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Analyzing What Is Happening

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Analyzing What Is Happening. Analyzing What Is Happening. Envisioning What Should Be H appening. Envisioning What Should Be Happening. Cherelle Walden Connie Gillison Elaine Roberts Austin Bingler.

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analyzing what is happening

Analyzing What Is Happening

Analyzing What Is Happening

Envisioning What

Should Be Happening

Envisioning What

Should Be Happening

Cherelle Walden Connie Gillison Elaine Roberts Austin Bingler

which of these includes the correct themes for analysis that rothwell discussed in chapter 4
Which of these includes the correct themes for analysis that Rothwell discussed in Chapter 4?
  • Work, Work Environment, The Managers,

The Workers

  • Work, Work Environment, Organization Environment, The Workers
  • Social Environment, Work Environment, Organization Environment, The Workers
  • Work, Organizational Objectives, Organization Environment, The Workers
what type of questions should a good vision statement answer
What type of questions should a good vision statement answer?
  • What is the purpose of the organization, What are the key values of the organization, What is the organization aspiring to do best and why?
  • What is the organization’s market, What are the core competencies of the organization, What are the compensation and benefit policies?
  • What are the organizations relations with stockholders, What is the financial functioning of the organization, What are the organizations key strengths?
  • What is the organizations interaction with customers, What other groups are critical to the survival of the organization, How attainable and realistic are the job performance standards
objectives rothwell ch 4 5

ObjectivesRothwell Ch. 4&5

ObjectivesRothwell Ch. 4&5
  • Identify the role and goals of an HPE specialist
  • Identify and utilize the 4 themes of organizational analysis, to recognize what is happening in the organization vs. what should be happening.
  • Recognize and define vision, from an HPE specialist point of view
  • Determine an organization’s vision or if it is lacking in vision: clarify, revise and help organization establish one.
hpe specialist
HPE Specialist
  • What is HPE?
    • Human Performance Enhancement
    • Why is this different than HR? (The fields that fall under HR ie. Org. or career develpment are not individually sufficient to address all human performance problems…HPE “field that focuses on sytematically and holistically improving pres. And future work results achieved by ppl in org. setting”

What are the goals of an HPE specialist

    • to describe existing conditions within an organization
  • How does an HPE specialist attain this goal?
    • By analyzing the four themes of the organization (list)
intro to case
Intro to case
  • Explain the activity
  • (list off the steps and requirements)
  • Split into 4 groups and hand out materials
picture and explain cards
Picture and explain cards
  • explain that there are 4 themes have our pics
  • Order corresponding cards with theme we will come around representing each “theme” . You will ask us the question on the card that you think is our theme…then as a group formulate one follow up question.
give them the case
Give them the case
  • Here’s the case and you have worksheet
  • Read over it
  • After we go around then go to board list answers to how categorized questions and what did you did you identify as the problem
sum it up
Sum it up
  • Identified the human performance problem?
    • As HPE you asked the right quesitons to the write groups using the 4 themes of analysis, in doing so you should have determined that the problem was not motivation but….
    • There was a language barrier between the two groups that was preventing effective and efficient work from happening
5min break mad gab
(5min break) Mad Gab
  • Sum it up again…
  • (in the paper) apx. B…. (first three) figure it out
  • HPE mad gab…so remember, as HPE specialist
ch5 envisioning
Ch5. Envisioning
  • Means establishing a vision of desired results.
  • Addresses the norm or ideals
  • Future-orientated
  • Specialist describe what performance will look like when the organization is optimally serving
how do you know
How do you know?
  • Investigate
  • Collect the following information about the company
    • Vision
    • Job performance standards
    • Work expectations
    • Goals or objectives
    • Best practices
  • Think about and organization are you are apart of.
  • Write down the organization’s vision statement and how your personal role refl3ct the vision
  • In groups, choose one organization’s vision and draw pictures of what the vision reflects.

( make this point side in 2nd)

  • Meaning: a clear, coherent view of how the future should appear
  • Should motivate and provide direction
  • Sometimes HPE specialist have to help and organization establish a clear vision for the organization
  • A good vision should answer the following questions:
    • What is the purpose?
    • What are the key values:
    • What is the organizations aspiring to do best---and why?
roles of an hpe consultant
Roles of an HPE Consultant
  • Process consultant
    • leads to greater effectiveness
  • Manager consultant
    • greater efficiency
discussion question
Discussion question?
  • Rothwellproposes that the role of a process consultant should be employed, what do you think? Is this a feasible idea given the typical time constraints and limitations of HR practitioners?
  • If you did adopt the process consultant role with a client, how would you convince them that this is their job not yours?