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Lesson 1

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  1. Lesson 1 Day 3

  2. Character’s Traits and Motivations • Remember that story characters act as they do for a reason. • Why might a character brag or show off? Ideas

  3. REMEMBER • A character’s traits show what the character is like as a person. These traits are revealed by what the character thinks, does, and says. • A character’s motivations are the reasons why a character acts as he or she does.

  4. Let’s revisit The Hot and Cold Summer and think about Rory’s mother. • Turn to page 32 and let’s use our special reading for this selection. • Why does Rory’s mother offer to buy a pizza for dinner? • Why does Rory’s mother say that one pizza is enough? • Now turn to page 34 and read this page silently. • Why doesn’t Rory’s mother scold Bolivia for ordering a second pizza?

  5. What can you tell about Rory’s mother, based on what she does and says? discuss • Why is Rory pretending to read the comics as he sits in a lounge chair at the beginning of the story? • Why does Derek go straight over to Rory’s house when he gets home? • At first, Rory had ignored Bolivia because she is a girl, but Derek made friends with her. What does this show about Derek? Answer these questions in your BEAR Book and then label the answers as a motivation or trait.

  6. VOCABULARY • First, let’s revisit our vocabulary chart. • What pact had the boys made when Bolivia first arrived? • Why did Rory feel queasy about Derek’s return from summer camp? • Why might Rory and Derek feel that Bolivia had been foisted on them? • How successful was Rory’s and Bolivia’s business venture? • Why might Rory’s mother have been annoyed with Bolivia? • What did Bolivia really mean when she told Derek she wouldn’t think of depriving him of the pizza?

  7. Turn to page 56 - 57 • Read the title and look at the illustrations.’ • “Secret Talk” is a poem about friendship. • Listen to me as I read the poem aloud. Pay attention to the rhythm of the poem. • Now let’s read it together. Can you identify the rhyming words?


  9. GRAMMAR Daily proofreading Ask yourselves, “Are these complete thoughts? Do they have correct punctuation, spelling and capitalization. If not, please correct them in your BEAR book. A stingg. Paid half the chec for the pizza.

  10. Create an interrogative sentence by adding a helping verb. • Carlos walks to school. • Now, write your own pairs of sentences both declarative and interrogative.