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Inventive Leads

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Inventive Leads
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Inventive Leads

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  1. Inventive Leads .

  2. Inventive Leads • Our resolve to create a difference in your life stems from witnessing a tremendous amount of potential within those looking to prosper in life. We are confident that every human being’s unbridled ambition accompanied with guidance and counselling can spell triumph. There are a wealth of opportunities that lie unexplored waiting to be availed. During each of our counselling session, we help people locate these opportunities, sometimes retrieving them from within these talented and gifted individuals who eventually learn how to profit from them. The gap between a person wallowing in self-doubt and failures and an assortment of endless possibilities however wide can be filled with the right kind of assistance. We provide it every day to countless individuals who embark on a journey of self-discovery only to achieve excellence. This in turn will benefit our communities as more informed and knowledgeable people contribute their share towards a stable, peaceful and prosperous society.


  4. Study in Hungary • Hungary is located in central Europe and is a land locked country bordered by Ukraine, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. Being a cultural country, it has some of the most beautiful locations in Europe like the biggest lake of the central Europe Lake Balaton. Located in the Schengen region of Europe, if you have the visa of Hungary you can freely move to other 25 countries without any visa. Budapest, one of the oldest cities in the world is located in Hungary and is also known as the city of universities, because Hungary’s 90% universities are in Budapest.

  5. Study in Poland • Poland is ninth largest European country situated in central Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Lithuania. This country has a mind blowing and an extremely rich education history. Studying in Poland can guarantee you a high quality European degree, recognizable all across the globe at an affordable cost. Not only does one get taught immaculately, but also gets chance to pursue his/her career in the European Union. Polish schools compete with each other not only to provide a wide variety of high quality courses, but also offer attractive tuition fees in programs such as MBBS, engineering, international business, tourism, hospitality.

  6. Study in Norway • Norway is the northernmost country in Europe and includes different variety of natural scenery. Norway is well known for its fjord coastline, mountains, unique coastal life, and midnight sunlight during summer and brilliant Winter Olympics performance. Norway is rich with oil and gas reservoirs, that’s way Norway has 50% more GDP per hour than the UK and one of the highest standards of living. It’s also a best place for international study. Norway offer a good selection of universities and four universities are included in the QS world universities ranking 2018.