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How to Win Indian Rummy Games Easily?

Here we’ll discuss the best Indian Rummy tips and tricks in detail. When you keep these pointers in mind, you will begin to see a huge change in your game. Most players do not know these secrets. Paying attention to these hints can help you beat skilled opponents in a short period of time.

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How to Win Indian Rummy Games Easily?

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  1. How to Win Indian Rummy Games Easily

  2. Use Joker card carefully • Watch cards discarded by your opponents • Prioritize pure sequence • Calculate and understand probability of getting certain cards • Discard cards around the Joker • Think before discarding face cards

  3. First Rummy Tip – Use Joker Card Carefully A joker card can literally be your best friend in the game of Indian rummy. It allows you to form an impure sequence or set because you can use a Joker card in place of any other card in the set or sequence. It is important that you carefully put aside joker cards when cards are dealt to you, arrange remaining cards in your hand and see where you can use the Joker card to form an impure sequence. This will also help you in deciding which pure sequence to form first. A big mistake to avoid is to use a Joker card to form a pure sequence, unless in a very rare situation, you get an excellent hand in which most of your cards are already melded into pure or impure sequences or sets. In other words the hand is pre made or banabanaaya and ready for declare.

  4. Second Rummy Tip – Watch discarded cards of your opponents Play very close attention to cards that other players are discarding at your game table. Based on this observation, you should figure out if a card that you are about to throw to the discard pile is of use to the other players. If it is an important card to them, you should choose to discard some other card. You can check the discard pile to see this. Though this is a defensive strategy, it is a good one. However, do not go overboard with this tip and make sure that holding this card back is not costing you the game itself.

  5. Third Rummy Tip – Prioritize a pure sequence first This tip is sometimes ignored by even the most experienced players. At times, you may get too caught up trying to meld all your cards into sequences and sets. You keep waiting for one particular card that you need for a pure sequence. Remember, if you don’t have even one pure sequence, you will not be able to make a valid declare! It is best to keep 2 options open in a 13 card rummy game to complete at least one pure required sequence. This way you will improve your winning chances considerably. Once you have formed one pure sequence, you can focus on the remaining un-melded cards in your hand.

  6. Fourth Rummy Tip - Calculate probability of getting certain cards Rummy is unique because you can change the outcome of this game by using some very basic probability concepts. If you do so, you will no longer depend on luck to win at it. Let’s say that you are at a 2 player table which is using one deck of cards. Now you have 13 cards in hand. One Joker card and one top card in the display pile are also visible. You already know 13+1+1=15 cards. Another 13 cards are with your opponent which leaves 53 minus 15 minus 13 = 25 cards in the closed deck which are not known to you at the beginning of the game. Now, let’s say that you have 2 Kings with you. In this case there is less likelihood that your opponent is holding the other 2 Kings. The probability of the other 2 Kings is much higher in the closed deck.

  7. Fifth Rummy Tip - Dispose off cards around the Joker The joker card is capable of helping you complete impure sequences or sets, but what most players don’t realize is its hidden potential. If you can unlock its true value, it can help you become a stronger player even if you don’t have a joker card in your hand. As most players will try to use a joker card to complete an impure sequence, they will not form a pure sequence with it. So it is wise to discard cards around the joker. When you do so, you confuse your opponent. But timing is everything and you should observe your opponents pattern of picking cards before you exercise this option!

  8. Sixth Rummy Tip - Think before discarding face cards Face cards i.e. Ace, King, Queen and Jack carry higher points so players like to discard these cards first in order to reduce the total points in their hand. Though this is intuitive, it may not be the best rummy strategy in your game play. If you play continuously with the same rummy circle of friends, you can use a reverse strategy and instead of discarding high cards, you can pick up discarded photo cards of your opponents in your first few moves. Of course, this strategy makes sense if you have many photo cards when the game begins. Observe as you play and collect the high cards discarded by other players till your third or fourth turn to form your pure sequence.

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