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Website Basics

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Website Basics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Website Basics
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  1. Website Basics Chapters

  2. Website Registration • You need to be registered on our website • On the homepage – click “join us”; create your profile • Please use your REAL name as your user name • If you want to join an existing chapter • Find your chapter during the registration process, OR • Click on “Find and join a chapter” – scroll until you find your chapter, click on the name, then click on “join this chapter” on the right-hand side of that page • If you are starting a chapter, click on “Start a Chapter,” this sends a notification to the national office and someone will contact you • A chapter page will then be created for you.

  3. As a member…. • As a member, you can: • Create blog entries (dashboard) • Create events (dashboard) • Comment on blogs/events (on that page), • Rate content (on that page) • Join chapters • Post blogs and events to chapters that you are a member of • RSVP for events • Subscribe to notifications

  4. As a chapter moderator… • You can edit the chapter itself (on page) • Broadcast a message to all members (on page) • Manage chapter membership (on dashboard) • Edit or remove blog posts/events (dashboard) • Create chapter projects (dashboard) • Create chapter subpages (dashboard)

  5. More Content • For blog posts (can be anything news worthy), upload a photo as well. Otherwise it looks empty • The vocabularies section allows you to create tags for search engines; the policy centers are default choices you can select from if the post is related to a policy area; free tags are anything you want to add • Make sure your post (event/blog) is marked “Public” under the groups category so non-members can see it.

  6. Important Notes • Make sure your regional coordinator makes you a “chapter moderator” and sets you as the page author (they’ll know what this means) • Try to avoid copy and pasting from other sites or emails as much as possible – our web editor doesn’t like it and will sometimes prevent you from uploading the post.

  7. Other Useful Pages • The Chapter toolbox and Write for Us pages under “Get Active” • Our Main Blog Page • Our Policy Page for all of our Centers • What we’re up to – Projects and Programs • Contact Tarsi Dunlop or Caitlin Howarth if you have any questions