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Billboard ART “Billboard Bombing”

Billboard ART “Billboard Bombing”. Keith Haring, ‘Crack is Wack ’. Guerilla Girls. Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled. Yarn Graffiti/Yarn Bombs. Subway/Neighborhood Maps & Posters. Subway Maps, Contd . New York St. Advertising Takeover/Public Ad Campaign.

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Billboard ART “Billboard Bombing”

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  1. Billboard ART “Billboard Bombing” Keith Haring, ‘Crack is Wack’

  2. Guerilla Girls

  3. Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled

  4. Yarn Graffiti/Yarn Bombs

  5. Subway/Neighborhood Maps & Posters

  6. Subway Maps, Contd.

  7. New York St. Advertising Takeover/Public Ad Campaign

  8. Charles Mary Kubricht, Alive-Nesses: Proposal for Adaptation, at the Northern most end of the High Line • Painting black and white patterns, Kubricht attempts to mimic “dazzle,” a type of camouflage in the animal world and in military design, on large storage containers.  Similar to black and white zebra stripes, which confuse the locations of individuals in a herd, this camouflage was also used on ships to disorient the enemy during World War I in Britain.  At the High Line, Kubricht’s designs, however, do not blend into their environment but stand out instead.  The designs cause a disruption in the fabric of the city and in your view from the High Line.

  9. French Billboard Graffiti Artist, Oxwww.ox.com.fr

  10. Toulouse-Lautrec

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