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Discover Iron Deficiency Anemia Remedies

In this presentation, you will discover a few remedies that you can start to use right way to increase your body’s iron stores. You will also learn about a new book on iron deficiency anemia remedies. You will find this e-book at www.amazon.com/Deficiency-Anemia-Quick-Cures-ebook/dp/B005JICTWA/

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Discover Iron Deficiency Anemia Remedies

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  1. Hi again, Rudy Silva, the Natural Nutritionist, and in this video I want to talk to you about anemia. “This is a health area not many people think about until the their doctor tells them they are iron deficient. So, what is Iron deficiency, what are some of the symptoms, and what can you do to correct this condition, if you have it.”

  2. First, Iron Deficiency. Like most minerals, iron holds an important position in your health. You become deficient when you lose blood or don’t eat enough iron food. Iron is the central atom in your Blood hemoglobin. Iron attracts oxygen and then holds it as your blood circulatesand delivers this oxygen to all parts of your body. There are 4 iron atoms in hemoglobin And each one carries one oxygen There are 280 million hemoglobin in One red blood cell There are approximately 1 billion oxygen atoms in one red blood cell There 5 million red blood cells in a Small drop of blood. 5,000,000,000,000,000 iron atoms.

  3. Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms Your Body runs on oxygen. It uses oxygen to activate chemical reactions that convert the nutrients you eat into energy and to other nutrient's. This process of breaking down nutrients is called cell metabolism. Here are some of the symptoms you may have with anemia. Lack of iron results in Lack of oxygen and Lack of nutrients that your body needs to give you good health. Weakness, lethargy, listlessness, Feeling tired and sluggish, Loss of stamina, Increased risk of infections, Depression, Apathy, Low energy, Shortness of breath, Increased Heart rate, Headaches, Sore or smooth tongue, Sides of mouth crack, Nausea and loss of appetite, Dizziness, Gum bleeding, Feeling confused, irritability, loss of concentration, Low tolerance to cold temperature (Iron is needed to create body heat) Behavioral disturbances in children, Rigid, brittle, or spoon shaped fingernails, Numbness, tingling, coldness in hands, Pale skin, Hair loss, Stools turn black from the excretion of iron sulphide, Constipation, Stomach pain relieved by pressure, Craving for eating paper, cardboard, dirt, or other substances, Increase in infections, Difficulty in swallowing – Dysphagia

  4. Overcoming Lack Of Iron If you are feeling tired, lack focus and concentration, or lack energy, you can go to your Doctor and find out if you are Iron deficient. If your doctor tells you that you lack Iron in your diet, then here is a start for you to raise your body’s Iron store. I have written an eBook to give you precise help to overcome iron deficiency with out drugs. Eat more meat Eat green leafy vegetables Eat raisins. You may also want to check out blackberries, black walnuts, prunes, figs, black cherries, spinach and other dried fruits. Supplement with Vitamin C at each meal Drink chlorophyll in 8 oz. of water with lemon juice I have written an eBook to give you precise help to overcome iron deficiency without drugs.

  5. Iron Deficiency Information Here is an eBook I have written to help you clearly understand what you are up against when you lack iron. In this book, you will discover what you need to do to recover from iron deficiency and how to make sure you don’t get this condition again. This iron deficient Book is available as a kindle, PDF or paper back. Go to http://getebooksforkindle.com/iron-deficiency-anemia/ or go To http://tinyurl.com/cfbnap3

  6. Thank you for taking time to watch this video Here's wishing your better health and Long life.

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