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Website Basics. Ray Panko ITM 385 E-Commerce Fall 2013. Markup. n ow is the time for all good good people to come to the aid of their country The quick fox jumped over the dog. Markup Languages. <Heading 1>Call to Action</Heading 1>

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Website basics

Website Basics

Ray PankoITM 385 E-CommerceFall 2013


now is the time for

all good good people

to come to the aid of

their country

The quick fox jumped

over the dog

Markup languages
Markup Languages

<Heading 1>Call to Action</Heading 1>

<p>Now is the time for <i>all</i> good people to come to the aid of their country.</p>


<p> and </p> <Heading 1> and </Heading 1>

<i> and </i>

Hypertext markup language html
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)


<p>To see how, click <a href=“Explanation.html” >here</a></p>

<p><image src=/images/flower.jpg></p>


Tag for Graphic

Hypertext markup language html1
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  • .htm or .html file is text only

  • Contains formatting and layout tags (boldface, columns, etc.)

  • Tags can be placeholders for images, videos, etc.

  • All nontext material is contained in separate files that are downloaded individually

Hypertext markup language html2
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  • Example

    • Webpage with three graphics and a sound

    • One HTML file, which is downloaded first

    • Three graphics files and one sound files

    • Five files downloaded in all

Hypertext markup language html3
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  • Browser renders multiple files as a complete page


  • In traditional text, pages were organized serially

  • Indexes, references, tables of contents, etc. were non-serial, but jumps to pages were manual.


  • Hypertext pages contain links to jump to other pages

    • In the same website

    • In other websites

Website A

Website B


  • Conceived of by Dr. Vannevar Bush after World War II

  • Named hypertext by Ted Nelsen in the early 1960s

  • First computer hypertext system built by Dr. Doug Engelbart in 1964 at Stanford Research Institute

  • HTML and HTTP standards created by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN around 1991


  • Collection of linked webpages

  • Under the control of a single administrator

Website A

Website B

Website development tools
Website Development Tools

  • Professional website development programs

    • Dreamweaver

  • Limited tools

    • Cookie-cutter tools

    • Variations in cookie cutterness

  • Associated Tools

    • Graphics, multimedia

    • Content management systems

Basic website development
Basic Website Development

  • Create website on development PC

  • Upload to website server to host the website for public access

Webserver options
Webserver Options

Webhosting service

Owned by a webhosting service (, etc.)

Operated by a hosting service

Good choice for SMEs (small and medium enterprise)

Organizationally owned

  • Owned by your organization

  • Operated by your organization

  • May be good option for a large organization

Server farms
Server Farms

  • Companies have thousands of identical rack-mounted webservers

  • An individual webpage request is forwarded automagically to an individual server for response

  • This solution “scales”—can grow without exponentially increasing costs

Group development
Group Development

  • When a dev checks out a webpage, it is locked so that others may not change it


Hypertext transfer protocol http
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

    • Standard for format of marked-up files

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

    • Standard for downloading files from webservers

Hypertext transfer protocol http1
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

  • Standard for downloading files from webservers

    • HTML files

    • Photographs

    • Videos

    • Download HTML file first so that the browser knows what file to get and where to put the representations on the page

Http request response cycle
HTTP Request/Response Cycle

  • Browser sends HTTP request message to the server

    • Asks for a specific file

  • Webserver sends HTTP response message back

    • Contains the requested file

    • Or contains an error message

  • One HTTP request/response cycle for each file downloaded

Http request response cycle1
HTTP Request/Response Cycle

  • One HTTP request/response cycle for each file downloaded

  • Example: Webpage contains two graphic images

    • Need three HTTP request/response cycles

    • One to download the initial HTML file

    • Two more to download the individual graphic images

Http request message
HTTP Request Message

  • Lines of text with carriage return/line feeds at the end

    • GET /images/cutedog.jpg HTTP 1.1[CRLF]

    • Host:[CRLF]


  • HTML

    • Hypertext Markup Language

    • Format for the main file of a webpage

    • Text-only

    • Contains tags for formatting, layout, and anchors for information referred to in links

    • Contains links to other webpages

    • Each file in a webpage requires an HTTP request/response cycle

Website development
Website Development

  • Use development software such as Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Create website with many webpages on your own computer

  • Upload your webpages to a webserver to provide public access

Professional development1
Professional Development

  • Webserver Options

    • Webserver owned by the enterprise (UH)

    • Hosted servers like those at webhosting services (

  • Multiple devs can work on a website simultaneously

  • Use a testing server to test every change before uploading it to the production site


  • Professional website development tool

  • Fully functional, deeply discounted version available at the UH Bookstore

    • Buying it alone is cheapest

    • In a package with Photoshop and other adobe tools, more expensive but a great deal

    • Available at the bookstore, but ask for the non-boxed version (far cheaper)

  • Version 6.0 is mandatory in the class


  • Questions?

  • Comments?

  • Cries of outrage?