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Design Environment

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Design Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anthropometrics. Potential Locations.

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Potential Locations

After interviewing my potential customers I drew up a list of places in their bedrooms where ideally they would use it. Most would use theirs from a cabinet or chest of drawers. Another small number would use it from their bed side table. I asked the user group some questions about possible sizes and researched on the internet sizes of other cabinets and bed side tables.

Target Market

I gathered a range of statements from my target market to analyse where the best place for a mp3 speaker to be used would be.

“I more likely to use it as I go to sleep”

They will need easy access to the off button so they don’t get woken up to switch it off when they are tired – the buttons need to be within easy reach.

“I listen to music mostly as I get ready”

This comment means it has to have a good range sound wise, but means they will be in a rush and wont have time to stand over and change songs etc. if it involves too much effort.

“I’m far too tidy to have anything laid out permanently”

This means it needs to be small enough to be put away or look like something else that could stay out e.g. jewellery box.

“I have a lot of clutter on my desk already”

Similar to above – it could also have the feature to store some small items – such as jewellery.

Using this room as a study I can work out the average sizes needed to make my mp3 speaker more effective.

Most cabinets, chest of drawers and dressing table are around hip height, this then limits the comfortable reach region (elbow to hand). From completing anthropometric research I know that the average comfortable reach distance is 420mm. This means that whatever I design has to be big enough to be reached and have accessible buttons no less than 420mm.

Bed side tables are usually smaller to fit with the size of an average bed and will usually stop around mid-thigh height.

This has implications with the average overall reach of person as they may have to bend down or over to use the product.

If possible this needs to be limited – especially if people will be bent over to change the song or genre.

Design Environment