eap essay tomorrow 45 min
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EAP Essay tomorrow (45 min)

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EAP Essay tomorrow (45 min). Example prompt

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eap essay tomorrow 45 min
EAP Essay tomorrow (45 min)

Example prompt

"Advertisers frequently use the testimony of a celebrity to support a claim: a football star touts a deodorant soap, an actress starts every day with Brand A coffee, a tennis pro gets stamina from Brand X cereal, a talk-show host drives a certain kind of car. The audience is expected to transfer approval of the celebrity to approval of the product. This kind of marketing is misleading and insults the intelligence of the audience. Am I going to buy the newest SUV because an attractive talk-show host gets paid to pretend he drives one? I don’t think so. We should boycott this kind of advertising and legislate rules and guidelines for advertisers."

— Sue Jozui

  • Explain the argument that Jozui makes and discuss the ways in which you agree or disagree with her analysis and conclusion. Support your position by providing reasons and examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.
vocab list 5 puritan poems speeches transcendentalist texts
Vocab List #5: Puritan Poems, Speeches, & Transcendentalist Texts

1. Improvisation (n)- the act of doing or performing something without prior practice

2. Martyr (n)- a person who willingly suffers death or some type of severe consequence in order to uphold a principle or belief (religious martyrs are the most common)

3. Omnipotent (adj)- all-powerful

4. Ineffable (adj)- indescribable

5. Dolorous (adj) – sad; sorrowful

6. Blithe (adj)- carefree or casual to the point where it’s improper

7. Aversion (n)- extreme dislike (to)

8. Suffrage (n)- right to vote

9. Dilapidated (adj)- run-down; in a state of disrepair

10. Sublime (adj)- majestic; awe-inspiring

11. Superfluous (adj) – extra; unnecessary

12. Posterity (n) – future generations

vocab activity 5 1
Vocab Activity 5.1
  • Using all the words on List 5, write sentences that relate to literature read this year or in previous years.
  • Suggestions: Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo & Juliet, Lord of the Flies, Antigone, 12 Angry Men, anything else you can think of.
  • Or you can use The Crucible!
vocab activity 5 2 hw
Vocab Activity 5.2 (HW)

Using all the words from List 5, complete one of the following creative options:

-An article about a crime that was committed

-A story about anything you want. (Suggestions: St. Patrick’s Day, scary birds, people who litter)

-A letter of any kind: love, hate, break-up, complaint, resignation, etc.

-A song or a poem

vocab list 5 parts of speech
Vocab List #5: Parts of Speech
  • Improvisation (n) improvise (v)
  • Martyr (n)  martyr-like (adj), martyrdom (n)
  • Omnipotent (adj) omnipotence (n)
  • Ineffable (adj) ineffably (adv); ineffability (n)
  • Dolorous (adj)  dolorously (adv), dolorousness (n)
  • Blithe (adj) blithely (adv), blitheness (n)
  • Aversion (n)  averse (adj), avert (v)
  • Suffrage (n)  suffragette (n)
  • Dilapidated (adj)  dilapidate (v)
  • Sublime (adj)  sublimely (adv); sublimity (n)
  • Superfluous (adj)  superfluously (adv); superfluity (n)
  • Posterity (n)
dancing with the star panthers
Dancing with the Star Panthers

Before I went to Dancing with the Star Panthers one Saturday night last year, I felt like I was going to be a martyr, suffering through horrible dancing for the sake of supporting my students. I soon had the omnipotent realization that the show was actually good. Some couples were so talented they were ineffable , while others improvised at certain points (but they were not so bad that I had to avert my eyes). I thought that 20 dances was a bit superfluous, as I got bored after about 15, but it was not so bad that I became dolorous or anything like that. At the end of the night, I utilized my suffrage to text in a vote in support of one of my students. This Dancing with the Star Panthers is one that will remain legendary for all posterity.

PS. I am always amazed at events like this that the dilapidated NPHS gym is transformed into a place of great sublimity.

PPS. I tried to sit far away from students so that I would not overhear any blithe comments.

vocab activity 5 3
Vocab Activity 5.3
  • Using all the words from List 5, write sentences describing something from our reading these past couple of weeks – Puritan poetry (“Half-Hanged Mary” for example), speeches (“Sinners” or modern political ones), and/or the transcendentalist texts we just finished.