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Mad Libs : The Crazy Word Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Mad Libs : The Crazy Word Game

Mad Libs : The Crazy Word Game

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Mad Libs : The Crazy Word Game

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  1. Mad Libs:TheCrazyWord Game

  2. How to Mad Lib • We will read a story with some missing words. • Before reading, you write down the words to enter • Add them to the story and then read to the class or your group! Lots of fun.

  3. Parts of Speech • Nouns • Adjectives • Verbs

  4. Nouns • A noun is a person, place or thing. • Examples: man, woman, toy, dog, car, boat, Korea, teacher, television, computer, Canada. What are some other nouns you know?

  5. Adjectives • An adjective describes a person, place or thing. • Examples: fat, tall, scary, sweet, stupid, pretty, hairy, boring, green, blue, dirty. What are some other adjectives you know?

  6. Verbs • A verb is an action word. Think of something you can do…it’s probably a verb. • Examples: play, jump, run, eat, fall, catch, cry, swim, fly, kiss, stretch, laugh, sleep, dance. What are some other verbs you know?

  7. Body Parts We also have to name some body parts to do Mad Libs. Examples: hand, hair, teeth, arm, elbow, knee, ear, ankle, nail, lip, eye, back, stomach.

  8. Let’s Mad Lib Ready?

  9. How to make an ice cream sundae • Adjective • Body part • Noun (ending in –s) • Verb • Adjective • Noun (ending in –s) • Body part • Verb • Body part • Adjective

  10. How to make an ice cream sundae Step 1: Always start by placing two scoops of delicious, (1)________ ice cream into a bowl. A good scoop should be about the size of your (2) _________. Step 2: Place some hot caramel, chocolate sauce and a handful of (3)__________ over the scoops of ice cream. The ice cream may start to (4)___________ a little, but don’t worry. Step 3: Next, sprinkle on some (5)________ sprinkles, a great big squirt of whipped cream, and a handful of (6)________. Be creative and add whatever toppings your (7)_________ desires. Step 4: Now you’re ready to (8)________! Grab a great big spoonful and shove it into your (9)________ to see how it tastes. What a (10)________ treat!

  11. Comic Book Hero • Noun • Adjective • Body part • Noun • Noun • Verb • Noun • Verb • Adjective • Noun • Adjective • Adjective • Body part • Verb

  12. Comic Book Hero My favorite comic-book character is the Purple (1)______. She’s a superhuman creature with lots of (2)_____ powers. When a bad guy attacks her, (3)_______ turns into the size of a/an (4)______ and shoots out a poison (5)_____. She is able to make any enemy (6)_____ with fear. Her sidekick is a giant purple (7)______ who starts to (8)_______ whenever he smells trouble. And she rides around in a/an (9)______ jet that’s shaped like a/an (10)_______. When she isn’t fighting crime, she poses as a/an (11)________ schoolteacher. The only key to her identity is a/an (12)______ purple mark right about her (13)________. When I grow up, I hope I (14)_______ just like her!

  13. Shopping for Sneakers • Verb (ending in –ing) • Adjective • Adjective • Adjective • Body part • Adjective • Body part • Noun (ending in –s) • Adjective • Verb (ending in –ing) • Noun (ending in –s) • Adjective • Verb (ending in –ing)

  14. Shopping for Sneakers My dad took me to the (1)_____ department store to buy me a/an (2)_______ new pair of sneakers. My old ones were too (3)______ and they had a/an (4)______ hole in the toe. Any time I stepped in a puddle my (5)______would get totally (6)______. At the department store, we went to the (7)_______ Shack, where they sell the best (8)______in town. I picked out a/an (9)______ pair and tried them on. I was so excited, I started (10)_______ right there in the store. Dad said they made my feet look like (11)______. They were (12)_______ ! I love my new sneakers and they are great for (13)_______ in puddles!

  15. Adjective • Noun (ending in –s) • Body part • Noun (ending in –s) • Adjective • Verb • Adjective • Noun (ending in –s) • Body part • Verb • Adjective • Adjective • Verb • Noun (ending in –s) • Adjective • Body part At the Candy Store

  16. At the Candy Store My favorite store is the (1)______ Spot candy store. They have more (2)_______ than you can fit in your (3)______. There are chocolate-covered (4)_______, tasty jelly beans, and (5)______ never-ending lollipops. You can (6)_______ them for hours and they never shrink! One time I dared my (7)_____ little brother to stick five super spicy (8)_____ in his (9)_____ for a full minute. After ten seconds, he started to (10)_______ and his face turned all (11)_______. My mom got so (12)______ when she found out. I wasn’t allowed to (13)_____ any kind of (14)______ for a whole month Boy did I learn a (15)________ lesson. Next time, I’ll dare him to put them in his (16)________ instead.

  17. Pop Star 1. adjective 2. noun 3. adjective 4. verb 5. noun 6. body part 7. noun 8. adjective 9. body part 10. verb 11. verb 12. body part 13. noun 14. verb 15. body part

  18. Pop Star Sammy Sparks is a/an (1)______ new pop star. Sammy first became famous on American Super (2)_______, a show that looks for (3)______ new talent. Her hit song “ I Want to (4)_____ Like a (5)______” just went to #1 on the (6)_____ charts. You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing her (7)_____! My mom says she looks like a (8)________, but I think she’s so (9)______ and really knows how to (10)_______. I want to learn that move she does when she starts to (11)_______with her (12)______. My friend went to her concert and she brought a (13)_______ up on stage to (14)______with her. I’d give my right (15)______ to be able to do that!

  19. Pizza Party 1. noun (ending in –s) 2. adjective 3. body part 4. noun (ending in –s) 5. adjective 6. verb (ending in –ed) 7. body part 8. adjective 9. body part 10. noun (ending in –s) 11. verb (ending in –ed) 12. adjective 13. body part 14. noun (ending in –s) 15. adjective

  20. Pizza Party Because we collected the most (1)______, our class won a (2)_____ pizza party. When I got to the cafeteria, my (3)_____ started to water. I could smell the gooey melted (4)______ and hot (5)_____ crust. When I got inside, I was so excited that I nearly (6)_______! We could have any topping our (7) desired! Mr. Burger, the (8)_____ gym coach, was serving the pizzas with his (9)______. “Would you like a piece with (10)______ on it?” he asked. I (11)_______ and said, “Yes, please!” I ate so much (12)_______ pizza that I got a major (13)______ ache. Maybe a slice covered in (14)______ wasn’t such a (15)______ idea!

  21. My Pet 1. noun 2. adjective 3. body part 4. adjective 5. adjective 6. body part 7. verb 8. verb 9. noun 10. noun 11. body part 12. noun 13. adjective 14. body part 15. adjective

  22. My Pet For my birthday, my parents bought me a pet (1)______. He is so cute that I named him (2)______. He has a really long (3)______ and I love to pet his (4)______ skin. I bought him a/an (5)_____ collar that he wears around his (6)_____. And I’m teaching him to (7)_____ and to come when I (8)______. Every time he does a trick, I say, “Good (9)_______!” and feed him a/an (10)_______. Next, I’m going to teach him to catch a Frisbee in his (11)_______. Every night, he sleeps on a/an (12)_______ right next to my (13)______ bed. And in the morning, he rubs his (14)______ on me to wake me up. What a/an (15)______ pet!

  23. A Trip To The Doctor 1. body part 2. verb 3. adjective 4. adjective 5. verb 6. noun 7. body part 8. verb 9. adjective 10. body part 11. body part 12. noun

  24. A Trip To The Doctor The other day, I woke up and my (1)________ was sore. I looked in the mirror and started to (2)_______. My skin was all (3)______and there were little (4)______spots all over it! My dad told me not to (5)______ and took me to the doctor. When we got there, the nurse stuck a (6)_____into my (7)______ to take my temperature. Then she told me to (8)_______ for one minute while she got the doctor. The doctor was a/an (9)______ woman with bad breath and a cold (10)_______ that she pressed on my (11)______. She said I had the worst case of the (12)_______ pox she had ever seen!

  25. How To Clean Your Room 1. adjective 2. noun 3. body part 4. noun 5. verb 6. adjective 7. noun 8. adjective 9. noun 10. body part 11. verb 12. noun 13. adjective

  26. How To Clean Your Room Here are four (1)______ steps to cleaning your room: First– start with the closet. If you open the doors and a (2)_____ doesn’t fall on your (3)_____, the closet is clean. Second– If you find an old (4)_____ lying on the floor, pick it up and (5)_____ to see if it’s clean. If it smells (6)_____ stick it in a drawer. Third– Make a giant (7)_____ out of all the (8)______ clothes lying on the floor. Then cover it up with a large (9)_____. Or use your (10)______ to help you (11)______ everything under the bed. Fourth– Offer to give your little brother a (12)______ if he cleans your room. He’s probably too (13)_____ to know you don’t mean it!

  27. My Babysitter 1. verb 2. adjective 3. adjective 4. noun 5. body part 6. adjective 7. adjective 8. noun 9. body part 10. verb 11. body part 12. adjective 13. body part

  28. My Babysitter Every Friday, my parents go out to (1)_____ the night away and Becky comes over to baby-sit. She’s so (2)_____! She’s in high school, which means she’s really (3)_____ and can drive a/an (4)______. She even has pierced (5)_____, which Mom says is (6)_____ but I think is cool. Becky doesn’t make us follow any (7)______ rules. She always gets us a/an (8)______ for dinner and let’s us eat with our (9)_____. One time, she taught me how to make milk (10)_____out of my (11)______. She always let’s us stay up late watching (12)______ movies and doesn’t even make us brush our (13)_______ before bed!

  29. Video Game 1. noun 2. adjective 3. verb (ending in –ed) 4. noun 5. noun 6. body part 7. noun 8. adjective 9. body part 10. adjective 11. verb (ending in –ed) 12. body part 13. adjective 14. noun

  30. Video Game My favorite new video game is “Super Sea (1)_____”. To win the game, you have to find the (2)______ treasure in the ship before you are (3)_____by a huge (4)______! I always choose to be the (5)______ because he has super (6)______ that grow each time he eats a/an (7)______. But you can only get those in the (8)_______ seaweed forest that is full of sharks with laser (9)_____. You have to be really (10)_____ to get one. One time, I was (11)______ by a giant jellyfish and had to grab him by his (12)_______ to get free. When you win the game, a/an (13)______ mermaid appears and you ride away on a giant (14)______ with the treasure.