the tiger woods scandal is he finally out of the woods n.
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The Tiger Woods Scandal: Is he Finally out of the Woods? PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tiger Woods Scandal: Is he Finally out of the Woods?

The Tiger Woods Scandal: Is he Finally out of the Woods?

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The Tiger Woods Scandal: Is he Finally out of the Woods?

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  1. By: Alexandre Bertin, Kelsey Brugler, Andrea Chavez, Jessica Gooding, and Lea Thomas The Tiger Woods Scandal:Is he Finally out of the Woods?

  2. Topic History and Overview • Brief history of Tiger and his career • Problematic 2009-2010 Scandal • Document public relations solution • Tactics Tiger's team utilized • Results on his reputation

  3. History of Tiger and his Career • Born in Cypress, California on December 30, 1979 • Played golf at Stanford kicking off career • Has won 71 PGA Tournaments and 3 Grand Slams • Endorsements include Nike, Gatorade, and American Express • Was married to ex-model Elin Nordegren • Has two children, Sam and Alexis • Net worth of $600 million Sources: November 2010. November 2010. Forbes. “The Celebrity Top 100.” 2010.

  4. Development of Scandal: Problem • In November 2009, word broke of alleged infidelity • Tiger failed to address it for months • The scandal was highly publicized • A reported 14 women came forward • His reputation, family life, and career were tarnished Sources: “Tiger Woods Whiffs on Scandal’s PR.”The Washington Post . 2010.“Tiger Woods says it’s great to be back.” April 23, 2010. Siemaszko, Corky. “Tiger Woods sex scandal update.” Daily News. December 15, 2009.

  5. Visuals Source: Carlson, Erin. “Tiger Woods’ Reputation ‘Tarnished’ Charts Show. December 2009.

  6. Scandal Solution: Strategy • Regaining his career credibility and support of the golf community, including fans and sponsors. • Minimize PR damage from the initial “No comment” and therefore waiting until the acute crisis stage to handle the scandalous situation. Sources: Sheinin, Dave. “Tiger Woods apologizes.” The Washington Post. February 20, 2010. Sandomir, David. “Spotlight on Tiger Woods’ Strategy.” The New York Times. February 18. 2010.

  7. Scandal Solution: Tactics • Mistresses surface after the November 2009 car crash • PR plan was first to avoid media • Public interest in controversial issue only increased • First publicly addressed the scandal in February 2010 • Held a closed and highly covered press conference • Media was preapproved • No questioning was allowed after Press Conference Clip: Sources: Shain, Jeff. “Tiger Woods scandal tops golf’s 2010 storylines.” The Chicago Tribune. October 13, 2010. Respers, Lisa. “Tiger Woods engulfed in PR storm.” CNN Entertainment. December 1, 2009.

  8. Strategic Communication Model: Who • Tiger Woods, American Professional Golf Player

  9. Strategic Communication Model: Says What • Admits to being selfish and foolish • Quotes from Tiger's press conference • “These are issues between a husband and a wife.” • “Starting tomorrow, I will leave for more treatment and therapy.” • “I ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again.” Sources: Woods, Tiger. “I was wrong. I was foolish. I don’t get to play by different rules.” Vital Speeches of the Day. April 2010.

  10. Strategic Communication Model: To Whom • Fans • Sponsors • Golf Community • Family • Friends • Wife Elin was noticeably absent from the press conference Sources: Bloom, Lisa. “Elin Woods’ absence speaks volumes.” February 19, 2010. “Woods Laments ‘Incredibly Bad Decisions,’ Apologizes to Golfers, Praises Fans at First Press Conference Since Sex Scandal.” CBS/AP . April 5, 2010.

  11. Strategic Communication Model: How • Internationally covered press conference • Viewed by millions of audiences • Social media channels and major news networks Sources: Parfeni, Lucian. “Tiger Woods Press Conference Gets Millions of Viewers.” February 20, 2010.

  12. Strategic Communication Model: To What Effect • Desired Results • For family, friends, fans, and sponsors to accept Tiger’s direct and public apology • Improve reputation through regaining public trust and decreasing damage • Explain his behavior and acknowledge his wrongdoings in a rational and apologetic manner • To quell any rumors surrounding the scandal (i.e. Elin attacking him, Tiger using performance enhancing drugs) • Disclose his plan to change and discuss what he has already learned in therapy Sources: “Tiger Woods Speech: Video, Details, Transcript and More.” Huffington Post. February 2010.

  13. Scandal Result • Ultimately proved too large to completely fix • Tiger's reputation took an irreparable nosedive • Sponsors dropped him • Tiger took a brief break from golf • He lost the stability of his family • Elin filed for divorce in early 2010 • She has custody of the children Sources: Baertlein, Lisa. “Gatorade sinks Tiger Woods Sponsorship.” February 26, 2010. “Tiger Woods Public Relations Strategy Fails to Deliver.” November 22, 2010. “ElinNordegren Gets $750M, Custody of Kids in Exchange for Silence in Tiger Woods Divorce.” June 2010.

  14. Scandal Conclusion • Tigers’ stakeholders withdrew their support • His actions were no longer socially accepted • Scandal cost him the support of his target demographic and his relationships from family to sponsors were harmed • Tiger was reactive to the situation • Should been interactive • Crisis management , too little too late • Agree Disagree • Reasoning Sources: University of California-Davis. “Study: Tiger Woods investors lost 12 Billion.” December 2009. Allen, Nick. “Tiger Woods scandal a year on: ‘I’ve turned a page’.” The Telegraph UK. Class Textbook and Discussions.