how to use sms to enhance your marketing campaigns n.
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How to use SMS to enhance your Marketing Campaigns? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to use SMS to enhance your Marketing Campaigns?

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How to use SMS to enhance your Marketing Campaigns? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Presentation on SMS Marketing gives you a brief introduction to enhance your SMS Marketing Campaigns. \nSMS marketing is one of the major channels for reaching, get in touch and interacting with clients, customers and knows their valuable feedbacks, questions etc.\nThere are many fields where SMS marketing is used. Some of them are listed below.\nRestaurants, Real estate, Small Business, Financial services and payments, Travel and transportation, E-commerce etc.\n

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what is sms marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

• SMS Marketing is a technique that uses text

messaging for the promotions and campaigns.

• It is best for both marketers and customers.

• Comparing email marketing, SMS marketing is

?est ?e?ause you do?’t have to go through a

long mail.

•Although SMS marketing uses fewer words

with giving meaningful goals.

tips to know before starting sms campaigns

Tips to know before starting Sms


• Timing is very important while making a

strategy to perform.

•Do?’t Use more than 160 characters.

• Always use shortcode while coupons and


• Your call to action button should be a web

address or mobile number.

where is sms marketing used

Where is SMS Marketing used?

Real Estate


why is sms marketing best for marketing campaigns

Why is SMS Marketing best for

Marketing Campaigns?

1. It is cheaper than other marketing

Ca?paig?s. You do?’t have to spe?d lots of


2. Its open rate accuracy is 99% which is far

better than other marketing Campaigns.

3. No spamming, instant delivery, high

conversion rate.

thank you

Thank You

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