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Tmote Sky. Doug Schultz for FWLUG (Fort Wayne Linux Users Group). What is a Tmote ?. Reliable low-power wireless sensor. Moteiv Moteiv is a venture-funded company that provides wireless sensor networking solutions to enterprises worldwide.

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tmote sky

Tmote Sky

Doug Schultz for FWLUG

(Fort Wayne Linux Users Group)

what is a tmote
What is a Tmote ?
  • Reliable low-power wireless sensor. Moteiv
  • Moteiv is a venture-funded company that provides wireless sensor networking solutions to enterprises worldwide.
  • Moteiv's founding team has several decades of collective experience leading the implementation of the world's largest wireless sensor network deployments from UC Berkeley.
different motes for different folks
Different motes for different folks!
  • Tmote Sky
  • Tmote Invent
  • Tmote Connect
different tmotes
Different Tmotes
  • Tmote Sky
    • Widely proven platform for wireless sensor systems deployments. Tmote Sky is the wireless sensor module of choice for large-scale, high data-rate sensor network applications requiring ultra low-power, high-reliability and ease of development.
    • Tmote Sky offers a number of integrated peripherals including a 12-bit ADC and DAC, Timer, I2C, SPI, and UART bus protocols, and a performance boosting DMA controller.
different tmotes1
Different Tmotes
  • Tmote Invent
    • Wireless sensing unit.
    • Pre-integrated on-board sensors.
    • Light, temperature, vibration (2-axis accelerometer) and sound (microphone).
    • Tmote Invent includes a speaker for auditory feedback, headphone jack for discrete applications, and LEDs for visual feedback.
different tmotes2
Different Tmotes
  • Tmote Connect:
  • Wireless gateway appliance:
    • Connecting Tmote wireless sensor modules to a wired local area network.
    • Software eases connection to existing Internet infrastructure.
  • Linksys NSLU2 hardware.
tmote sky key features
Tmote SkyKey Features:
  • 250kbps 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Chipcon Wireless Transceiver
  • Interoperability with other IEEE 802.15.4 devices
  • 8MHz Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller (10k RAM, 48k Flash)
  • Integrated ADC, DAC, Supply Voltage Supervisor, and DMA Controller
  • Integrated onboard antenna with 50m range indoors / 125m range outdoors
  • Optional Integrated Humidity, Temperature, and Light sensors
  • Ultra low current consumption
tmote sky key features1
Tmote SkyKey Features:
  • Fast wakeup from sleep (<6us)
  • Hardware link-layer encryption and authentication
  • Programming and data collection via USB
  • 16-pin expansion support and optional SMA antenna connector
  • TinyOS support : mesh networking and communication implementation
  • FCC modular certification : conforms to all US and Canada regulations
installation windows
Installation Windows:
  • Windows:
    • Simple Dos commands.
    • Uses Cygwin.
    • Motelist
      • Lists connected Tmote’s.
    • To compile an application:
      • cd / opt / moteiv / apps / Delta
      • make tmote
    • To program a Tmote:
      • make tmote reinstall,1
      • 1 sets the network address of the module.
installation linux
Installation Linux:
  • Linux:
  • Installing TinyOS on Fedora Core 2
    • by Tom Mowad
  • Installing TinyOS on Debian
    • (
    • by Markus Becker
  • Installing TinyOS on Red Hat 9
    • ( by Matt Miller
  • Installing TinyOS on Ubuntu
    •  ( by Chad Metcalf
trawler application
Trawler Application:

MOTECOM=serial@COM4:tmote java


  • TinyOS system, libraries, and applications are written in nesC.
  • nesC applications are built out of :
    • Components with well-defined, bidirectional interfaces.
  • nesC concurrency model:
    • tasks and hardware event handlers
    • detects data races at compile time.
blink application
Blink Application:
  • configuration Blink {}implementation {  components Main, BlinkM, SingleTimer, LedsC;  Main.StdControl -> BlinkM.StdControl;  Main.StdControl -> SingleTimer.StdControl;  BlinkM.Timer -> SingleTimer.Timer;  BlinkM.Leds -> LedsC;}
blink application1
Blink Application:
  • module BlinkM {  provides {    interface StdControl;  }  uses {    interface Timer;    interface Leds;  }}
blink application2
Blink Application:
  • implementation {  command result_t StdControl.init() {    call Leds.init();    return SUCCESS;  }  command result_t StdControl.start() {    return call Timer.start(TIMER_REPEAT, 1000) ;  }  command result_t StdControl.stop() {    return call Timer.stop();  }  event result_t Timer.fired()  {    call Leds.redToggle();    return SUCCESS;  }}
nesc documentation
nesC Documentation:

Component: Blink2

configuration Blink2

Blink2 is a basic application that toggles the LEDs on the mote on every clock interrupt. The clock interrupt is scheduled to occur every second. The initialization of the clock can be seen in the Blink2 initialization function, StdControl.start().


Modified by Douglas Schultz for ECET 581

nesc documentation1
nesC Documentation:
  • Wiring Diagram:
nesc documentation2
nesC Documentation:

Component: BlinkM2

module BlinkM2 Implementation for Blink2 application. Toggle the red and blue LED's when a Timer fires. Modified by Douglas Schultz 11/05/06 ECET 581 Note: yellowToggle actually powers blue LED.


interface StdControl


interface Leds

interface Timer

where i learned about tmotes
Where I learned about Tmotes:

 Paul I - Hai Lin, Professor  Email:  Phone: 260-481-6339

ECET 581/CS 590 CPET/ECET 499 Wireless Sensor Network Systems and Applications

Fall 2006

a line in the sand
A Line in the Sand
  • Wireless Sensor Network for:
    • Target Detection
    • Classification
    • Tracking
  • From: CS 263
    • Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks
a line in the sand1
A Line in the Sand
  • Institutions:
    • Ohio State University1
    • University of Texas at Austin2
    • University of Iowa3
    • Michigan State University4
    • Kent State University5
a line in the sand2
A Line in the Sand
  • System Architecture:
a line in the sand3
A Line in the Sand
  • System Architecture :
    • Network nodes:
      • Mica2 Mote
    • Sensor boards
      • Mica Sensor board
      • Advantaca TWR-ISM-002 radar motion sensor
      • Mica Power Board was developed
        • Dual Boost regulators to power the radar board.
a line in the sand4
A Line in the Sand
  • Packaging :
    • Smooth to minimize wind resistance
    • Clear for solar cell
    • Watertight o-ring seals
    • Electronics gimbal mounted
    • Co-planar with ground
a line in the sand5
A Line in the Sand
  • Visualization :