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AMAZON By: Abby Cianciulli and Emily Kopchick

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AMAZON By: Abby Cianciulli and Emily Kopchick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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,. AMAZON By: Abby Cianciulli and Emily Kopchick. Amazon.

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By: Abby Cianciulli and Emily Kopchick


According to the Greek Myths, the Amazon was the name of a tribe of strong, warlike women in the city-state of Mycenae. Heracles had to bring back the golden girdle (a belt or sash) of Hippolyta, their queen, for one of his last 4 labors.

heracles and his labors
Heracles and his Labors

Heracles was the strongest man who ever lived on Earth. His mother was Princess Alcmena, and his father was Zeus, so naturally Hera was jealous. When Heracles married and had children, Hera made him insane so that he killed his own children, thinking they were wild beasts. When he came to his senses, he was horrified at what he'd done, and so he visited the Oracle of Delphi to learn what he must do to atone for his crime. The Oracle said that he must serve for 10 years as a slave for his cousin, Eurystheus, and perform 10 labors.

modern language
Modern Language

Amazon is used in modern language to mean a strong and masculine women. It is in a noun.

Example: I feel like a shrimp compared to that amazon over there.

how amazon is used in society
How Amazon is Used in Society

The Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana was the one who discovered the Amazon River and gave it it's name in 1541. He named the River after the greek myth of the Amazons.

Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, is a presented as Wonder Woman's mother in DC comic strips.