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Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group

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Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group. AIDG Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group “Sustainable Solutions for the Infrastructure Needs of the Rural Poor”. Agenda. State of Current Affairs Introduction to AIDG AIDG Technologies AIDG In Action Call To Action.

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Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group

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appropriate infrastructure development group
Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group


Appropriate Infrastructure

Development Group

“Sustainable Solutions

for the Infrastructure

Needs of the Rural Poor”

  • State of Current Affairs
  • Introduction to AIDG
  • AIDG Technologies
  • AIDG In Action
  • Call To Action
state of current affairs
State of Current Affairs
  • Poor Global Infrastructure
    • Large populations with limited access to basics
    • Reality check: limited global resources
  • Existing Solutions
    • Centralized, not localized
    • Resolve and cause problems simultaneously
    • Complex & expensive
    • Non-scalable
  • Increased poverty
  • Further division of rich & poor
  • Global instability
  • Environmental destruction
solutions sustainable development
Solutions: Sustainable Development
  • What is Sustainable Development?
  • “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
  • Sustainability Triangle:
  • Economic Development, Ecologic Integrity, Equity
  • What is Appropriate Infrastructure?
      • Affordable
      • Environmentally Sound
      • Repairable
what is aidg
What Is AIDG?
  • “AIDG seeks to increase the use of appropriate technologies in developing countries through education, training, outreach, and business incubation.”
how does aidg work
How Does AIDG Work?
  • A Business Model To Create Change
  • Market-based development strategy
  • Spreads appropriate technology solutions through incubation of small employee-owned businesses
  • Previous workshops help AIDG techs to train new workshop employees
  • After 3 yrs, business is transitioned to a worker-owned cooperative
aidg technologies9
AIDG Technologies
  • Environmentally Sound
aidg in action
AIDG In Action!
  • August 2005 - AIDG began training at its 1st manufacturing facility
  • 10 engineering, electrical, & metal-working specialists
  • 2008 - Xela Teco will transition into a worker-owned cooperative
assistance to workshop
Assistance To Workshop
  • Financial Assistance
    • Seed capital
    • Community exposure through grant supported and pre-negotiated projects
  • Material & Equipment Procurement
  • Business Planning
    • Market Analysis
    • Client Procurement
    • Financial planning
assistance to workshop13
Assistance To Workshop
  • Technical Assistance
    • Access to Technology, Training, Product Development, Quality Control, Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Computer training, Web development
providing a living wage
Providing a living wage

Prudencio Lopez72 years old, Prudencio was born and lives in Quetzaltenango. Weeks Before being hired by Xela Techo, Prudencio lost his job as a teacher of metalworking at the Taller Agotón-Boj, a school-workshop dedicated to restoring historic buildings.

Xela Teco Hired him to teach the team metalworking, soldering and welding.

Living wages for individuals an

appropriate technologies

for the community.

xela teco technologies
Xela Teco Technologies
  • Biodigesters:
  • Biodigester technology offers a low cost and environmentally sound solution to several needs facing farmers, namely waste management, energy and fertilizer
  • Windmills:
  • The Axial flux windmill design can produce from 1.2 to 3.3 kilowatts for community centers, radial flux windmills mills are smaller and produce around 300 watts suited for homes.
xela teco technologies16
Xela Teco Technologies
  • Water Pumps:
  • Lack of access to clean water is a leading cause of diarrheal and other diseases and a major contributor to mortality in children under the age of five. Solution: Ram pumps & Hand/Bike Pumps.
  • Micro-Hydroelectric Solutions:
  • Micro-hydro setups use stream or river water diverted with PVC pipe in mountainous or hilly areas to a drop where the water is shot from custom jet into an injection molded plastic turbine blade.
casa guatemala
Casa Guatemala
  • Casa Guatemala:

Provided a sustainable technology source of energy to Casa Guatemala

long term plans
Long-term plans

Previous workshops help AIDG techs to train new workshop employees

  • Recent news?
  • What Does AIDG Need?
  • How Can You Help?
  • Thank You!
  • Ben Lee