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Sales Acumen Survey

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Sales Acumen Survey. Measures knowledge of the consultative sales process. Sales Acumen Survey. Measures understanding and application of the consultative sales process Provides insight into 7 key consultative sales areas, plus general sales knowledge 80 questions – 10 in each sales area

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sales acumen survey

Sales Acumen Survey

Measures knowledge of the consultative sales process

sales acumen survey1
Sales Acumen Survey

Measures understanding and application of the consultative sales process

Provides insight into 7 key consultative sales areas, plus general sales knowledge

80 questions – 10 in each sales area

45-60 minutes to complete

Generates developmental recommendations (books, video training, etc.)

Will compare to a national norm

7 consultative sales areas
7 Consultative Sales Areas


First Meeting/Opening the Call




Working with Objections

Making the Sale/Closing

General Sales Knowledge

7 consultative sales areas1
7 Consultative Sales Areas
  • Prospecting:
  • How do you determine whether a prospect is a high probability to buy prospect?
  • The prospect has set an appointment time to meet with you.
  • Everyone is a prospect for something.
  • By helping the prospect qualify himself as a prospect.
  • They will ask you to call them back.
7 consultative sales areas2
7 Consultative Sales Areas
  • Prospecting:
  • Social events can be a good opportunity to meet new prospects. How would you use a social event to prospect?
  • Talk with potential prospects, find out what they do, share what you do and then thank them for talking with you. When you get back in your office email or send them information or call to set an appointment. Everyone is a prospect for something.
  • Work the crowd at the social event, meeting as many people as possible; handing out your business card to everyone you meet.
  • While you are visiting with people at the social event make an effort to set an appointment to meet with them.
  • Meet as many people as you can, be a good listener, attempt to find out what they do, but limit the information your share about yourself and what you do.
7 consultative sales areas3
7 Consultative Sales Areas
  • First Meeting:
  • You have told your prospect who you are and why you are there. What is your next step with your prospect?
  • Introduce your products and services.
  • Share how pleased other clients are because they are using your products and services.
  • Get the prospect to agree to let you ask questions.
  • Provide your prospect with additional information about your company.
7 consultative sales areas4
7 Consultative Sales Areas
  • First Meeting:
  • You are planning to call on a specific prospect, what is the most important thing you can do to ensure the meeting is a success?
  • Research your prospect to understand what his potential needs could be.
  • Put together testimonial letters from pleased clients.
  • Research his present vendor to understand what his needs may be.
  • Talk with others in your industry to gain insight about the company and the individual you will be meeting.
7 consultative sales areas5
7 Consultative Sales Areas
  • Working with Objections:
  • Your prospect says she presently has a short term money problem, so she will have to delay buying from you. What is the best solution to this situation?
  • Suggest you will put together a financing arrangement that would be suitable for her company, for you and your company.
  • Probe to determine whether cash flow is a real problem or just an excuse not to buy from you.
  • Recognize she is giving you an opening to talk about the terms that will allow her to buy your product or service.
  • Take time to review the features, advantages and benefits with her and try to close the sale again.
7 consultative sales areas6
7 Consultative Sales Areas
  • Closing:
  • Near the end of the meeting with your prospect you determine there is no real chance of closing the sale. What is the next step with this prospect?
  • Thank her for her time and ask her if it would be okay if you called her for her decision.
  • Suggest you set another appointment to cover items that were a result of this meeting.
  • Share with your prospect that you felt your meeting was constructive and ask to set another appointment.
  • Express to her that you felt the meeting was productive and ask what she thinks the next step should be.
distributor pricing
Distributor Pricing

3 Units per report

20-199 $5.50 per unit

200-499 $5.05 per unit

500-999 $4.65 per unit

1000+ $4.25 per unit

Initial starter kit $327.