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How to Use Shag Area Rugs to Enhance Your Modern Home

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How to Use Shag Area Rugs to Enhance Your Modern Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Use Shag Area Rugs to Enhance Your Modern Home

Keep out the cold and bring in interior decorator fashion with shag rugs. The designs that are available

for any corner of your property offers a unique fit to the room. If you are interested in a quick upgrade

to your home, then looking at the styles of a shag carpet can assist you with the perfect design. There

are specific fits that you will want to look into, all which will provide you with a classic, contemporary or

avant-garde fit for your home.

Basic Designs of Shag Rugs

Each of the styles of a shag carpet gained their reputation because of the way that they are made. The

shaggy rugs are woven or threaded with finer pieces of wool. These are pieced together, making the

edges of the material stand up. This makes the carpet thicker and also develops a style that has gained

the reputation of being shaggy. For a different look, you can consider a Flokati rug. This uses thicker,

softer wool to add into the room while keeping the same weave. This basic design creates a unique and

appealing look to your home. If you are in a cooler area that doesn’t have carpet, then it also adds in

value through the warmth created with the weave of the shaggy rugs.

Accenting Your Home with Shag Area Rugs

The basic weave of the shag rug is followed with ways that you can accent your home. Most of the

classical designs of these carpets come with one color defined through the wool that is used. You can

find brown, tan or a white shag rug to add to each corner of the room. Some contemporary designs

have added into this with patterns that accent each room. You will find everything from floral designs to

swirls, shapes and repetitive patterns to add in. All allow you to accent your room by making the rug

blend in or become the central attraction for the room.

Interior Decoration Tips for a Shag Rug

The main consideration for a shag rug is to make sure that it works as an accent first. You will want to

define the width that is needed for each room before investing in the shag area rugs. Most will place

this under a table or the central area of each room as a complimentary accent. You can also look at

adding the shag area rugs in the corners or areas that don’t have any furniture. This creates a different

accent to the room that you are designing.

Allow your room to take on a new life with interior designing approaches. When you add in a shaggy

rug, you will also offer a comforting, modern and contemporary look. Whether you are interested in

colors from a white shag rug to patterns, or a thicker look with a Flokati rug, is the ability to find the

perfect flavor to every room. The variations that are available allow you to easily upgrade your home

and floor area.