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Project 4. Organize Class in Teams of 3 with one Team of 2 Mutli-Pronged Approach Modifications of Existing Screens Addition of New Functionalities Two Broad Focuses for Project 4 Update Prescription Screen with OpenEMR Integration and FDA Daily Meds Access

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Project 4
Project 4

  • Organize Class in Teams of 3 with one Team of 2

  • Mutli-Pronged Approach

    • Modifications of Existing Screens

    • Addition of New Functionalities

  • Two Broad Focuses for Project 4

    • Update Prescription Screen with OpenEMR Integration and FDA Daily Meds Access

    • New Medication Reconciliation and Interaction Checking Screen and Algorithms

Design new interactions screen
Design new Interactions Screen

Use Current

Web Version as Example

Learn and use rest apis
Learn and Use REST APIs

  • RxNormnames for clinical drugs linked to drug vocabularies used in pharmacies

  • RxTermsinterface terminology derived from RxNorm for medication history recording

  • NDF-RT is a concept-oriented terminology




  • FDA Daily Meds


Proposed component organization
Proposed Component Organization

  • Develop Test Java Program with Client Classes that Gets you Familiar with Retrieving from all Four APIs

    • RxNorm, RxTerms, NDF-RT, FDA Daily Meds

  • Consider Following Decomposition of Project

    • One Teammate– Java Test/API Program

    • One Teammate- Mods to Current Med Screen

    • One Teammate- New Checking Interaction Screen

  • Teams of 3 (17) and one team of 2

    • Email Teams and NetIDs

    • Usage of Github


      • Need to Log on to have NetID Initialized

    • Add NetIDs for Solomon and sad02010

Project 41
Project 4

  • Team Formation:

    • Email members Names, Emails, NetIDs

  • Revisions to Medication Screen:

    • Organize Drugs by MSHV and OpenEMR

    • OpenEMR are read-only - cannot be changed

  • Link from Med to FDA Daily Meds

  • New Medication Checking Screen: This can be

    • Combined list of meds (MSHV & OpenEMR)

    • Returns a list of meds and their interactions

  • Usage of External Web Services:

    • FDA Daily Meds, RxNorm, RxTerms, NDF-RT

  • Updated Doc:

Semester project
Semester Project

  • Personal Health Assistant (PHA)

    • Patient Version for Medication and Chronic Disease Management and Authorizing Providers

      • Identify Overmedication , adverse interactions, and adverse reactions

    • Provider Version for Viewing Patient Data that has been Authorized

  • Personal Health Record Microsoft HealthVault

    • A Person Can Track Medical Information

    • Used as Backend Repository to PHA

  • OpenEMRStandalone version for Providers

    • Seek to Integrate into PHA

    • Support Medication Reconciliation

Project 1
Project 1

  • Install, Deploy, and Test all Involved SW Packages

  • Download/Install Eclipse 4.3/UML Designer

  • Download/Install Android SDK

  • Load/Build/Exevute PHA into Android SDK

    • Source Code on UconnFilelocker

  • Resetting Android Version to 2.2.3 (Version 10)

  • Hello World Application – Familiarize w/Android

  • Microsoft Health Vault – create an Account

  • Download/Install OpenEMR

    • Be Patient – long install

    • Create yourself as Patient

  • Document via word file all of your progress

  • Email to Dr. Berhe by 12 midnight on September 4

Project 2 initial design
Project 2 Initial Design

  • Design a Class Library using UML Designer/Eclipse

    • Classes for Chronic Diseases

    • Classes for Patient

    • Classes for Medications

    • Classes for Observations of Daily Living

    • Classes for Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

    • Use of Enumeration type

    • NO CODE – Just a UML Design

  • Prepare MS Word Design Document that contains:

    • Multiple UML Class Diagrams each Labeled as a Figure (Figure 1. caption., etc.)

    • Write a paragraph explaining each Diagram

  • Email to Dr. Berhe by 12 midnight on September 18

Project 2 initial design1
Project 2 Initial Design

  • Each UML Diagram should contain a set of Classes where each Class has:

    • Set of Protected Data (Attributes)

    • Set of Public Methods

    • Include Signature on Each Method (parameters and return type)

    • Why Protected?

  • Analyze the Requirements in order to Identify:

    • Commonalities to be Captured in Parent Class

    • Differences that are Pushed down to Child Class

    • Enumerations to Distinguish Between Data States

  • Email to Dr. Berhe by 12 midnight on September 18

Project 2 final program
Project 2 Final Program

  • Start from Design Solution for Project 2 Initial Design

    • Set of Classes

    • Attributes and Methods Define

    • No Code

  • Three Main Tasks:

    1. Implementing class library solution2. Developing screens and Navigating Among them 3. Staging data from screens to class library and back

  • Upload to HuskyCT by 12 midnight on October 9th – to be Decided

Miscellaneous declarations
Miscellaneous Declarations

  • Classes used by Other classes (inclusion)

  • Enumeration Types

Misc class declarations
Misc Class Declarations

Misc class declarations1
Misc Class Declarations

Trackeditem declarations
TrackedItem Declarations

  • Tracks the Different

    • Conditions, ODLs, Meds that have or are being Tracked

Trackeditem class declarations
TrackedItem Class Declarations

Trackpatientdata hierarchy
TrackPatientData Hierarchy

  • Bring Together all of the Concepts

Trackpatientdata class declarations
TrackPatientData Class Declarations

Emphasis for project 2 final program
Emphasis for Project 2 Final Program

  • Designing and implementing new screens for Conditions and Exercise – Two Types

    • Create a new Condition/Exercise/ODL

    • Collect Patient Entered data on Condition/Exercise/ODL

  • Modifying, if necessary, the ODL and Medication screens that already exist

  • Hooking the current ODL and Medication screens so that information is stored in the new classes

  • Lots of Sample Screens for Conditions Given in the Rest of this Presentation

Conditions odls exercise

  • Create a new Condition/Exercise/ODL

    • Each New Condition/Exercise/ODL needs TrackedItems Entry

    • This is Part of Patient Class

    • Placed in TrackedItemsListMSHV

    • For Condition/Exercise/ODL

  • Collect Entered data on Condition/Exercise/ODL

    • Actual Data for a Condition/Exercise/ODL

    • E.g., Diabetes would have

      • Glucose Level

      • Carbs Eaten

      • Type of Fasting

      • Insulin Taken

Observations of daily living
Observations of Daily Living

  • Observations of Daily Living and PHRs

    • Passive – Once Initiated, Collects Data

      • Accelerometer

      • Pedometer

      • Pill Bottle that Sends a Time Stamp Message (over Bluetooth?) to SmartPhone

    • Active – Patient Initiated

      • Providing Information via Smartphone on:

        • Diabetes (Glucose, Weight, Insulin)

        • Asthma (Peak Flow, use of Inhaler)

        • Heart Disease (Pulse, BP, Diet)

        • Pain, Functional status, Fatigue, etc.

Ios pha patient version
iOS PHA – Patient Version

Ios pha patient version1
iOSPHA – Patient Version

Ios pha patient version2
iOSPHA – Patient Version

Ios pha provider version
iOSPHA – Provider Version

Healthvault restful exchange service
HealthVault RESTful Exchange Service

Prior work blackberry team
Prior Work - Blackberry Team

  • Ability to Track Information on ODLs and Prescriptions

    • Login Screen

    • Connection to Google Health

    • Health Screen to Track ODLs

    • Charting of ODLs over Time

    • Loading Scripts from Google Health

    • Prescription Alarms

  • Adam Siena, Kristopher Collins, William Fidrych

Android team
Android Team

  • Similar Capabilities to Blackberry Project

    • Wellness Diary and Medication Alarm

    • Integration with Google Health

    • Much Improved ODL Screens

      • Male and Female Faces

      • Change “Face” Based on Value

    • Tracking Prescriptions and Alarms

    • Reports via. Google Charts

  • Ishmael Smyrnow, Kevin Morillo, James Redway

Iphone team
iPhone Team

  • Similar Capabilities to Blackberry Project

    • Tracking of Conditions, Medications, and Allergies

    • ODLs for:

      • Blood-Glucose, Peak-Flow, and Hypertension

    • Generation of Reports

    • Synchronization with Google Health

  • Brendan Heckman, Ryan McGivern, Matthew Fusaro