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Iris Range : « Unconventional » conventional detectors PowerPoint Presentation
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Iris Range : « Unconventional » conventional detectors

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Iris Range : « Unconventional » conventional detectors
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Iris Range : « Unconventional » conventional detectors

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  1. Iris Range : «Unconventional» conventional detectors

  2. Introducingnewdevices IRIS is a rangeof detectors whichrepresent an innovation in the conventionalfiredetection ID100 – SMOKE DETECTOR ID200 – HEAT DETECTOR ID300 – COMBINED SMOKE AND HEAT DETECTOR

  3. Introducingnewdevices Iris detectors hasbeendesigned and are manufactured at Inimelectronics, itis a 100% italianproduct

  4. Introducingnewdevices Eachdeviceof the newrangeshasbeenapprovedby LPCB whichisoneof the mostprestigiousnotification body in fire detection EN54-5 : HeatDetectors EN54-7 : SmokeDetectors

  5. KEY FEATURES Optical Smoke detectors are based on theprinciple of the light scattering, to avoid false alarmitisimportant to avoidcontaminations in the analysischamber

  6. Introducingnewdevices Top side completelysealedtoavoiddust or water condensationtoreach the chamber One of the most common false alarm or fault reasonis the dustcoming from the pipes or condensating water dropping from the top side

  7. Introducingnewdevices Metal mashagainsinsectwitlessthan 500um holesdiameter One of the biggestproblems of opticalsmoke detectors isdust or insectentering in the chamber

  8. Introducingnewdevices Electronic circuitcompletely WAX coatedtoavoidanycontamination Moisture or environmentalpollutionmayaffect the behaviour of hi sensitive electronicscircuits in the detector

  9. Introducingnewdevices Sensitive part of the circuitcompletelyshielded by a metal cage Electromagneticnoisemayaffect the measurement of the hi gain amplifiergenerating false alarms

  10. Introducingnewdevices Last generation CPU inside each detector whithhi false alarmrejectionalgorithm The measurement of the smokechamber and thermal probe are evaluated by the internal CPU and by means of the algorithmdesigned from the Inim R&D department an hi rejection to false alarmisachieved

  11. Introducingnewdevices Smokechamber easy to open forclean up operations In case of detector’schambercontamination detector can be easilyopened and cleaned with some air or a soft brush

  12. Introducingnewdevices Each Detector is Full tested with automatic test equipmentwhichmeasureeach single component and verifyeachelectrical connection

  13. Introducingnewdevices Each Detector isCalibrated with a two stage process : one in free air and anotherone in a smoke tunnel to ensure the sameresponse from each sample

  14. Introducingnewdevices Each Detector issubjected to a «Burn IN test» of 24 hours: the 80% of electroniccomponentsfailureoccurduring the first 24 hours of theyr life, detectors live theyr first 24 hours in ourburn in test!

  15. Introducingnewdevices Universal mounting base for every detector model Clip for line continuityrestore in case of detector removal

  16. Introducingnewdevices Relay base available for interface with intrusionsystems

  17. Introducingnewdevices Eachdeviceisidentifyed by a serial number The serial numberisreported on the back label and on twosmalldetachablelabels : thisallowtostick a serial numbertomap and a serial numbertomounting base

  18. Introducingnewdevices Why “unconventional” ? Duringcommissioning or maintenancesoperationsitispossibletodisconnect the detector linefrompanel… …andconnectitto EDRV100 driver … USB EDRV100 can operate connectedto a PC … … or stand alone thankstoitsinternalbattery

  19. Introducingnewdevices Thanksto Versa++ technologyispossibleto: Identifyeachconventional detector connected on the line And foreachone…

  20. Introducingnewdevices Operatingoptions can beselected (Led Blink, remote blink etc.) SmokeSensitivity can beadjusted HeatSensitivity can beadjusted • Smoke and heatcombination mode can beselected : • OR Mode • AND Mode • OnlyHeat • OnlySmoke • PLUS Mode Red Led, Yellow Led and remote output can bemanuallyactivated Any fault (chambercontamination, chamber fault, thermal probe fault etc) isreported

  21. Introducingnewdevices A full diagnosticofeach detector isavailable: RealtimeSmokevaluegraph Smokechambercontaminationlevel Realtime temperature valuegraph

  22. Introducingnewdevices Each detector store the last 5 minutesofsmoke and tempearturevaluesbefore the last alarmproviding a powerfultoolfor investigate over the alarmcauses

  23. Introducingnewdevices DON’T YOU THINK IRIS IS A STEP AHEAD?