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Celebration ! Festival!

Celebration ! Festival!. By: WanYin Shi Xian Tricia. Types of Celebration. Chinese New Year Mother’s Day Thaipusam Vesak Day Hari Raya Puasa Deepavali. Types of Festival. Singapore Arts Festival Singapore Food Festival Hungry Ghosts Festival Mid-Autumn Festival. Knowledge~.

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Celebration ! Festival!

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  1. Celebration!Festival! By: WanYin Shi Xian Tricia

  2. Types of Celebration • Chinese New Year • Mother’s Day • Thaipusam • Vesak Day • Hari Raya Puasa • Deepavali

  3. Types of Festival • Singapore Arts Festival • Singapore Food Festival • Hungry Ghosts Festival • Mid-Autumn Festival

  4. Knowledge~ Celebration~ Describe: • Chinese families get together for family reunions, giving "Hong Bao" (envelopes with cash) to unmarried family members, and children. How? • Singapore's streets light up with lanterns and fireworks. where? • the Chingay Parade ,along Orchard Road ,and Chinatown.

  5. More information about Chinese New Year • During chinese New Year, new clothes are usually worn to signify the new year. It is also the tradition for every family to thoroughly clean their homes to “sweep away” any ill-fortune, making way for the arrival of good luck. Chinese New Year also brings people together, and is marked by visits to kin, relatives and friends, a practice known simply as "new-year visits". The highlight for children and younger members of the family during these visits comes in little red packets, or “hongbao”, filled with money. Another significant tradition is the Reunion Dinner, which takes place on the Eve of Chinese New Year, and is an occasion for families to come together and eat. For example Chinatown, which, with its stunning street light-ups, night markets and decorations.

  6. Overview • Festive Street Bazaar. • Chinatown – Stalls • selling traditional foods, flowers, Chinese handicrafts, and customary New Year decorations. • Traditional Chinese New Year decorations put up

  7. Current Affairs • Besides Chinatown ,Marina Bay aglow with enormous Chinese lanterns during the River Hongbao Festival. This free event kicks off with cultural performances, handicrafts, and delicious food. The Esplanade Theatre also presented the Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts from January 27 to February 5 with traditional theatre, music, dance, poetry, and art exhibits.

  8. Personal Experience • Chinese New Year was spent at my grandparent’s house where all my relatives gathered for reunion.Collection of “hongbao” starts as soon as we arrive. wanyin • Everyone will go and visit relatives house yearly and normally the younger ones will go to the elderly house. On the day of reunion dinner, all the family will come together and have our dinner at grandparents house . Tricia • It’s an annual family gathering for my relatives to gather together at one of my relatives’ house to celebrate Chinese New Year. Each of my relatives’ family would take turns to hold the gathering at their house every year and we would spent the day together hanging out till late. Shi Xian

  9. Knowledge : Festival • Describe: • The Singapore Arts Festival is an annual arts festival held in Singapore. Organised by the National Arts Council, one of the most significant events in the regional arts scene. • How? • International showcase with a distinctive Asian flavour .Besides local participants, approximately 70% of the events are put up by international artists. • Where? • Marina Barrage

  10. Personal experience • I participated in the Guzhengensemble Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)2011 last year and it was a great experience to perform in a very good indoor concert hall and get judged by professionals. This is a rare opportunity in which not every students from other CCAs could participate and i am proud of it. wanyin • Being a band member as my school CCA, participating in SYF or other competitions is required every year except on the graduating year as I would have to be focusing on my upcoming national exam most of the time. Through all these festivals and competitions, I did learnt a lot and I am appreciative for the chance of taking part in it. Shi Xian

  11. Lastly, Thank You! For Your Kind Attention! 

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