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CASE#6 NEW BELGIUM BREWING. Group#6. Group 6 Members. Ha Phuoc Vu M997Z244. Nguyen Tran Thao Bien M997Z213. Bui Duy Duc M997Z202. Patlada Sae-Ching (Nan) M997Z240. Nuntanut Sae-Ching (Vee) M997Z236. Thai Luong Thu M997Z221. Contents: 1/ Introduction of New Belgium Brewing

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Group 6 Members

Ha Phuoc Vu


Nguyen Tran Thao Bien


Bui Duy Duc


Patlada Sae-Ching (Nan)


Nuntanut Sae-Ching (Vee)


Thai Luong Thu



1/ Introduction of New Belgium Brewing

2/ New Belgium’s Marketing Strategy

3/ Developing a Brand Manifesto

4/ Selecting Media

5/ Message Development

6/ Conclusion


New Belgium Brewing Company is a regional brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was founded in 1991 by the husband and wife team of Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan

In 1992, New Belgium Brewing operations move to renovated freight warehouse

In 1995, Company moves into a new $5million brewery


In 1999, Company begins to use wind-generated electricity

In 2004, Distribution is expanded to Southern California

In 2006, it produced approximately 436,000 barrels of its various labels. And in 2008 their beers were distributed to 19 different states.

  • Distribution

  • Before 2006, New Belgium distributed in only 15 states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado).

  • In spring 2006, the brewery began to distribute some of their beers in other markets. Bottles of Fat Tire distributed in Chicago claim "Chicago Inaugural: The 1st Fat Tire Ale served (legally) in the second city."

  • Distribution (cont’d)

  • In June 2007 Fat Tire, Skinny Dip, 1554 and Mothership Wit became available in Illinois. By the summer of 2007, New Belgium expanded distribution again to include select areas of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota metro area and Iowa.

  • In July 2008, Fat Tire, 1554, Mothership Wit, and seasonal brews are also served in Tennessee.

  • Distribution (cont’d)

  • In March 2009, these beers also became available in North Carolina.In April of 2009, in response to huge demand, Fat Tire became available in Indiana.In May of 2009 Fat Tire became available in Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

New Belgium Products

“Our Folly”

Seasonal Brews

New Belgium Brewing’s

Marketing Strategy

New Belgium Marketing Strategy

  • Traveling to beer festivals and handing out free samples.

  • In 1996, Marketing Director was Grey Owsley, NBB became more focused and proactive in its marketing efforts.

  • Festivals and sponsorships, coupled with print media in alternative weeklies.

  • Such signature NBB events as the multicity philanthropic bike festival, Tour de Fat.

New Belgium Marketing Strategy

  • The contests like “What’s Your Folly?” which invites consumers to pitch their Beerdream to win ommortal fame on an NBB postcoast.

  • The web-base: “The Worthy Endeavor” – in which applicants can win a trip to the Crested Butte Al Johnson.

  • Media Advertising.

Developing a Brand Manifesto

  • In 2003, Holt started to work as a consultant to NBB after Owsley read some of his published work online.

  • He came to NBB on several occasions to study the brand and immerse himself in the brewery’s unique culture.

  • A brand manifesto – a 70 pages document coauthored over many months by Owsley and Holt

Developing a Brand Manifesto (cont’d)

  • Brand Manisfesto describing the brand’s attributes, character, cultural relevancy, and potential.

Selecting Media

Marketing approaches for this company focus less on mass media advertising and more on personalized newsletters, local promotions, first-hand salesmanship, and market sampling in retail locations.

Selecting Media

With the brand thus defined, New Belgium went in search of an advertising agency to help communicate that brand identity; it soon found Amalgamated- independent New York Advertising agency

Selecting Media

Amalgamated created a $10 million advertising campaign for New Belgium that targets high-end beer drinkers, men ages 25 to 44 and highlights the brewery’s image as being down to earth

Selecting Media

NBB starting advertising through a mix of radio shorts, television and theatrical screenings. However, television quickly rose as a preferred option

Selecting Media



  • Low cost per viewer

  • Wide reach

  • Where consumers expected to see advertising interwoven with entertainment

  • →closer approach to customer

  • The “Big Three” : Anheuser-Bush, Coors and Miller – have long dominated mainstream televised beer advertising in the U.S.

  • Boston Brewing’s foray into television several years

  • → Large challenges

Selecting Media

The ads of NBB is truly “Follow Your Folly … Ours Is Beer.”

A beer commercial without the beer? That can't be right.

The ads feature show the man enjoying a scenic ride, The product

appears in just five seconds .

But it helped position the growing brand as whimsical, thoughtful, and reflective..

In addition to the ad campaign, the company maintained its strategy of promotion through event sponsorships

Message Development

  • The company understood that TV is the powerful channel to deliver message to customers.

  • It could work to bolster or undermine the brand so the spots should ring true to the NBB (New Belgium Brewing) character.

Message Development

  • The audience wouldbe the professional who follows the traditional route of existing within a capitalist economy but still has artistic leanings and desires.

  • Position NBB asthe one with lifestyle that compromise between living the life one wants with balancing the economic needs of existing within a technopoly.

Message Development

  • “Follow Your Folly…Ours Is Beer” is the campaign’s tagline.

  • Debate about using the word “folly”.

  • The word “folly” originally means lack of understanding or sense; a foolish action, practice, idea.

Message Development

  • “Follow Your Folly” means the ideal of offbeat endeavors versus the traditional “follow the money” thinking that created the social tensions inherent to potential consumers' lives.

  • Finally, they decided to use the word “folly”!

Message Development

  • Shooting the spots on grittier 16-millimeter film.

  • It gives timeless feel and more classic than 70-millimeter film.

  • Even speak to a wider audience through a new medium, the roots-style marketing that launched the company could not be abandoned.

  • Event sponsorship became even greater opportunity to maintain that vital dialogue.

Message Development

  • Test the spots with insiders in the bike community and friends of the brewery with some personal and knowledge of the brand.

  • Test the spots with this group help to ensure that the spots does ring true the NBB character.

  • Use the medium of TV to reach those faraway outposts where sales staff penetration was difficult and not cost effective.

Message Development

  • NBB’s first television-based advertising campaign mirrored well the craft brewer’s personality.

  • The texture of the film and musical tone capture the ideals of whimsy and joy inherent to NBB’s philosophy of brewing and quality of life.


Today, New Belgium Brewing Company offers a variety of permanent and seasonal ales and pilsners. The companys standard line includes Sunshine Wheat, Blue Paddle Pilsner, Abbey Ale, Trippel Ale, 1554 Black Ale, and the original Fat Tire Amber Ale, still the firm’s best- seller.

Some customers even refer to the company as the Fat Tire Brewery.


The brewery also markets two types of specialty beers on a seasonal basis. Seasonal ales include Frambozen and Abbey Grand Cru, which are released at Thanksgiving, and Christmas and Farmhouse Ale, which are sold during the early fall months.

The firm occasionally offers one-time-only brews, such as LaFolie, a wood-aged beer, which are sold only until the batch runs out.