by indian lakes thunder birds l.
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By Indian Lakes Thunder Birds

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Hurricane Preparation For KIDS!. By Indian Lakes Thunder Birds. Hurricanes.

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By Indian Lakes Thunder Birds

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by indian lakes thunder birds

Hurricane Preparation


By Indian Lakes Thunder Birds


Hurricanes are severe tropical storm that form in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Golf of Mexico or Eastern Pacific Ocean. To form ,hurricanes need warm tropical oceans, moisture and light winds .They gather heat and energy from the warm waters, and evaporation from the seawater increases their power.

survival tips
Survival Tips
  • Always have a working radio by you.
  • If you are separated from your family have a meeting place.
  • You should have a hurricane survival bag With batteries, Caned food, Flash light, and other survival things.
  • Keep your pets with you they are just as valuable as your family.

Know The Lingo

  • Eye-The eye is the calm center of a hurricane.
  • Evacuate-To leave the are in which the hurricane is hitting
  • Floods- Is when water reaches a dangerous level
  • Hurricane Warning-When a hurricane is expected within 24 hours
  • Storm Surge-Massive dome of water.