translate each phrase in italiano n.
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Translate each phrase in italiano ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Translate each phrase in italiano !

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Translate each phrase in italiano ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Translate each phrase in italiano !. t he popular girls ________________________ t he French boys _________________________ t he sky blue notebook _____________________ t he happy aunts _______________________ t he English school ________________________

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translate each phrase in italiano

Translate each phrase in italiano!

the popular girls ________________________

the French boys _________________________

the sky blue notebook _____________________

the happy aunts _______________________

the English school ________________________

the strong men ___________________________

the Japanese flag ___________________________

the green houses ___________________________

the patient principal _________________________

the unhappy lady ____________________________

the Portughuese teacher ________________________

the sad dogs _______________________

The smart cats _______________________

The funny professor ____________________

The Italian Vespa _______________________

un po di storia a little bit of history
Un po’ di storia…A little bit of history…
  • Pesto originally comes from the region of Liguria
  • Liguria is a region of Northern Italy (Italia del Nord) that is connected with France and two other Italian regions Piemonte and Toscana
  • Liguria is divided into four main areas (Imperia, Savona, Genoa, La Spezia)
  • Ligurian gastronomy (cooking is characterized by aromatic herbs…like basil)

Liguria has a long history of Pasta and Pesto making (ever since Marco Polo)

  • The use of herbs in this region dates back to the Middle Ages
  • During this time, Italy was not a country but a series of City States (Repubbliche)
  • During this time there were four big Maritime Republics (RepubblicheMarittime) –Genova, Venezia- always in competition
what do we know about spices in the old world
What do we know about spices in the old world?
  • Spices originally come from China and India (The East)
  • Were worth a lot of money- high monetary value
  • Venezia had the monopoly on spices
  • Herbs were used above all by poor people
  • This tradition of using herbs in food gave birth to Pesto sauce!
pesto e allora
Pesto…e allora?
  • Pesto is the symbol of Ligurian and Genovese cuisine
  • It’s a cold sauce or condiment that has become very popular throughout the world in a very short amount of time
  • What renders it unique is the basil
  • Genovese basil is characterized by certain properties and aromas
  • Where Genovese basil grows is what gives it these characteristics
  • In Ancient Greece people used basil as ornamental flowers, the Arabs used it as a medicine and in India it was a sacred plant
what s in pesto
What’s in Pesto…?
  • Pesto consists of basil (basilico), pine nuts, salt, olive oil, pecorino cheese or parmesan cheese
  • Pesto is made by using a pestal and mortar and actually crushing the ingredients together (mortaio e pestello=mortar and pestel
  • A typical kind of pasta that is used with pesto is called trofie/trofiette
  • But pesto can also be used with any type of pasta….
  • There is even a red version of pesto…
different types of pasta al pesto
Different types of pasta al pesto

Fusilli, penne, trofie, tagliatelle, spaghetti, farfalle….