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Hernando De Soto. BY: Rachel Phillips. The Basics. Conquistador/ explorer Born in 1496-97 (?) Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain Died in 1542 Nationality: Spanish Greatly known for being first person explore Florida and South America. The First Expedition. The Conquest of Peru 1531-1533

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Hernando de soto

Hernando De Soto

BY: Rachel Phillips

The basics
The Basics

  • Conquistador/ explorer

  • Born in 1496-97 (?)

  • Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain

  • Died in 1542

  • Nationality: Spanish

  • Greatly known for being first person explore Florida and South America

The first expedition
The First Expedition

  • The Conquest of Peru

  • 1531-1533

  • Francisco Pizarro

  • Panama to Cuzco

  • 80 men and four horses

  • Yucatán Peninsula

  • searching for passage between the Atlantic

  • ocean and the Pacific Ocean for trading purposes

  • Many of the names that appear on the map are of an origin considerably later than the period in question. They have been inserted for the purpose of showing the route of Pizarro in relation to its more or less modern environment.

Return to spain 1537
Return to Spain-1537

  • Large share of Spanish Inca Empire

  • Awarded to him by the King of Spain

  • received 724 marks of gold (de Soto became very wealthy during this time

  • Married Isabel de Bobadilla

  • Cabeza de Vaca

  • 620 eager Spanish and Portuguese volunteers

Conquest of north america
Conquest of North America

  • 1539-1542

  • Hernando de Soto arrived

    on the coast of Florida with

    nine ships

  • Shaw’s Point: Bradenton FL

North america cont
North America Cont.

  • Juan Ortiz (Narváez Expedition)

  • captured by Uzita

  • daughter of Chief Hirrihigua begged for Ortiz's life

  • Florida Pocahontas

  • Survived captivity and torture and joined de Soto’s expedition.

  • Lead guide, knew

    countryside, and communication

North america cont1
North America cont.

  • seventeen-year-old boy

    Perico, or Pedro: translator

  • West coast of FL

  • Native ambushes and conflicts

  • First winter encampment

    was at Anhaica, the capital of the


  • Only place where scientists

    can actually trace him

North america cont2
North America cont.

  • North East: Georgia, South

    Carolina, Columbia

  • First European Explorer to explore Georgia

  • Flint River: built boat to ferry everyone over to Capachequi

  • Friendly female chief gave Spaniards whatever they wanted.

  • Pearls, food, etc (no gold to be found)

  • Next, the expedition headed North to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina

North america cont3
North America cont.

  • North Carolina and Eastern


  • Appalachian Mountains

  • Rested his horses for a

    month so men could search for gold.

  • Did not spend much more

    time in NC, quickly moved onto Tennessee

  • Spent about a month bonding

    with tribe and eating native foods.

  • Turned expedition South to head to the Gulf of Mexico

North america cont4
North America cont.

  • On the way to Gulf, stopped in Alabama and ended up burning and attacking a city until it was gone.

  • Lost a lot of possessions and 40 horses

  • Between 2,000- 6,000 died

  • May 8, 1541

  • Harsh winter

  • Once they reached Indian Village

    Of Guachoya, De Soto died of a

    Severe fever

  • Chose Luis de Moscoso Alvarado

Fun facts
Fun Facts!

  • Louisiana: De Soto Parish named after


  • Discovered Mississippi River (Spain did not relinquish its claims on the Mississippi region until 1798.)

  • De Soto State park in Alabama

  • first European to see what Native Americans referred to as the Valley of the Vapors, Hot Springs, Arkansas


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