenance – previously under-funded

Demand management - new

Demand Management Efforts to be funded -

Base Program – FY 07

Improved Transit – FY 07

Shuttles – FY 08-09

Transit & Vanpool subsidies – FY 07-08

Other incentives – FY 09

New Parking Rate Formula
why demand management
Levels the playing field between driving alone and other travel modes

Provides travel choice & flexibility

Will build off existing efforts –

CTA, METRA & South Shore, evening buses, walkable environment, biking

Why Demand Management?
creating the base program fy07
Guaranteed Ride Home – Security

Occasional Use Parking – Flexibility

Car Sharing – Choice

Carpool/Vanpool parking – Incentive

Creating the Base Program – FY07
parking cash out
Let the employee choose

Call it a “Transportation Allowance”

Use Pre-Tax program to pay for:




Keep allowance as taxable salary

Parking Cash-Out
local transit program
Partnership with CTA

Free to UC population

Open to anyone

Cost Effective

Community Relations

Connectivity to Rail Systems

Local Transit Program
private transportation services
Safety and Security

Ability to do charters using UC buses

Para-transit service

Evening & Late-night transportation

Private Transportation Services
safety transportation
Improving awareness of available options

Coordinating with UC Police

Do not deny a ride!

Safety & Transportation
partnerships coordination
Partnering with UC Hospitals

CTA/Metra shuttle

Use of each others shuttle services

Help with parking


Partnerships & Coordination
future program elements
Vanpool development assistance – FY 07

Marketing & Recognition campaigns – FY 07-08

Transit and vanpool subsidies – FY 07

Northside/Downtown express bus – FY 08

Red/Green “L” shuttle – FY 07

Incentives for bikers & walkers – FY 09

Improved bike storage – cages in garages

Discount gym memberships

Occasional transit usage

Shoes, equipment

Future program elements
vanpool development
Use density plot to ID routes

Provide upfront discount to join

Free parking to vanpools

Get the word out

Bribe ‘em with food!

Vanpool Development
motivator the dan ryan
Take advantage of road construction

Could motivate some to change mode

Provides help and options

Motivator: The Dan Ryan
what s in it for me
Save $!

Gas, wear & tear, insurance, parking

Quality of Life –

Make better use of commute time

Read, sleep, work, exercise, etc.

Reduce stress

Environmental benefits


Avoid the Ryan!

What’s in it for me?
commute examples
Long Distance Commuter – 10+ miles

Options – METRA, NICTD, CTA, Carpool and/or Vanpool

Short Distance Commuter - <10 miles

Options – Walking, biking, CTA, carpool, UC sponsored transportation (CTA & Evening buses)

We will help you figure it out!

Commute Examples
contact info
Brian D. Shaw

(773) 834-2714

Contact Info