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"Rewarding Excellence"

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"Rewarding Excellence" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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"Rewarding Excellence"
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  1. Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007 "Rewarding Excellence" Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  2. 3 micro loans taken over 3 years helped Anopo, a low-caste hindu in interior Sind, reopen his failed grocery store, hire a farmer to grow produce for sale in his shop and expand his services to another village. “I was losing my self respect because I couldn’t provide for my family.  The loan allowed me to restart my business, which brought respect from others and me.  I worked hard and success kissed my toes.”- Anopo, winner Best National Entrepreneur, CMA 2006 • Today: • Highly respected member of his community • Elected as a councilor of the village union council.   • Provides financial assistance to others • Provides business training to fellow villagers • Works with TRDP to establish Adult Literacy Project schools • Enrolled both his daughters in primary school Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  3. What is a Micro-entrepreneur? • Typically low-income persons who own small-scale businesses, • Often provide the sole source of family income and may employ a small number of people in the local community. • a common form of employment in many least developed and developing countries. Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  4. How does microfinance help the poor? • Increasing incomes & savings through building of viable businesses • Reduction in vulnerabilities to external shock • Enhancement in quality of life, over the long run Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  5. The Global Context Massive Awareness Campaigns • The UN Millenium Development Goals aim at reducing by half the amount of people living below the poverty line by 2015. • Launch of Microcredit Summit Campaigns in 1997 • Nobel Prize for Microfinance • Over 10,000 MFIs worldwide aiming to provide, est 1 billion poor & low income people with access to credit, other financial services & enterprise development assistance Success Stories: • Bangladesh- Grameen, BRAC account for 40% of poverty reduction in Rural areas • 2006 Estimates suggest: • 2 billion people live under the poverty line of 2 dollars per day. • 80 % of the world’s population does not have access to credit. • Only 130 million beneficiaries of Microfinance VS 500 million eligible persons Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  6. In Pakistan • Over 1.3 million active borrowers • Increased Government investment in social & rural Development • Regulatory & legislative framework • Increase in number of Microfinance players & product diversification- with more licenses in the offing • Aggressive growth in number of active borrowers • Potential market of 20-25 million individuals • Increased monetary & ‘soft’ support from donor agencies, NGOs & corporate sector • Access to commercial Funding Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  7. Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007 "Rewarding Excellence" Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  8. History & background • Citi and the PPAF have institutionalized the ‘Microentrepreneurship awards program’ in Pakistan. • This is the second year of the ‘Citi-PPAF’ awards with the Citi Foundation assuming complete responsibility for the program in 2007, as its sole funder in 24 countries including Pakistan • In 2006, in Pakistan, the program elicited an overwhelming number of applications from over 130 Microfinance Institutions, with 20 microentrepreneurs and 20 loan officers taking home awards. The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007 are are being held in 24 countries in 2007 including: Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Uganda and Venezuela. Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  9. Award Implementation • The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards are being held in 24 countries in 2007 across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the Middle-East and Africa • The Microentrepreneurship Awards program in Pakistan managed by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and funded by Citi seeks to elicit applications from over 140 MFI’s across the Nation, with a minimum expected response of 400 nominations • Applications will be screened first by PPAF and then by students of LUMS ‘Social Enterprise Development Centre • Out of the pool of applications received, 20 nominations will be finalized for the final round of screening by our National Advisory Council The National Advisory Council includes prominent members representing the Government, microfinance experts & the private sector Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  10. Ms. Ayesha MuzaffarSenior Investment Officer IFC Ms. Yasmin Lari Heritage Foundation Prominent Philanthropist Mr. Aazar Bhandara Economic Growth Advisor US Aid Mr. M.R. Khan Financial Management Consultant Mr. Arshad Zuberi Head Business Recorder Business Recorder House Mr. Greg Chen Chief of Party Shorebank Mr. Babar Aziz, Deputy Director Finance & Operations International Rescue Committee Ms. Faryal Gauhar Prominent media personality Ex UN Goodwill Ambassador Syed Mubasher Ali Program DirectorSocial Enterprise Development Centre LUMS National Advisory Council Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  11. Who can participate? Microfinance Institutions all across Pakistan are encouraged to nominate 5 of their clients who have exhibited excellence in areas such as: • promptness in loan repayment, • business growth, • employment growth, • and impact on their respective communities. Contest Framework All applications must be submitted through a microfinance institution. Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  12. Contest Framework Last date for submission: Completed applications must reach the PPAF no later than September 30 2007 Final awards ceremony: The final ceremony will be held on October 15, 2007 in Islamabad with an interview round of all final 20 candidates with the advisory/judging council a day before Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  13. Award Categories Total Prize money in excess of US$27,000 National and Regional Categories, with a view to ensure representation on a nation-wide scale Loan Officer Recognition Program to recognize and reward the efforts of field personnel Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007

  14. Thank you Citi-PPAF Microentrepreneurship Awards 2007