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Grayson Rams Cross Country 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Grayson Rams Cross Country 2012

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Grayson Rams Cross Country 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grayson Rams Cross Country 2012. Contact Information . Introduction of Coaches. Mac Bradbury – Head Coach Dana Weimann -Assistant Coach Others ????. What you can expect from us?. A positive influence

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Grayson Rams Cross Country 2012

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Grayson Rams

Cross Country


contact information
Contact Information
introduction of coaches
Introduction of Coaches

Mac Bradbury – Head Coach

Dana Weimann-Assistant Coach

Others ????

what you can expect from us
What you can expect from us?
  • A positive influence
    • Our goal is to provide a positive overall experience
  • Quality and constant coaching
  • Professional behavior around the kids, other teams, and parents
  • Commitment to your sons and daughters, Grayson HS, and our program
what we expect from our runners
What we expect from our runners?
  • Commitment to our program
    • A desire to be a part of something more important than a single runner
  • Be proud of Grayson Cross Country
    • Always “wearing” and representing Grayson Cross Country
  • Be on time and ready to work every day
  • Represent the attitude and behavior that reflects well on the program and school
expectations for parents
Expectations for Parents
  • We must have 1 of 3 things from the parents
    • 1 – Your effort and energies
    • 2 – Your financial contributions
    • 3 – Your contacts within the communities
  • If you cannot provide all 3, specializing in one is perfectly fine
goals this year and beyond
This Year

1)Make summer a top priority.

2) Compete well in all the meets and consistently get better.

3) REGION 8AAAAA: Qualify for state, but compete for the highest possible spot(Guys team has never finished higher than 3rd)

4) Top 10 at STATE!!!


Change the culture: parents, community, everyone has to be involved to make this program like a Brookwood program.

Develop this program into an elite program in the state (1st or 2nd at region, top 5 or better at state)

All of this starts now!!!

Goals: This year and Beyond
summer conditioning
Summer Conditioning
  • 1) Summer conditioning is VERY IMPORTANT
    • Why? Builds the base necessary to reach their potential during the season and their cross country career.
    • Strength (with more strength they develop more foot speed and better form)
    • Mileage (Safe and Smart)
    • We will not only run, but also have modified insanity workouts 3 nights a week(extremely important)
    • Core Training
  • 2) Monday-Thursday 6:30 pm @ Tribble Mill Park in the parking lot near the playground
  • 4) What do they need to bring? Water, yoga mat, maybe a snack for afterwards, good trail shoes (their preference, completely up to them)
  • 5) This is the most important part of our season!
  • Most importantly, they need Energy
  • Whole Grains (extremely important brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, quinoa noodles, oatmeal)
  • Vegetables (focus on Greens; kale, collard greens, bakchoy, etc… wide variety is always best)
  • Proteins (lean proteins-beans, high quality chicken or fish)
  • Plenty of water
  • Stay away from fast food
  • Eat throughout the day (do not just eat 3 times a day-if you are hungry eat)
  • Energy bars, fruit, cereal, pb/jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread.
  • Often times this aspect is ignored when you are this young, I know I did, but it is extremely important to develop these healthy habits now.
season information
Season Information
  • Important Dates for the Summer
    • May 28th Monday 1st Day of conditioning
    • July 1st through the 8th (Dead Week) Extremely important for the kids to still meet-I cannot be there.
    • July 14th-21st-My Summer Vacation at the beach. (To get better, the work you do when the coach is not there is the most important!)
  • Important Dates for the Fall
    • July 30th(1st official day of practice-remember practice is mandatory
    • Other important dates are in the packet (including picture day, team dinners, etc…)
  • Meet Information (FUN)
the season officially starts july 30 th what to expect
The Season “officially” starts July 30th-what to expect
  • Time commitment
    • Monday through Saturday
      • Saturday Meets (If we do not have a Sat meet, the Varsity will have practice)
    • Generally 2:30 to 4:30 5:00-Most days will be at Tribble Mill Park-weekly schedule will be posted. What does this mean? We will need help getting the kids over to the park!.(IMPORTANT:I DO NOT LIKE RUNNING AT THE SCHOOL, SO IT IS VITAL WE HAVE ENOUGH RIDES)
    • 10 meets throughout the year
    • Most importantly, if the kids cannot get it done in the classroom, they cannot participate. (Regardless of how good someone is, there number 1 priority is the classroom)
between now and july 30th
Between now and July 30th
  • Mileage and overall strength
    • Be at as many conditioning days as possible(ALL of them if you can be) I will be at all of them except for one week…
    • We will be working on the core
    • 300 to 600 or miles this summer!
      • 300-450 Girls
      • 400-600 plus for the guys
      • Younger first year runners will be closely monitored to see what they can handle (getting out there everyday is the most important thing for those kids)
financial commitments
Financial Commitments

Mrs. Davis will discuss booster club dues and responsibilities

Thank you!